About Jay Cassels



I started my work 26 years ago, I was doing Tarot Readings; and during that time I had a brief flirtation with journalism, computing and also the beauty/hairdressing industry. Many of my skills and my ‘tool box’ developed through watching and working in these different industry areas, and while none of those areas were me. 


The more I worked with the Tarot, the more interested I became in the development of my spiritual side, I worked with spiritual churches for five years, sitting in both private and open development groups, until I found myself being pulled to uncover my Craft roots, I studied Wicca, Druid and also Paganism over a long period of time and eventually found that my belief system is an amalgam of cultural and spiritual beliefs from across the world.


I also found that my desire to help, it is one of the reasons I am drawn to working with Tarot and Clairvoyance that I had a natural desire for healing, this led me to being introduced to holistic healing, and from there I have developed my own natural healing ways not unlike the mystics, shamans or oracles of old. 


My Therapy Work


My work involves and is centred around healing and holding space, it is hands on involvement. This work constantly evolves and changes, it has become more experiential than it ever used to be, I find that my clients are literally able to shed their patterns as long as they are in a safe space to do so, and that is partly what I provide.


I find that my clients are the ones who are doing the work, I provide the sacred safe space and they need me to be there, be present and be their mirror. Over the last 5 years I have expanded my skills and tools because the way the world is being perceived is in constant flux and change. Many more people are finding that their conventional methods of finding solutions to dis-ease are not working.


The mentality of ‘fixing’ is rapidly becoming temporary at best and ineffectual at worst. Holding space and using that for healing whether it is through Crystals, Reiki, a Tarot Reading or simply safe space to heal may feel like ‘out there’ ‘new age’ or ‘cookie’ but they are effective in shifting or helping to start the process of shifting the old patterns.


I do find that my work generates interest, curiosity and yes even entertainment when I am doing public demonstrations of clairvoyance. There is also the beautiful side to this work, the peace of mind, the release, the knowledge that a loved one is looking after them. All of this is part of the work I do, if you feel like you are open to exploring some of this work, then please look at the service page to find out about what I offer, if you are feeling drawn to work with me then it would be an honour to be in service to you.


My Workshops


I run different kinds of workshops throughout the year, these vary from one day workshops on Meditation and Trance Mediumship, Usui Reiki, Angelic Reiki as well as Crystal Workshops and other one day experiential days. All my workshops are run with you in mind, so I keep them as simple and straightforward as possible, I also ensure to support you in your process but give you the room to experience and be at the same time.


I maintain a level and standard throughout all my workshops and honour the teachings that I have been given, while also making it my own at the same time. My workshops are usually weekend and local to either Glasgow or South Lanarkshire, however I occasionally run them in North Lanarkshire and in different areas of Scotland or England (if invited). The costs for the workshops and sessions can be found on the site, I always include them in any Emails, Facebook Messages or Texts/Phone Calls .