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Tarot Blog Hop – Pale Rider Jumping Over the Moon 14



TBHWelcome to the Tarot Blog Hop! If you have ‘hopped’ before, then let me briefly explain, for those of you that have, feel free to skip this bit: A hop is a group of unique and experienced people who write, blog or work with Tarot. We come together at a set times during the wheel of the year and the cat herder, juggler of strange people that keep imploding aka the Wrangler, will set the topic and those of us who partake end up insane, mostly because we’re composing, writing and posting down to the last second…


TBHI have just about recovered from Samhain, I think I have just about found all the bits of the juggled exploding people that took part and managed to put most of the pieces back together. So now it’s Ania M’s turn to juggle with cats, TNT and live eclectic eels. As this Blog Hop falls on the Solstice; Ania has posed a lovely thought-form for this last turn of the wheel in 2017…


As we approach the final festival of the calendar year, we prepare for a time of feasting and drinking. Whether you are observing Yule, the winter solstice, Christmas, any other holiday, or just being able to down tools for a few days, it is a time for celebration and also for anticipation and wishes. With this in mind and before you fling yourself headlong into the spirit of seasonal over-indulgence, take a moment to reflect on what this year has brought you and what you wish for the next year to bring. Which card(s) best represent or celebrate your past year and which best represent your wishes for the year ahead. You can either select the cards you think fit best, or draw them randomly and see what the Tarot thinks.


Pale Rider Jumping Over the Moon


Pale Rider, jumping over the moon is not only a reference to a song lyric but also to the tarot also. Pale rider, is Death in all her forms and the Moon, imagery I think is very important both textually and also visually, after all that is part of the appeal to the Tarot, we connect and resonate with the images. It is very much the same with the Oracle decks as well, although I sometimes like working with Ogham and Runes, where its the patterns, the symbols and the connection to the Ancestors that really shine through. However trying to scan and scry at the same time, is not always that easy…

TBHSo putting the Ogham, Runes Stones and Crystal Balls to the one side for now, I would normally reach out for the Energy Oracle, Mythic, Dragon or Rune Cards for doing an introspection type spread. However this time, I have chosen not to go with the familiar and ask The Golden Tarot and Kuan Yin Oracle for their perspective and in place of an astrological or calendar review, I am simply doing a variation on the Name spread, where it is my public persona (Jay) that I using as a focus.

The public persona spread has its basis from the name spread, which is a layout over 3 rows and 3 columns. The focus on the past, present and looking ahead. The cards are shuffled, split and then from the chose side, the name is then spelt out and depending on the name there can be a known by, given and last name or first, middle and last. Naturally there can be many variants on this theme, it purely depends on the questioner.

In this adaptation, only the public persona or known by name is needed. As I did the prep for this a fourth card fell out and wanted recognition, I gave this card the title of ‘X’ or the unknown factor. To add a bit of random chance to this, I literally laid the cards on the scanner and let the computer do its thing. The only time I saw the cards was the preview and now I have them scanned in order and laid out on my desk in that same order. This is the part where I take a look at what they have to offer me before I consult with the Kuan Yin Oracle for its insight.


Between Mind & Heart

TBHIt’s always interesting to me when the cards elect to show me sides that I had not really taken into consideration or thought about on any deep levels. The Seven of Coins, in this particular deck is flagging up how introspective this year has actually been, and it’s also shown me the road that I have been on and the fact that I have not been alone on this quest I guess you could call it. The red sheet is very striking in that I have been in the introspection not looking at all aspects, in other words while I have been digging deep, I should have stopped to take stock on the surroundings and appreciated just how far I have come.

TBHEvery time The Tower appears for me I am reminded of “The path of excess, leads to The Tower of wisdom” for me The Tower represents what happens when I get into my head space and forget to ‘land’ and this resonates because for a time I literally was trapped within the head-space, however wisdom taught me the value of living in the body and being in the now. I see what is happening around me and that in many ways chaos is reigning but I have chosen not to allow its affects to cross the threshold of this land I am on.

The Tower now is representing all the ripples around me and it represents the ability I have to stay calm in the chaos and act as an anchor for those that are going through a process. Have I perfected this, of course not! It is an ongoing and every changing learning curve where one size doesn’t fit all. I find now that my ivory tower is stones on the ground, those stones are ever casting new directions and pathways, strangely I have a lot to thank the tower for.

TBHIt truly is a blessing to see the Queen of Cups sitting here, as this card represents all the good and positive, I very much recognise who this card is representing. It is the card of my family, as despite his height; hubby like mother are both loyal and have a dignity that really is amazing. I find that family is my home, my strength but also doesn’t define or limit me, they inspire me to be better and do more because they support me, just as much as the land and the universe support me.

What do these cards; The Seven of Coins, The Tower and Queen of Cups show me collectively? Well interestingly enough they show the pathway of this year, from success and introspection, to tough choices and the wisdom that has come from them and into the support and compassion to know that everything is as it should be at this moment. A true blessing of the cards in many ways and now to see what the unknown element or ‘X’ has to show me.

TBHAh what is not to love about The Empress, she is speaking volumes about the future, the birthing of my next phase at the coming spring of 2018, reaching my peaking and being able to know myself, what I am able to do and also support myself and others through the knowledge, her crown speaks of knowledge and trusting in the source. The vulnerability of the small babe in her arms, the innocence and sometimes nakedness of the souls I will be in service to as just as vulnerable as a babe. It is embracing without fear the perfectly imperfect nature of my work and acceptance of where this leads.


T.N.T for the Brain…

TBHAs I conclude I am looking to the Kuan Yin Oracle, the downside in some ways to this deck is that the writing and wisdom is in a book rather than on the card itself, which I would have liked but it makes using them delightful as well because, it requires listening to the inner sage and its wisdom, so lets see what they have to say… How I am working with these is to just simply fan spread them with just a brief shuffle since they are brand new and in order. I am interested to see where my eye is drawn to.

TBHShining Lotus, is a very rich card just in its beauty alone. However as I look at the card with all my senses its not only rich in its beauty but also its elegance. It speaks of my work doing Tai Chi & Qi Gong, not only for myself but also with others as well. It tells me not to worry and to just be in acceptance of the gifts I am learning and will share as well through this, both spiritual and also physical as well. Her face his truly serene and graceful, just like Tai Chi & Qi Gong are. The form in which she sits but also moves, just speaks of simple elegance and being.

Maybe in some wyrd way I have adopted the role of the pale rider, and witnessing my journey of this wheel has only been possible by jumping over the moon. Then again maybe it is only a reference to a song lyric, I will let you be the your own Judgement card on that one. However the one thing that is a definite at this point is you’ve reached the end of this entry for the Tarot Blog Hop. It has been a pleasure to take you on this journey, if you feel like it please leave me a comment. Until the next time, may you enjoy the rest of your journey through the hop.




Balance: Approaching the Path to Yin/Yang Understanding

Balance: Approaching the Path to Yin/Yang Understanding

Challenging Your Perceptions…


TBHTo challenge and in return be challenged is a gift, although if I am honest, I do not always see it as such. Unless I am writing an article for the Tarot Blog Hop or Reiki Blog Hop then a lot of what I am writing is Soul-Felt. Recently I have found myself on the receiving end of more than one challenge. During Sacred De-armouring I was confronted with my own tourist like behaviours in all kinds of situations. It wasn’t an easy thing to deal with but the gift I received wasn’t just knowledge but also a personal truth; and an uncomfortable personal truth at that.


Being shown that sometimes you can be wrong, isn’t something I was ready to feel or possibly even accept. I avoided the concept like I avoided the concept that things could be perfect, complete opposite ends of the same spectrum and I had to face both over the course of one weekend. Now here I am confronting that same lesson but this time I don’t have that feeling, I read through an article that at first thought well yes! I must be wrong in my thought processes, but then I processed it a little more and thought about an old turn of phrase.


TBHMany moons ago I picked up a turn of phrase, ‘Twice is Confirmation’ it just means to hear, see or come into contact with the same thing more than once is proof that there is something to it. This is something that has time and again shown itself to be accurate for me, when I am writing a paper for a course or doing a project, I fact check and I will make note of the places that I gain information from. Typically I will go to my books first and then I will come to the internet and if all else fails I will ask, before going to Wikipedia. It is rare for me to state that I know something for certain or make any definite statement, as I try to only speak from my experiences and my own knowledge base. I have had a lot of my work and words validated over the last 20 – 24 years and that includes anything that I have done with regards to Tarot or Spirituality.


The one thing I have grown tired of saying in all that time is I’m dyslexic, it has become this badge I continually have to wear almost like a caution for the ignorant or those too lazy to take the time to read posts and pages properly. It will almost always come up at some point in a conversation with someone who doesn’t know me that well and in those instances it’s actually fine, and I don’t mind, I think that other thing I have grown weary or maybe just wary of is just how limited the perception others can have. I mean I am the one with the reading issue and yet I end up having to walk someone through a train of thought that is fairly self explanatory.


TBHWords Have No Emotion Unless Spoken or Framed in Context… There is just something powerful in that simple statement, we use words, sentences and paragraphs every moment of life, even as babies before we grasped what words were; we had our unique language and then we were gifted the ability to structure that unique language with words that belonged to our race, country and place of birth. Throughout time we have been able to attach emotions to the words spoken and written words in a book when framed correctly evoke the right emotion, but words in a text message and certainly in a messenger window, don’t that same kind of emotional connection; initially they are just words and true once we know a person very well, we attach emotion and even a voice to them, but we know that person to some degree but yet there is an almost incessant need to attach an emotion to the words of a stranger, we’re almost socially conditioned into it.


Maybe it is something that I have gained from the on and off years I have been doing Tai Chi, or the connections that I have made between Reiki, Eastern and Western philosophies; as well as the philosophies from Taoism and Buddhism. I have come to realise that where the internet and indeed social media are concerned there is no point in creating attachments to the words that authors write on pages or feeds. To personalise something that may or may not be about you only causes you the emotion, the other person is oblivious to the fact you are having those feelings. In fact to show that you are reacting only make that person stronger, so sometimes it is best to just walk away from it.


TBHIt may sound out there but for long enough there has been a sense that I had been shattered or at the very least fractured through the drama on Social Media. Granted on the outside everything would appear fine to the casual stranger but on the inside, there was the sense of shattering, and it needed to come its natural end. So with that in mind I think that at this point I want to start rounding up some of the threads that are within this post. Mainly to help you understand where this is all leading to. As for me I already know because I am the author, so let me start with something that I mentioned at the start about tourist behaviours; these are behaviours such as making and stating very grand things but not really having that much conviction or explanation behind them, they are said to see what reaction can be evoked, its not really done in malice or badness it’s a defence mechanism that I employed to try make friends or at least hide behind a pretence and observe people without really being in the moment or having a genuine feeling or connection.


It is almost as if a moment is a transitory experience and it doesn’t actually matter, when the reality is, that every moment does matter, regardless of how transitory it might appear to be. There are other examples as well but the best one to really see yourself through your own eyes is to remove your name, for a day or in the right kind of workshop just remove your name, or give yourself another one and see what happens. Another one to try is ask yourself “Who are You without Your Spiritual Story?” When I chose to do that very thing, I saw myself through the eyes of others and it changed me. At first I was actually repulsed by the words that others had said to me, eventually after trying to hold it together I broke, I needed to break and needed the release because in doing so I found myself again… I had to go through a period of dissolution, but through this I’ve rediscovered my core essence and being.


TBHWhere words are concerned, I relate and work with a great deal of the Ancient and Arcane ways, however these two words have caused problems in the past. I find that they are very similar in meaning and when I use them I do so with specific context. However before I begin the next wrap up paragraph; I’ve looked up both words in to clarify my thinking and I am happy that my own perceptions and usage for them is correct.


The word Ancient can mean: “Ancient(adj); old; that happened or existed in former times, usually at a great distance of time; belonging to times long past; specifically applied to the times before the fall of the Roman empire; opposed to modern; as, ancient authors, literature, history; ancient days“.


The word Arcane can mean: “Arcane(adj) understood by few; mysterious or secret.”arcane procedures for electing people” synonyms: mysterious, secret, hidden, concealed, covert, clandestine, enigmatic, dark; esoteric, obscure, abstruse, recondite, little known, recherché, inscrutable, impenetrable, opaque, incomprehensible, cryptic, occult “the arcane world of the legal profession” antonyms: well known, open“.


Let’s walk this through, to explain why I feel these two words can be used in a specific context. Arcane as you can see “understood by few; mysterious or secret” and Ancient as you are also aware and can see “old; that happened or existed in former times” by our modern day standards Arcane knowledge is also Ancient knowledge because it is now not known or understood by few and has become mysterious and secret because of its age and because it existed in a former time (Source: &


However this notion of word usage and context has as I say became a problem, and made me address this idea of being wrong or misinformed. It’s like my knowledge base as well, I have studied many subjects within the esoteric movement from parapsychology, numerology, character analysis, astrology and the list goes on, I have studied tarot but I learnt through doing not through books, I only chose to get a certification because I felt being out in the public domain I had better have something that shows my worth. The books I have on the subject vary from 1800’s through to 2016 and somehow I don’t think I would just ‘bin them’ because my thoughts on the matter clash with someone else. (you can see the entire saga here)


13925125_1014015315378834_3318230305177294569_nIt really comes down to a matter of balance and opinion. If I believe I am wrong I will admit to it, if another suggests that I am wrong or that my knowledge is fallible then that is also something that I will admit to as I did on the Sacred weekend. However on this blog and this site, I am prepared to dig my heels in and not exactly fight but state my case from my understanding until either an impasse is reached or I realise that there is no power in the words and it is opinion. In which, case I am no longer afraid of suggesting that the opinion is actually wrong. True there will be times when both opinions are right or indeed wrong, but at the end of the day, does that even matter?


The soul of the matter for me is direct and straightforward, opinion like fact is based on someone having written the words to begin with and then having others back-up, verify and give pundits or accreditation to those words. Then through time the words soon become thought of as fact and eventually even historical fact; whether they are right or wrong; Freud is a good example of this, many still accept his work as historical fact but many others find his work to be flawed and outdated by our modern day standards and yet many still adhere to his works and reference them. As I said at the very start of this to challenge and be challenged is a gift. It may not always be welcomed but it is a gift none the less. I have received several gifts from challenges. It has changed the way I process and make sense of them. The best way for me is to write it out. Like I have done here; I know my mind, my knowledge and own my understanding, I am happy and content to have that peace, I am also content that some days I may be wrong and my opinion may be wrong but you know something… Today really isn’t that day…



Facing the Light of Diogenes



TBHI felt challenged earlier but in a very good way. I was reading Jeff Foster’s Page on Facebook, and he posed a very interesting question; “Who are you without your Spiritual Story?” – the question is part of a poem/haiku-esque piece but its profound in that it asks a very potent and loaded question. Let’s face it anyone that walks a faith path, whether its orthodox as we understand it today or non-traditional again by today’s standards there is a story attached, however that is not always a bad thing, it just is the way that some are.


TBHI am not certain that my own path of faith actually has a name, I read on Social Media ages ago now about Om-ism representing the path of belief in all faiths, but as it turns out this is just another Social Media Meme and doesn’t actually have any basis outside the Binary / Hexadecimal constructs that are the Internet. It’s a pity because I really like that idea of Om as well as representing the core sound at the heart of the Universe (Spiritually speaking) also representing the Path of Belief and Understanding within all Faiths. Alas for now it will need to remain an allusion and meme for the moment, but it is interesting to find this question and then discover, what I thought was a real thing, was just a meme, which then brings me back round to the question of the moment; “Who am I without my Spiritual Story?”


TBHMy ‘story’ is interesting because I began with being baptised into the Church of Scotland (CoS), its diocese and predominance would be akin to Presbyterian in England and some rural places in Scotland, but it is mostly recognised as being in line with Protestantism. After 40 odd years I still haven’t worked out why there is such a divide between the different orthodox religions in the UK let alone the world. However I am stressing here, I am not open for a discussion on the whole thing, in my 40 plus years in this incarnation, I have managed to avoid the whole religious politics that divide the UK as a nation because of something that happen well over 300+ years ago and really needs to be healed.


TBHOkay so back to the point, as I said I began in the CoS and then around high school age, towards 13/15 I started to witness flaws that I guess I already knew were there but wasn’t aware enough to see them, but at this stage when all my senses were adjusting through puberty I did. Women bitching about others, Men folk being ignorant of other men folk, and even children absorbing this spectacle of hypocrisy and starting to parrot it back, I realised as I sat out in the hallway waiting on my folks that this was not my life. This is was not a community nor was it a path that I wanted to follow any longer, it was flawed and worse than that it had betrayed me. I had believed that it was accepting, all encompassing and loving, but it was much like the parables of Judas and his betrayal of Jesus, and at that moment I related to Jesus more than any human in those walls outside of my parents.


TBHMy journey expanded throughout the next ten years and then again after I was 25, till I reached a point where I had become familiar and understood a percentage of the worlds religions, including the ones that weren’t really known or had been forgotten about over here. What I discovered throughout this journey of learning, was that they all had common themes and denominators; and yet they still fought about who was right and wrong. The answer is still glaringly obvious; they are all right and also they are all wrong because like history it really boils down to who is writing it. Most faiths have been written and then re-written when the need has arisen. (King) Henry VIII for example didn’t like some of the text in the bible, in his benevolence, he had it re-written, only to then decide that he wanted religion based around him. As his illness and subsequent madness took hold, Henry decided that anyone who wasn’t following his chosen faith was to be killed. This speaks of a macabre spiritual story and also speaks volumes about the pitfalls of religion, when you ponder upon it from an ‘objective’ point of view.


By Internet Archive Book Images - book page:, No restrictions, I were to come face to face with the modern day version of Diogenes of Sinope and he/she/they were to ask of me “Who are you without your Spiritual Story?” then I would answer in honesty as I allowed the lamp light to shine upon me. I would say that I wear this face and this body, a wonderful combination of my parents genetic and biological genetics. I hold in within me the generational bloodlines of countless generations and I have healed the wounds of these generations and released the traumas that were contained within them. I continue on by saying that I have been a victim of an failing education system but I am better now, and I am certain that this is not the only time I have been here and I have a dharma line that is as much ET as it Human. Without my Spiritual Story, I am a loyal and loving person to my husband, my friends, my family as well as to the strangers who I may meet for the first time. I strive to be the same person online as I am offline, in person as I am on the phone. I will continue to strive to be the best me I can possibly be at any given moment.


HermitAs well as being able to ‘Step into Death’ when I am working on platform, I find that these days I am stepping into the role of Diogenes of Sinope or The Hermit, where I am starting to not only hold a lamp up at my own truth, honesty and authenticity but I am holding up the lamp as I start my own quest looking for an Authentic Person. Truth like honesty is a perception, we each see these concepts from our own ‘objectivity’ therefore no one person is ever right or wrong in their beliefs with regards to the Truth or Honesty. Collectively we believe in a singular truth, but when each of us witnesses something wrong with the facts that build up this singular truth, particularly when it is from our own perspective, we then collectively start to question it. Whether it develops into a conspiracy theory, a dismissal of that truth from the individual or collectively we question the facts, is really dependant on the singular truth. The one that I came across last week was a science philosopher that stated Reiki was a myth and had no solid basis for it to work.


TBHPersonally and also professionally I really didn’t much care for the authors opinion of facts as he saw them. It was his truth and he was owning it, in text at that time of writing and again at the time of printing and release of the book. Purely at that level and without engaging with it too much, I gave the author his truth and continued reading the rest of the chapter, if I were to hold up my lamp to this text and this author I am not sure I would find authenticity, I would find a respectable author, scientist and philosopher but as to his authenticity, I remain uncertain but I will admit perhaps I am slightly jaded because of his remarks with regards to Reiki. However I will say this, when you follow a path of logic, reason and science; it can be hard to accept something that is metaphysical in nature. I would not suggest that it is spiritual purely because Reiki isn’t a religion, it would be amazing if it was but then it would lose a lot of its credibility as a healing modality and pathway to recuperation that it has become known for today.


TBHReturning again to the question that was posed at the start, “Who are you without your Spiritual Story?” I am an incarnate being androgynous by nature, on a journey of authenticity that started at some point in my teenage years and has meant shedding a load of Trauma’s, Karmic and Dharma drama that wasn’t mine to start with, it has meant standing up to some nasty people out to damage and hurt me professionally and personally but it has also meant meeting and being in love with an amazing husband, having an awesome family and loving my life as it continually evolves, changes and becomes.



Show and Tell – What Makes a Teacher



TBHSocial media and the internet is awash with all kinds of courses, books and people that are ready to change your life but at a price. There are life, spiritual and religious guru’s aplenty just waiting at the click of the mouse to ‘fix’ you and there in rests the first problem, this idea that life in some way needs an external ‘fix’ – we’re not a set of pipes nor do we have copper wiring and I am not speaking for anyone else as I say this but I am certainly not in need of neutering either!


TBHIt’s not that I actually have an issue with any of it, for a lot of people out there it works but for everyone else it doesn’t. In many ways handing over our sovereignty that is to say our supreme power or authority that governs and defines who we are; to someone else is a huge deal and there are no certainties that once that is done they are going to treat it with respect, despite what their words say. I have experienced both the good and the bad of doing this in my 40 odd years upon this planet so far, the bad was not pleasant in the slightest but the good actually helped but only because I allowed the good to happen.

The biggest question that have encountered is what makes a good teacher? My honest answer is someone that doesn’t need the title for anything other than advertising purposes. Telling is one thing but showing is another, many tell their viewing audience but very little show. Telling your audience how good you are or how good they can be is fine, its very much like a presentation; anyone can throw together a power-point, get books printed off and book a room. I should know I have done it! I have been that guy, the teller, the fixer rather than the shower.


TBHAssuming that you have stayed with this, let me explain a bit about the idea behind show and tell. It’s a familiar term from school days, where you’d be asked to do a project or bring in something personal to tell the others in your class about. It’s a similar idea, showing is a bit like I do one, and then others do it after me and as for telling, well that is more about explaining and painting a picture with words, its not that effective and not all the information is retained. It’s a common thing in some colleges and Universities, depending on the subject matter.


I recognise that part of my work is to pass on knowledge and to be begin with I really thought that I had it sussed, I taught development with an open and friendly way, treating everyone the same. To my detriment I learnt that sometimes people only want to be your friend in order to profit from that kindness and then pass it off as their own and in all fairness I didn’t protect myself against that until it was too late in the day to do anything. What I discovered from the experience was that I had an unhealthy auto-response, which was to apologise even through others treated me like shit! However that apologetic auto-response is slowly being replaced, it’s not that I am suddenly becoming a different person, it is just that I am now protecting my work and passion to avoid that same mistake.


TBHI have learnt how to be better at passing on my information, the one thing I decided that was best for me was to drop the whole teacher vibe, and instead adopt the Sensei vibe. I find that I am teaching every day, just as I am taught every day, I find that I am in the cycle of show and tell a lot at the moment. Telling I am keeping up my skills and showing when I am working with clients or arranging appointments. I am even showing when I am on platform instead of telling, the showing and teaching comes in the form of the demonstrations of Mediumship and Clairvoyance, the telling comes in as I convey what is needed.


I find that as I facilitated Angelic and Usui Reiki, I am not teaching but rather imparting and opening the way through Sacred Space for the sentient energy of Reiki to birth a new adept or practitioner and bring the awareness of Self Mastery to those taking the journey of Mastership in either Reiki practise. When I am doing Trance Workshops, it is very much see one and then do one, I spend very little time telling, asides from the health and safety regulations for the space I am working in. This is how I believe that things should be when it comes to working with groups. Where is the point in sitting in a seat and being bombarded with information? Granted there are some circumstances where that is needed, but even then with a bit of careful planning it can be made for a time when its going to be of benefit rather than at the end of a day, for example.


TBHThe biggest tell that someone is just a carbon copy is outdated information or sticking to a prescribed format because it is safe. The best show is someone that takes their learning and owns it, really owns it. Just being in their presence is learning through transmission, watching them work with the techniques is watching an artist at work and then to be able to use that learning and then build on it, now that is learning, showing and what a Sensei or teacher if you will is meant to be. It is how I aim to be, an artist and Sensei of my skills set, when I am teaching I am looking to help others understand from where they are not from where I am. That’s just teaching by rota or parrot, its saying do as I say not as I do. Quite frankly I don’t honestly see what there is to gain from it other than massaging the ego.


I am by no means perfect and I am by no means suggesting that Guru’s or Teacher, Coaches or what have you aren’t worth it. Just as I am not suggesting that courses, books and so on can’t make a difference, they can to a degree. It’s the ‘fixing’ that is the bothersome part, we really are the only ones that can do that. We can only fix ourselves with the right tools, and perhaps that is what the teachers, coaches and gurus for tomorrow need to be learning, how to pass on the tools to the ones who will come to them. It is what I do these days, I show my students how to fix their lives, I transmit and through sacred space open their sovereign self to that knowledge in a session or in a workshop help the students to find their meaning and understanding in the time that we spend together, only then will they discover true self and self mastery.



Tarot Blog Hop – Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi! 6



TBHWelcome to the Tarot Blog Hop! If you have ‘hopped’ before, then let me briefly explain, for those of you that have, feel free to skip this bit: A hop is a group of unique and experienced people who write, blog or work with Tarot. We come together at a set times during the wheel of the year and the cat herder, juggler of strange people that keep imploding aka the Wrangler, will set the topic and those of us who partake end up insane, mostly because we’re composing, writing and posting down to the last second…


TBHThis month I have been let loose as the Cat Juggler and Head wrangler for this months Tarot Blog Hop! For The Samhain Tarot Blog Hop (2017) I gave it the name “Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi! (The King is Dead, Long Live The King): Birth, Death & Rebirth” It is a follow on from last year’s Ancestors Post from the Samhain Blog Hop set by Louise Underhill. Another Year has reached its conclusion and collectively as well as individually we’ve experienced change. Through these changes, we’ve received many gifts from our Lineage. For this year’s Samhain Hop, I am interested to find out where individually and collectively we are at the end of this cycle. My suggestions were to use either a single card or a three card spread from a chosen deck and ask – What do the cards tell you about where this cycle has lead you, Where have you been? and also to look at What they tell about where you are headed, aka Where are you going? but also I posed the question What do you feel has changed for you at the end of this cycle along your journey of life?


TBHI decided to handle each question separately, for looking a head I used an equal house spread, commonly found in astrology and the deck I used for this was The Hermetic Tarot (pictured), which will be interesting for me because I have not actually used them for any readings, I am hopeful that the cards are going to be easy to work with and if so then I may consider taking them with me to any events or work with them when I have clients.


TBHAs for the other questions, I decided that I would like to work with the Tarot De Los Angels; this is another new deck for me and very reminiscent of how I started working with Tarot; the deck is Spanish from what I recognise of the words, my very first deck was French, so I ended up learning how to read cards differently because of the difference in language, so again I am looking forward to finding out how this will work out for me.


TBHOkay so let’s get started shall we; you know I had a completely different opening planned, it was going to a bit dark and filled with mystery. Descriptive scene setting, both textually and also here in real life because of it being Samhain / All Souls Night, however by time I go home, got the Munster booted up and the site logged into, I completely forgot how I was going to set it up for you… In saying that knowing me, I will write this, post it and then remember how it was going to be done… Anyway enough banter (such as it is), let’s take a look shall we… This post will be set out a little differently and is picture intensive, so it might take a moment longer to load on some devices.


TBHThe Equal House is one of the more common ways used in Astrology, many astrological programs and courses use this method. When I utilise this in Tarot, I tend to stick with the meanings that I have come to understand from when I did my Astrology diploma. The clock is not read in the same way as it is for telling time, the first house is where the 9 would be on the clock and then you work anti-clock wise, so where 8 would be becomes the second house, don’t worry if you are starting to feel an Ow that hurts my head coming on, I have an example below that should hopefully make things a bit more clearer…


TBHThe meanings for the houses are as follows…















TBHThe astrological or calendar spread is split, so the first six houses to one picture and the following six into the following picture. This spread is focusing on the question: What they tell about where you are headed, aka Where are you going?


First House (The Ascendant): LIFE, HEALTH, THE MAIN ISSUE. THE PERSON THE READING IS FOR. – The Moon this is the card of emotions both seen and unseen. A great deal happening under the surface, one pillar of the Two towers dealing with the now, and the other dealing with that which has yet to unfold. The wings of the lady-bug have unfolded but there is no flight as yet. Therefore while Life and Health remain in constant change, there is an inner strength there. The Gods of Fate are facing each other which suggests that in terms of divinity, it is time for flight and in terms of me (the person that the reading is for) it suggests that this is the right time to start looking ahead.

Second House: MONEY, PROPERTY, PERSONAL WORTH.The Chariot An interesting place for this card to fall, because it suggests that there is a sense of quick money, if it is needed then intention can sometimes be enough to bring it in. However the stumbling block with this one is that The Chariot, particularly here is trying to encourage self belief and confidence in the area of Self worth and there is a great sense of work in progress with this one. Also a sense of needing a place of stability to work as well.

Third House: BROTHERS, SISTERS, NEWS, SHORT JOURNEYS. The Princess of Cups Now this is curious, lots happening here; there is a sense that in terms of news there is an oppertunity but it requires the self belief and also not to be crude but showing up and stepping up as well, this gives the impression of being still in this year. It requires bravery as well in many respects.

Fourth House: FATHER, LAND, PROPERTY,INHERITANCE, THE GRAVE, THE END OF THE MATTER. The Six of Pentacles This is quite a subdued card, but then given this time of year and in the house of the Father, it is expected. However there is a success in this area to, so where there are cycles coming to their end this is the time for them but it is also a time for limited prosperity and success, so small ventures and small ideas can be beneficial at this time.

Fifth House: CHILDREN, PLEASURE, FEASTS, SPECULATION. Fortitude This is in a strong position, it shows that trusting the instincts and following them through is not a bad thing. There is a need for being strong with this card as well, but also doing and being apart of activities that are fun and enjoyable are needed, these things reminds us we are human beings, not just a human doing.


TBHTh is the second part of the astrological or calendar spread is split, it is the last six houses in this picture. This spread is focusing on the question: What they tell about where you are headed, aka Where are you going?


Sixth House: WORKERS, SICKNESS, UNCLES & AUNTS, PETS, SMALL ANIMALS. THOSE WHO WORK FOR US. Hierophant This card is very much about being the one to pass on his knowledge, and in the sixth house it very much represents the teacher/learner relationship. It is very much a time for considering passing on what is known.

Seventh House: LOVE, MARRIAGE, HUSBAND, WIFE, PARTNERS, ASSOCIATIONS, LAWSUITS, LEGAL MATTERS. Justice This is about the balance in this area, the balance struck in love becoming stronger, the balance and justice being done in terms of legal matters and also dealing with matters that are important legally, this is very much a strong card for getting it right.

Eighth House: DEATHS, WILLS, LEGACIES, PAIN, ANXIETY, DOUBTS. Hanged Man This holding oneself in check and being responsible for every sneeze that is made needs to reach its end, this needs a conclusion otherwise the cycle will just repeat itself. The hanged man in this instance is pretty much saying stop waiting for a sign, you already have it.

Ninth House: LONG JOURNEYS, VOYAGES, SCIENCE, RELIGION, ART, VISIONS, DIVINATIONS, OCCULT AND SPIRITUAL MATTERS AND DEVELOPMENT. The Magician Talk about cycles are synchronicity, this is just the perfect card for this house, bringing it all together, and co-creating the realities that are needed for this coming year. It is quite literally time to pull everything together and own it. The work, the deep stuff is important for 2018 and onwards. This will be the right time and the right avenue.

Tenth House: MOTHER, RANK OR SOCIAL STANDING, HONOUR, TRADE OR PROFESSION, AUTHORITY, EMPLOYMENT, THOSE WE WORK FOR. GENERAL WORLDLY POSITION. The Knight of Wands Oy Vey, talk about putting the stamp on things! In this position really watch how things are said and done,
True knowing your stuff is one thing but to coin a phrase don’t get cocky and watch the mouth, this knight is on a mission and isn’t really taking any prisoners. More can be accomplished by kindness and understanding than championing without thought.

Eleventh House: FRIENDS, HOPES, WISHES. AMBITIONS, TARGETS. Lovers This is the right card for showing the compassion that resonates from this house. It is very much about creation of connections as the year unfolds. There are new friends, professionals and understanding of how people are and can be coming in at this house. There is a love here but it is of a healing kind.

Twelfth House: SORROWS, FEARS, PUNISHMENTS, HIDDEN ENEMIES, OR OBSTRUCTIONS, INSTITUTIONS, ADMINISTRATION, PUBLIC OFFICES OR DEPARTMENTS, RESTRICTIONS, RULES & REGULATIONS. The Sun The Sun is very much bringing light into the things that need cleared in this house, any unresolved issues, anything that needs to be tidied up or sorted out in relation to this house, is coming in to be cleared it is another one where a stamp is being made in the positive.


TBHThis three card spread is focusing on the question: What do the cards tell you about where this cycle has lead you, Where have you been?


Interesting how the male and female cards are the ones that came out as well as the star. These are very much about my embodiment and understanding of sexuality. Recently I have come to see that I am both male and female, in essence somewhere between asexual and androgyny, perhaps both. I also recognised that I am basically a Star being having a human lifetime, so these three cards are echoing the confirmation of this journey and saying that the virtues that I have and the progress I am making and have made really have been amazing.


TBHThis one card spread is focusing on the question:What do you feel has changed for you at the end of this cycle along your journey of life?


Funny how it is The Moon that concludes this hop, this is the card that described my emotions and the insights that I have been in receivership of and what a gift this has been, this cycle reflected by the card is saying that emotionally I have expanded and that now I am both a deeper person, stronger in what I see as my gifts and also expanded in the recognition of my own divinity and female side as well as male side. I am more the person I have long wanted to be, and I am so looking forward to this next cycle.


All that is left is to say thank you for taking the time to read this, I don’t know if I will take these decks on the road with me, they are intense and different but it has been awesome working with them on this hop. I would love to hear back from you, so please leave me a comment before you move on to the next person.



Tarot Blog Hop – Samhain 2017 Master List

tarot blog hop2



Welcome to the Tarot Blog Hop;


My name is Jay Cassels and I am your Wrangler and Cat Herder Extraordinaire for the hop. This is the Master List or the “Don’t Panic” of The Tarot Reader’s Guide to the Blog Hop… In other words it’s a good place to come back to if you end up getting lost when you’re reading the blogs; the order has been created from the sign up list on the Facebook Group (if that is how you arrived here).


If you are new to the Blog Hop Scene and are a member of the group there is an amazing FAQ guide on the group that explains the whole concept so it is worthwhile finding that post/document and having a read. Okay so below this passage of text you will find the shuffled list and both above as below (a nod to all the witches, pagans and heathens out there) you will find the links to the blogs.


As this is the master list, the next blog link will start you at the first blog and as you may have guessed the Previous link takes you to the last blog on the shuffled list.


If you spot any issues with this master list, I would ask you to highlight them in the Facebook Group, as you ride the wave and take a trip through each of the fantastic bloggers and their insights on offer this month, don’t forget to leave a comment, where possible and if you like what you see then why not spread the word so that others can engage with what you have seen.


May your towel be as fresh as your underwear…

Jay Cassels


Samhain 2017 Tarot Hop Blog List


Just as a reminder, the topic in the Facebook Group; Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi! (The King is Dead, Long Live The King)… Birth, Death and Re-birth; Following on from Last year’s Ancestors Post from the Samhain Blog Hop set by Louise Underhill. Another Year has reached its conclusion and collectively as well as individually we’ve experienced change. Through these changes, we’ve received many gifts from our Lineage.


For this year’s Samhain Hop, I am interested to find out where you are at the end of this cycle. Using either a single card or a three card spread from your chosen deck, what do the cards tell you about where this cycle has lead you, in other words where have you been? what do they tell you about where you are headed, in other words what is next for you? – What do you feel has changed for you at the end of this cycle along your journey of life?


Shuffled List

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11.. Joanne Sprott | life cycle retrospective samhain tarot-blog-hop

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13. Jenn Waltner |


tarot blog hop2


Tango of the Wounded Healer – Embracing Bravery

TBHAs with any new skill, trade or information it takes a moment to get to grips with it. Firstly it’s how does it work, followed by what does this do and so it goes on. It’s the same thing when you discover that you’re what’s known as a Wounded Healer. Now to be honest I started at “There’s no such thing”, before I travelled into “This must be a bad thing” before finally arriving at “It’s a brave thing to be here” because being A Wounded Healer is an absolute privilege.


TBHHowever, at first I really didn’t understand the concept or what I was meant to do with this knowledge, particularly when you don’t know what to call it. This is one part of this that I have really struggled with for as long as I care to remember. When I began this journey, I started with the SNU (Spiritualist National Union), thinking that this would be the way to go and I had my first brush with abuses of power, but also with what it was possible for me to do.


Granted the entire experience was unpleasant, but it was my first brush with being a Wounded Healer. Since that first encounter there have been times when I have walked, then ran in the opposing direction, only to discover that it was always the right direction.


(c)2011/10 What I didn’t grasp at that time is the path, this Golden path we all seem to walk, it isn’t one way. The biggest and possibly worst assumption that we can make collectively is that just because linear time dictates that we can not go back in years, doesn’t mean that our path is like that. We can move forward and we can move back along the path, it’s already perfect so there is no way to make a mistake and even if that were to happen, it is already perfect and so it is not a mistake but something to learn from.


Even when I turned my back, stopped listening to my calling; a way was found to return me because that was how I was always going to be. It was how it was meant to be, I was still on my Golden Path, all I had done was stepped through the mirror and onto another branch of it, a bit like Alice going through the looking glass; at the other end another mirror and back out on the journey. The lesson being, you can pause, have a breath but sooner or later you will be following your calling.


If I am honest until around 7 years ago, I would never have accepted that this was my calling. However there are pivotal moments that completely change you, open you to the possibilities that you have a fated life or a destiny (depending on if you believe in such things). I have often crossed paths with destiny; meeting my husband, meeting my extended family because of a spilt drink and then meeting amazing people through an open invite to my wedding on Social Media.


Moments that have changed the course of my life for the better, these moments feel like stepping through mirrors as part of this Golden Path, because sometimes a crossroads or a meeting with Destiny, is fated to change everything. This year has really been a time for release, a time for shedding and a time for letting go of old stagnated energies. So much of this would not have been possible without support from my family, from my husband and mum in particular.


(c)2012 Pablo LeboTheir unwavering belief and support has made it okay for me to just let go and be me, to release all the baggage and responsibility that comes with seeing the world differently. I have been dancing to a very intricate tango, learning the moves as I have danced but never felt brave enough to take the lead, until today.


The tango is very much like YinYang, for the dance to succeed one must have dominance but rather than the other being subservient, they must bend like a reed in the wind and be supple. The dance originally was between two men, locked in a dance both equals and yet during the dance the roles change as to who is leading who. As Yin will surrender to Yang, so does Yang surrender to Yin, it is the way balance is maintained. It is the way of the Dance.


My dance has been about acceptance, understanding that I am a Wounded Healer. Having the understanding of others pain, hurt and loss as well as their joys, loves and journey to beauty.


The Wounded Healer, doesn’t try to fix, mend or dictate how another soul should be, instead the Wounded Healer, holds space. The healer will embrace and meet the person where they are and act as a guide. We embrace our bravery and understand that we are reluctant to walk in a world that does not understand us yet, but then in order to heal the wounds that other do not see, we must walk the paths that others cannot know.

The Rites to Reply: Rest in Pieces the Freedoms of Speech…

TBHWe gather here at this time on this blog to pay our respects; indeed it was this very week that the Freedoms of Speech, departed Social Media. It was an unexpected and untimely passing, which seems for many of us to have gone unnoticed. However, for a great many more, the passing of this beautiful and gracious being has a profound impact. Where there was voice, silence now has lease, where there was once safety, the Sword of Damocles now hangs.


TBHThe sense of danger now dangles, upon the last strands of that ancient steed’s hair, as the profiles fade to black. As we gather to remember the Freedom, as it was before the weekend, I am reminded of some words spoken at the time of passing… “When all blame is laid at the feet of the innocents, made to feel responsible for the acts of a few, will that make the world better? When all the responsibility has been handed out, given to all the wrong people, and those who it belongs to are dust, will the world be healed?”


TBHAs I look around at the blackened profiles, the sad emojis and the empty comments box, I find that I mourn for that Freedom and I ask “When the last sorry is uttered by the last innocent soul, will forgiveness be given to the forefathers and foremothers? When the last of us stands at the mouth of the dead rain forest, will that valuable contribution online matter? In the echoes, the screams, in our blindness and blame, will the illicit pointed finger of complicitness be as dumbstruck as listening to the power of positive trending?”


Peering into the crucible as echoes and the screams of popular finger pointing trends, froths up, boils over; I wonder, will nothing become better? When will the healing be done? Because after the dust has settled and the last sorry whispered at the mouth of the dead trees, no one will know what the foremothers and forefathers taught us. The comments boxes will still be empty, the profiles will still be black and the innocents will have been cast out from Social Media.


As the tide of scathing posts and malicious memes scald the blameless, deafen the silent and slaughter innocence, will that satisfy the need for blood? As the last Y and the last X Chromosome are sacrificed upon the altars of The Cyan Bird and The Mighty White F, will that mean all is forgiven? Will that #cleanse and #heal the genderless rift? Will that make the illicitness of being complicity ignorant alright?


As we gaze at our brightly lit gods, waiting with heads bowed in silent scrolling, let us hashtag and reflect. Let us post as I read out the last Eulogy and Rites of our beloved Freedom; “Will the crime of having no knowledge punishable through the trail of social media be made better, when the blind author obeys and says sorry through woeful fingers? Will the jury of peers #like or thumbs down, as the last YX child drags his coffin and gets ready to fall upon his password login, before he can grow up and do no harm? and she rises from the ashen pyres of scorn upon scorn for being true to their own knowing, will that allow them to post once again?


Lets us depart dear ones, as frenemies; hand in hand and forever distant, separated by the poisoned chalice of social media and let us forget now that each one of us has the Rites of Reply, as we bid farewell and commit The Freedoms of Speech to barren and binary land before us. Remembering how they taught us that If when we post hate online, those words won’t anoint, and the holy waters of comments and likes won’t wash us clean.


Instead it will rise up like a tide of poison and try as we might to scream from the bullhorn of perceived justice of being right, the false truth will be strapped to our ankles and as we sink down into the bottomless well of silence; maybe then we will notice how all around, everyone else is more comfortable remaining voiceless, and maybe then we’ll remember, dear Freedoms of Speech, who is no longer there, because this is after all its last rites.


Where Silence Has Lease… (Social Media Needs a Safe Word)…

TBHSocial media needs a safe word, particularly at the moment if you are a man. I guess I have never really noticed or needed to notice this, but over the last year as I have become more at home in my body and with my life, it has become a glaringly obvious light on the dashboard of social media.


TBHGranted there are loads of reasons why men need to be vilified and have the “It’s You” finger hovering over them. I am NOT advocating that they shouldn’t but what I am saying is that this cycle of the knee jerk reactions, where men are getting booted in their nuts for being men really needs to end. By all means go after the bastards that have been right fcukers and done horrible things but leave the rest of us alone, we’re not guilty by association, just because we happen to be related by the same kind of genitalia!


TBHSince the Harvey Weinstien Scandal broke, social media has started to vilify men! (thanks Harv!). It has happened before, any time a man does something wrong, there is a enmasse cull of any men in that industry, remember Nursery Nursing and Teaching? Now there is a national shortage of men in these sectors, thanks to the knee jerk reaction and the fears of the establishments being sued.


(c) The interesting flip side to this, is that the male image is still objectified, both men and women seem to accept that it is acceptable to sexualise the stereotypical pretty boy and when it is the same thing done to the image of a woman, a four page spread in every print newspaper and magazine appears, followed by the ten minute segment on every rolling news channel and an entire morning of day time talk shows are devoted to the scandal…


In an article from The Telegraph, it points out the Men have become more objectified than Women, and the thought that occured to me was wouldn’t men object? but now I think that any attention is better than all the bashing that seems to be going on at the moment.


TBHIn our competition obsessed media world, where the outcries about sexualiation are married to the competition to go see the latest dance troupe in New York, London or somewhere else as part of the all expenses paid holiday of a lifetime and I really don’t think that part of the brain that makes associations engages. After-all sex sells and so money and fit blokes shedding clothing, is a perfect storm for full on objectification, provided that you into that kind of thing; and the makers of these programmes are making that assumption. However it’s a very limited form of objectification, because I get the sense that there are no men allowed at some of these troupe venues, and yet the world outside the dropped thongs and stale whipped creme is a very different place.


TBHWhen I began this article, the only emotion that I seemed to be having in my system was severe anger and unhappines at just how unfair social media was being to men, however it seems as if there is more to this than I first realised; men are vicitmised, vilified, objectified, sexualised and they just seem to accept it without speaking out. Gay men, straight men and somewhere in the middle men appear to just be okay with this. However having been victim (✓), villain (✓), the object (✓), and yes even sexualised (✓) I am not okay with it.


TBHNone of these are nice, spending 8 (plus) years as the victim of various bullies for being “privileged” at public/state school and being told by authority “You brought this on yourself because of who you are”, being sexualised by the gay scene as “fresh meat” while fending off wandering hands, being shared by two men, meeting the approval of your boyfriends psychotic mother as the objectified older man, and then to be thrust into the role of the villain because of jealousy. So you’ll pardon my anger, when the world of social media decides that men are the scourge of the internet because of the actions of a single solitary man, who can’t keep it in his pants until he gets home to his wife.


TBHThe part of this that doesn’t make any of what has happened to me okay, the bit that really set this off is when the #metoo meme started, the origin is simple enough and yes, in context does have the potential to raise awareness of something stagnant and putrid at the heart of Hollywood, this almost culture of passing women and men around the studio execs like they are whorederves, an urban word I grant you but it works for this purpose, which is to point out that there is a dark seedy side to being famous, and its a cycle that is repeating, just as jewish actors and workers were vilified and treated badly in the 1950’s, so to are women and men, but rather than address it, sort it and stop it from ever happening again.


TBHIt will become a cycle that will do a couple of rounds in the media until the next expose and then it will be forgotten about until something bigger takes its place and we say “must be a slow news day” to bring this up again. Meanwhile in realms and lands of social media, the objectified man will still be scantily clad, on all fours to be used as a desk or some other adornment, while the rallying cries of ban the bastard will come from others because a man happened to post something on his wall.


TBHAs I said at the start, Social media needs a safe word, particularly at the moment because for men silence has lease… and we’re making it okay for the social media dominatrix to be as cruel and wicked as it likes because no safe word was asked for and none was given because the objectified male is already gagged and bound.

Tarot Blog Hop – A Different Kind of Journey… 13



TBHWelcome to the Tarot Blog Hop! If you have ‘hopped’ before, then let me briefly explain, for those of you that have, feel free to skip this bit: A hop is a group of unique and experienced people who write, blog or work with Tarot. We come together at a set times during the wheel of the year and the cat herder, juggler of strange people that keep imploding aka the Wrangler, will set the topic and those of us who partake end up insane, mostly because we’re  composing, writing and posting down to the last second…


TBHKiss Boglárka, came up with a different theme for this month; TAROT Characters and Sacred Cooking OR TAROT Characters and Mabon Beauty Products, now this for me is not a strong point, yes I cook and yes I do have an admiration for beauty but I have never really taken too much of an active interest to be able to blog or discuss either of them at length,
so rather than attempt to do it, I came up with an alternative way into this topic.


TBHWhen learning anything new, we look at the book, so in cookery we’re following a pre-planned instruction set, until we get used to it and then improvise. Likewise is beauty, we follow the guide of the person who sold us the product or watch online videos; and it is the same when we learn to work with an unfamiliar deck author. True most cards end up meaning the same anyway regardless of the name, but its the language of the deck and its energy when we work with it that we kind of need to understand.


TBHThis notion of energy and learning the language of the deck, occurred this week while during a reading, I came up against XX – Karma, which is in The Witches Tarot, this takes the place of XX – Judgement from decks like the Rider-Waite. After the reading was completed, I sat with this idea for a bit, was this like a pre-planned instruction, was it the same as someone giving you the guide on how to apply the ideology of Judgement but giving it another name, or was this more like an improvisation, where someone has improved on the original design? It certain felt curious the more I sat with this.


TBHRecently I picked up a cross-genre deck, by that I mean it services two purposes; the first is a tie-in to a table top war game and the second as a stand alone Tarot deck. It is called the Tarot of Loka, by Riverhorse Games and by all accounts it is fascinating to learn the language from a Cartomancy point of view. It speaks in such a complex but simple language, about different aspects but as yet I am not sure whether there is a functional use, much like the Dishonoured deck, pretty, interesting but very insular and unfriendly for reading with.


TBHOddly it makes me think of the I-Ching, one of the most complex but yet accurate divintation tool around, like Runes, it is a system unto itself, and learning that system can be slow going and sometimes just when you are ready to quit, it makes itself known, almost like it is testing you. In many ways again a bit like trial and error with cookery and beauty, only by working, trying and testing do you know what is good and what is not.


Thank you for the company as I have taken you through a somewhat different avenue for this months Tarot Blog Hop, next month is the Samhain Hop, which will mean that I am taking the wrangling reins, so plenty of time to start thinking (or fleeing).