Available Therapies List

Available Therapies List: Energy Work

Crystal Healing Session – £40 (1h 30min) [More Info]
Using a blend of crystal vibrations, specific grids and intuitive layouts; the earth in all her magnificent love supports and heals the mind, body and soul to bring balance and help you as the client to come home to yourself.

Angelic Reiki Session – £40 (1h 30min) [More Info]
Working with the Angelic Kingdom to bring through the healing light across all levels of being, allowing cord cutting, multi-dimensional healing and as well as a sense of peace at the highest vibration to be transmitted.

Reiki Session – £40 (1h 30min)
Working with the healing light of Usui Reiki across all levels of being, in order to give a sense of peace at the highest vibration.

Spiritual Healing – £40 (1h 30min)
Hands on/off healing; simple effective and ideal for those who may not be comfortable with Reiki or other forms of energy therapy.

Blended Healing Session – £40 (1h 30min)
Working in accordance with divine will and trusting in the light of perfection. A blended healing session using crystals, reiki and the body’s own natural flow to rebalance and bring you home to yourself.


Available Therapies List: Alternative Healing Work

Past Life Work Through Meditation – £40 (1h 30min)
Working with Meditation techniques, We build a safe space within your inner world, so that you are able to safely travel to life times that may have happened before your current one.

Holding Talking Space Session – £50 (1h 30min)
Utilising my counselling skills to provide a safe held space for you to talk through personal crossing points, goal setting, confidence issues. Abuse, Trauma or Addictions talk to your GP/Specialist

Holding Healing Space Session – £50 – £100 (2 hour session)
Healing space is a safe neutral place where you can reconnect to your soul, your body and release old patterns. It is 100% experiential, meaning that you are doing the work, I hold the space for you.

Clairvoyance / Psychic Reading – £40
I connect with the higher side of life to allow communication with a loved one, guide or friends; I may ask for you to bring a photo, or belonging to help with the communication but not always.

Tarot Reading – £40
Full consultation using the art of Tarot Cards, typically this is intuitive work; where I work with the information that presents at the time.

Character Analysis – £30 [Email]
Slightly more in-depth analysis of your personality traits, from handwriting, numerology to your character traits in a simplified astrological chart. Consults can look at the palm, face and head.

Astrology Consultation – £30 [Email]
Astrology has been used in the news media, social media and alike to provide you with a basic idea of your sun sign. It does more, it can a look at you as a person from the personal to professional.


Coming Soon: Body Work

Blended Body Massage – N/A 
Using a blend of aromatherapy, swedish and chinese massage techniques to give reinvigorate, relax, stimulate or simply just to work out the kinks.

Aromatherapy Massage – N/A
Working with pre-blended aromatherapy oils, this massage is very useful for taking you to a completely different zone of tranquility or help give you a boost of well needed energy.

Indian Head Massage – N/A
Just take time out for you, let your body and this massage do whats right for you.

Stone Therapy Massage – N/A
Cold or Hot Stone Massage, which can be very good at reaching those hard to release tension pockets with some sustained but pleasant to experience heat.

Chinese Massage – N/A
Ancient techniques applied to the modern day world. This form of massage can be very gentle or firm, it is best suited on a futon as floor and body work..