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Welcome, although it is not the first blog hop of the new cycle, it is the first one of 2018. Already there are massive changes going on within me and around me, so this blog hop will certainly prove to be an interesting one.

This month sees The Facebook Tarot Blog Hop Group starting up again after a rest period. If you haven’t blog hopped before, this is the absolute perfect time to start. You can find out all about Blog Hopping Here and you can sign up to the Group Here or through the link at the top of this paragraph.

I’ve changed the format of my posts slightly to include some information about the time, date and subject for the topic. This is a safety measure that I have adopted so that if Facebook decided to get stroppy and the Sign-up post gets messed about, all the information is here for that month.

DATE: 31st January 2018
TIME: 7pm UTC/GMT | 12 noon MST
WHERE: Your very own wonderful blog
WRANGLER: Aisling the Bard
SIGNUP DEADLINE: Saturday, 27 – January – 2018
LIST SHUFFLE: 28th January 2018




There are rules for most blog hops, if you are interested to find out what they are, then why not visit Jay’s Guide to Blogging Rule 2018 it saves having to try hunt them out on the Facebook Group.

BLOG TOPIC: “Brighid’s Blue Moon”


This Hop is known as “Brighid’s Blue Moon”. in Celtic Lore, it represents a Secret Gift of Spirit. The Blue Moon, represents those things that are rare and precious. The idea is that each participant creates a pattern of triplicity in the drawing and layouts. The following explains, how it is meant to be set out… You do realise of course, on anyone else’s blog that it most likely went according to plan; and then you visited me…

1) The Foundation: You will draw three cards, one representing Land (Body), one for Sky (Mind) and the third one for Spirit (Sea). These will indicate for you the physical, mental, and emotional/spiritual focus of your year-to-come. These cards honor the Solar Festival of Imbolc and the Three Fires of Brigid.

2) The Construction: This Moon, according to the Celtic Tree Calendar, is the Full Rowan Moon. This tree is sacred to Brighid, and represents “Protection from Evil Enchantment”. It is considered a Guardian, a Guide, and a Gateway, so that we may be safely sheltered and receive direction as we walk down the new path of the year. So the three cards you draw for the second level, the Lunar energy of the year, will represent the answers to the following three questions: What is the energy of the new path that presents itself? From what will I need protection on this journey? What energies of my own or of spirit will guide and protect me?

3) The Surprise: Once in a Blue Moon, wonderful things come forth. Draw your final three cards connected with Body, Mind, and Spirit, in that order, to see what treasures the Universe has in store for you.

Scrying Under the Blue Moon


… To pick up where I left off, then you came and visited me. Each time I try to follow the pattern and plan, the cards have other ideas! This time they were’t happy at the fact the story was incomplete, so for every step of it they added an outcome or conclusion card and that wasn’t the end of it, they then insisted on having four decks! Yes Four! The Wildwood Tarot, Druid Tarot, Celtic Tarot and The Celtic Tree Oracle.

All in all there are 21 cards in play for this topic, so be warned it is not a post you can just glance over. In all honesty it is better for you to check make sure the links work, see that the pictures and content are showing up for you and then come back and read it later. However if you have time, patience and stamina then this is the perfect time to read it!

The deck that is used for the Foundation is The Wildwood Tarot. I do like working with this deck from time to time, particularly on Celtic, Druid or Pagan themed topics; being connected to the land, the elements as well as the spirits this deck gives me the insights that I need to respond to the topic in the best possible way.

To remind you: The Foundation (focus of the year-to-come): Draw three cards, one representing Land (Body/Physical), one for Sky (Mind/Mental) and one for Sea (Emotional). It is strange but I found that the deck required a fourth, one for the Unseen (Spiritual), I will touch on this and how I draw the cards for the hops towards the end, but for now lets look at the cards.


Land (Body): This card did not come as any surprise when it showed up, this is very much where the physical plain is at the moment; lots of movement and plenty happening but there are the one or two important things that are not moving at all for me. The 10 of Arrows is pretty much suggesting that at least for this month it is not about to change. True I will still have movement but it will be slow, which I am okay with to some degree.


Sky (Mind): Frustration, well that speaks of a link to the distant and recent past, while also overlapping with currently what is around me. As I have indicated there are a lot of plates spinning on the axis at the moment, some have been spinning since as far back at 2015, while others have just started their spin in 2017. A lot of them are in relation to education and trying to wrap up everything so that by the time I hit mid-point of this wheel I can finally get moving in the direction that I want to go. This card speaks of the frustration in some parts of this plan.


Sea (Emotions): Well! I hate to admit it but Insecurity has hit the nail on the head. What I find troubling is with all the waiting and the pauses, I grow a bit worried that my skill set, the one I am waiting to complete will get a bit rusty and if I am to be assessed then there is a huge part of me that has an insecurity that I won’t be fluent or flowing because all the work I accomplished will be undone. So this card is reflecting what is lurking in the psyche, but it is also flagging up that I need to stop shying away from conflict and speak out about my worries, rather than textualising them on here where it is safe.

The Green Man

The Unseen(Spiritual): The Green Man, firstly I did not expect him to show up in this at all, if anything I was expecting The Hermit to appear, and Diogenes’ light shining full force in my face to show me the truth of it. However I think this is about as big an potent as you can get; The Green Man like The Hermit has a Karmic as well as Dharma connection. The appearance of Herne in one of his true forms suggests that matters are already in hand and that I really need to weather this with patience, grace and trust in the land as it trusts in me. My sense is that The Green Man is ensuring that all this waiting will not be in vain and also to keep moving with the cycle and pay attention to the Nature of things as they will be the truest indicator of progress and timing.

Celtic Connections…So before I move on The Construction part of this spread, let me explain a couple of things mentioned in The Foundation. You might remember from other posts that I have spoken about the fact I rescue decks as well as by them brand new. Last year I did a Video Blog Hop Challenge and on one of the days for that I did a display of all my decks for the film. My last count brought the collection to over 110 decks. Through this I have part of the collection devoted to Wicca, Pagan, Druid, Norse and Celtic, so it pretty much means I have decks for each one of these including the most recent addition of The Celtic Tree Oracle.

I was drawn to use these kinds of decks for this topic, and in order to ensure I have no idea what cards will come out for me, I typically shuffle the deck, while reading the post and then split the deck into two and whatever has the strongest pull, I will then draw however many cards are meant for the topic, face down directly on to the scanner, hit preview and then scan and save. Naturally I then upload them in order of draw and type up the reading either on site or off site and then copy to a post, it ensures that I have limited control over what I am going to encounter.

The deck that is used for The Construction is The Druid Tarot. As this is a Celtic themed topic; and because Druids like Shamans follow the Celestial Cycles such as the Sun, Moon and Stars plus they connect to the land and Spirits albeit in a different way to perhaps Wicca, Shinto and Shamans. I decided that The Druid deck would allow me the insights that I need to respond to this part of the topic.

To remind you: Construction: The three cards represent: The Energy of The New Path, The Guides and The Protection along it.

Queen of Swords

The Energy: I have been saying for a few days now that the energy of 2018 is very different, it has the feeling as if the training wheels have been taken off. The Queen of Swords asides from the connection to Aquarius and the element of Air, is very much meaning business. The entire posture, energy and feel of this card is about stepping up, recognising the power you own and knowing how to use it for the best possible outcome. Very much an answer to the first card in the Foundation.

9 of Swords

Protection: To be completely honest, I didn’t spot this the first time I looked to the card, but on a second glance just now that seems to be the position being taken, almost a protection and guarded post. In a way this makes sense as I am very protective of my energy both when I am working and also generally, it is also about keeping myself in a good place across the four body system (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual), which hasn’t been easy of late but a lot of it is old cycles, patterns and conditioning clearing itself out of those bodies. So part of this is about self care as well as listening to my body across the systems, as well as not allowing worry to get in my way either.

8 of Swords

Guides: Ages ago in my travels of learning about Tarot, I was introduced to the concept that an 8 represented Key Change, interestingly in Japanese Lore, 8 is the number of luck, good fortune, guides and protection. You’ll find out more about this later in this section, however for now let’s me explain why this is such a good place for this card to land. You wouldn’t know it to look at it but this card would appear to suggest contraint, entrapment and non-movement; however look again at the feet; they are not bound, nor are the ears, the nose or the head itself. In fact there is a lot more unbound than there is bound including the hands, we’re taught to put faith in the major organs; sight, aural and mobility, but in this card it is not about the major things but the minor. To move forward and be guided, it is really time to be silent, trust in the finer senses and allow the inner senses to guide, this is where the truth and true freedom reside.

Queen of Pentacles

The Unknowable: The Queen of Pentacles, it is not about the Capricorn or the Earth element connection in this card. This is about putting the skills to use in the way that has been already put in motion, it about really putting them into perspective and staying true to the vision. It is about embracing those hidden skills, the talents that aren’t known and bringing them forward. Look at how the Drum (which I have three) is being held and the way in which it is played, this is about announcing, making the presence felt and being in that powerful place and then having the patience to just be and allow it a chance to manifest.

YinYangThroughout this topic so far there has been an interesting side theme, this is not that uncommon in the Tarot Blog Hop for me, but I am now beginning to piece together why this is happening now on such a frequent basis. A lot of it has to with the Dharma and Karmic connections I have that brigde the East/West divide when it comes to the ways in which divination is done. Although I find the I-Ching hard to work with the Ogham like the Runes bridge that gap, in the I-Ching, it uses chance and the natural flow of energy through the land to predict any given outcome, so both long sticks and gold coins are used. Ogham, which is wooden sticks from different tress is carved with an ancient Celtic Alphabet that is both a means to write and divination. Runes are stones that are again both an alphabet and a means to divination.

In Shinto, much like Japanese Lore; Two, Four, Eight and so on are considered lucky, as are most even numbers. The odd numbers like three, nine, eleven and so on are considered to be unlucky or at the very least to be avoided. Since I follow the old ways of Shinto, before it became a political/religious tool of the government. I recognise the Kami and protectors of the physical world. However like Tarot, Shinto has a rich history and many origin stories, none of them right, just as none of them are wrong; and like Tarot, we all have one version of the origins that feels true to us. I find that try as I might to just use three cards, a fourth will always spawn itself, so these days I tend not to argue.

The deck that is used with Surprise is Celtic Tarot by Kristoffer Hughes. This is a relatively new addition to my collection but I like working with this deck, particularly on themed topics; this deck has offered its insights for this part of the topic.

To Remind You: Surprise, these final three cards re-connect with Body, Mind, and Spirit, in that order. To uncover what the Universe has in store.

Knight of Wands

Mind: The second 9 to appear in the topic, now that instantly makes me take notice. Twice is confirmation and since I am a follower of Numerology I am not about ignore it. Nine is about the completion of a cycle in Numerology and the fact that it is sitting within the Mind connection, it suggests that a lot of the physical things like exams, lessons and learning are coming to their end for me. It is the end and the beginning of the cycle and by the looks of things, once this cycle starts it will be full on. It is a nice completion to the ongoing matter of the Physical World and the Minds part to play in it.

Queen of Swords

Body: This is about ownership of my own personal power and taking back what has been out of my hands for sometime. The body is paramount in a lot of the work I am doing with myself and also with others, so it is important to listen to the body. It is also important to take ownership of the body, and doing that for myself means that I am able to do it for others as well. It is about being the person I want to be and that sometime requires the big boy pants.

The Sun

Spirit: This one pretty much speaks for itself, The Sun is the Solar energy the power centre that gives us what we need in terms of recharging, storing and making use of. The Moon energy is divine, calming and cooling it is for coming down after the work is done, this card is the power for doing the work, shining and being the powerhouse needed to get the work done properly. It is the male energy, the drive and the yang centre, it is to be embraced rather than feared, but it also requires the moon’s tempo also for balance.

Page of Swords

Tao: An interesting card, Tao or The Way is about flow. It is the natural energy that is us as well as flowing through us. It can’t really be named or defined because to name and define something like Tao, well it then is no longer Tao because it is no longer free. When you consider how the Page of Swords is in this card, it is perhaps best to remember not to pin everything down, have everything so clearly defined and within the lines so to speak. This is because, by nature we’re not something to be classified, boxed and then filed; humans are in essence free in spirit but have guidelines and limitations to ensure that there is not chaos of the unimaginable kind. It is here as a reminder to allow myself freedom but also remember why I started this journey to begin with.

Celtic KnotThis topic has been an interesting journey to take and a fascinating tale to have had woven but not only one but three decks. However it doesn’t quite end there. I did say at the very start there was four decks involved and this is the last deck that wanted to work with me on this topic. It is called The Celtic Tree Oracle. The very interesting thing about this aspect was instead of three or four cards, nine cards representing all aspects of this topic together needed to be given a voice. I have no idea what cards have come out to speak, I am only at the time of composing (8 – January – 2018) this finding out what cards have been dealt, so this should be fun!

1 White Poplar

Eadha: Eadha is the Ogham for White Poplar, which is sometimes also known as Aspen, this card in essence combines spiritual strength and endurance with the material, earthly aspects to the life cycle. It is about being able to ‘see’ the harsh realities and deal with them no matter the way in which they arrive; and in that there is beauty, which is to naturally shield and resist them. Eadha is the connection to language, speech and the wind; this card is potent in terms of the topic because although there have been frustrations, slow progress and sometimes a sense of blind faith. It has a connection to the voice of the old ones, these old gods like The Green Man; and in that there is a sense of enduring power and accomplishment once the set-backs are overcome.

2 Apple

Quert: Quert or Apple is the card that represents choice, it is in a manner of speaking a bit like the Wheel of Fortune, where you have to decide and then stick to it. It is also a card that has magical connections, such as the natural forming Pentacle or Pentagram in its centre or the ties that Apple have to Glastonbury and by extension Merlin. However it is also a card of Understanding and knowledge; the warning or caution here is not to waste the knowledge but to pass it along once it is understood.

3 Grove

Koad: Koad or Grove follows on from Apple, it picks up the message about knowledge and states that there is sacred knowledge that isn’t learnt in the traditional ways, this is knowledge that comes from the land, the collective and also from beyond that which we know as education. It is the knowledge that is hidden in plain sight and to learn it is to see beyond what is known and visible. This is a card that reveals itself in time and with patience.

4 Honeysuckle

Uilleand: Uilleand is the card of Truth; also known as Honeysuckle, the card much like the tree has many facets, Uilleand resonates at the vibration of Tao, you would not think that the two could be connected but they are. This card is about knowing truth from the inner perspective, in other words knowing truth without reason, logic or the need to explain. Tao is much like this, you know it and the truth of it without needing to add anything. It is recognising the false, the fake-news and those who do not have a good spirit, then using that recogition and finding the path, while remaining true at your core.

5 Reed

NgEtal: To bend like a Reed in the Wind is to have the strength from the Old Gods. It means adaptibility, and being able to discern your true path from one that appears true. It is a card of true unwavering purpose and knowing what you stand for as well as knowing what you mean. It is having the right skills at the right time for the right purpose and not looking back.

6 Heather

Ur: Heather or Ur is the card of duality, it represents the physical and spiritual worlds. As well as Ur, the card also has Uchelwydd, traditionally known as Mistletoe. The common bond between both Ur and Uchelwydd is fertility, the capactiy to heal all through this fertile connection between the physical and spiritual worlds, just look at Massage is all its form, as well as Reiki or Spritual Healing for examples of this in action. The card represents the dissolving of the veil, it means that there is no longer the need to keep the two separate and that to walk within both worlds is a blessing.

7 Elder

Ruis: There is always a reason why the 13th card is the most potent, this is very much like the world or death cards, in that it is both the end and start of the cycle. Ruis or Elder, is a card that represents The Unnamed Day on Dec 23rd as well as The Thirteenth Month, which is the three day period between Closing of the Wheel on Samhain, The Start of the Cycle on 1st November and the Birch Month that follows these. It represents the awareness from the cycle of the wheel, from birth into death and then rebirth, it is about severing the Dharma and Karmic ties from one wheel and standing ready to welcome the new Dharma and Karmic cycles that come as the Wheel turns.

8 Hazel

Coll: This is the Mystics Card, Coll represents Druidic Lore, Celtic and Pagan Traditions but it also represents in the wider scheme of things, it represents divination, oracular vision, and connection to the source. It represents not just a connection to the Land, but to all things both Earthly, Spiritual and Universal, when harnessed properly this is the card of potentency, creativity and in essence another form of fertility except this time it is of the soul as well as body.

9 Birch

Beith: Beith or Birch is the start of the cycle it is the newness or spring. It is about leaving that which is not for the highest or greatest good behind and firmly in the ground so that it can become something new. It is the right time to start or progress, which works well for the traditional start of the year but also works well at this time in the Celtic Calendar as well, since this is the time just after Yule but before Imbolc. It is a time for planning and cultivation so that when the time of fertility and sowing seeds for the harvest time arrives, I know what needs to be in place.

Well, this has been well worth the time and energy spent. I have learnt a fair bit about myself and also reinforced a lot of what I have been told through various sources. It all rings true and I particularly found The Celtic Tree Oracle to be very informative, it is one thing to be heard by the Tarot but it is quite another to be heard and witnessed by a deck that I have only just come into partnership with. Thanks for hopping with me and staying with this one. I am interested as always in any comments or observations that you have from reading this entry.

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Tarot Blog Hop – Pale Rider Jumping Over the Moon 14



TBHWelcome to the Tarot Blog Hop! If you have ‘hopped’ before, then let me briefly explain, for those of you that have, feel free to skip this bit: A hop is a group of unique and experienced people who write, blog or work with Tarot. We come together at a set times during the wheel of the year and the cat herder, juggler of strange people that keep imploding aka the Wrangler, will set the topic and those of us who partake end up insane, mostly because we’re composing, writing and posting down to the last second…


TBHI have just about recovered from Samhain, I think I have just about found all the bits of the juggled exploding people that took part and managed to put most of the pieces back together. So now it’s Ania M’s turn to juggle with cats, TNT and live eclectic eels. As this Blog Hop falls on the Solstice; Ania has posed a lovely thought-form for this last turn of the wheel in 2017…


As we approach the final festival of the calendar year, we prepare for a time of feasting and drinking. Whether you are observing Yule, the winter solstice, Christmas, any other holiday, or just being able to down tools for a few days, it is a time for celebration and also for anticipation and wishes. With this in mind and before you fling yourself headlong into the spirit of seasonal over-indulgence, take a moment to reflect on what this year has brought you and what you wish for the next year to bring. Which card(s) best represent or celebrate your past year and which best represent your wishes for the year ahead. You can either select the cards you think fit best, or draw them randomly and see what the Tarot thinks.


Pale Rider Jumping Over the Moon


Pale Rider, jumping over the moon is not only a reference to a song lyric but also to the tarot also. Pale rider, is Death in all her forms and the Moon, imagery I think is very important both textually and also visually, after all that is part of the appeal to the Tarot, we connect and resonate with the images. It is very much the same with the Oracle decks as well, although I sometimes like working with Ogham and Runes, where its the patterns, the symbols and the connection to the Ancestors that really shine through. However trying to scan and scry at the same time, is not always that easy…

TBHSo putting the Ogham, Runes Stones and Crystal Balls to the one side for now, I would normally reach out for the Energy Oracle, Mythic, Dragon or Rune Cards for doing an introspection type spread. However this time, I have chosen not to go with the familiar and ask The Golden Tarot and Kuan Yin Oracle for their perspective and in place of an astrological or calendar review, I am simply doing a variation on the Name spread, where it is my public persona (Jay) that I using as a focus.

The public persona spread has its basis from the name spread, which is a layout over 3 rows and 3 columns. The focus on the past, present and looking ahead. The cards are shuffled, split and then from the chose side, the name is then spelt out and depending on the name there can be a known by, given and last name or first, middle and last. Naturally there can be many variants on this theme, it purely depends on the questioner.

In this adaptation, only the public persona or known by name is needed. As I did the prep for this a fourth card fell out and wanted recognition, I gave this card the title of ‘X’ or the unknown factor. To add a bit of random chance to this, I literally laid the cards on the scanner and let the computer do its thing. The only time I saw the cards was the preview and now I have them scanned in order and laid out on my desk in that same order. This is the part where I take a look at what they have to offer me before I consult with the Kuan Yin Oracle for its insight.


Between Mind & Heart

TBHIt’s always interesting to me when the cards elect to show me sides that I had not really taken into consideration or thought about on any deep levels. The Seven of Coins, in this particular deck is flagging up how introspective this year has actually been, and it’s also shown me the road that I have been on and the fact that I have not been alone on this quest I guess you could call it. The red sheet is very striking in that I have been in the introspection not looking at all aspects, in other words while I have been digging deep, I should have stopped to take stock on the surroundings and appreciated just how far I have come.

TBHEvery time The Tower appears for me I am reminded of “The path of excess, leads to The Tower of wisdom” for me The Tower represents what happens when I get into my head space and forget to ‘land’ and this resonates because for a time I literally was trapped within the head-space, however wisdom taught me the value of living in the body and being in the now. I see what is happening around me and that in many ways chaos is reigning but I have chosen not to allow its affects to cross the threshold of this land I am on.

The Tower now is representing all the ripples around me and it represents the ability I have to stay calm in the chaos and act as an anchor for those that are going through a process. Have I perfected this, of course not! It is an ongoing and every changing learning curve where one size doesn’t fit all. I find now that my ivory tower is stones on the ground, those stones are ever casting new directions and pathways, strangely I have a lot to thank the tower for.

TBHIt truly is a blessing to see the Queen of Cups sitting here, as this card represents all the good and positive, I very much recognise who this card is representing. It is the card of my family, as despite his height; hubby like mother are both loyal and have a dignity that really is amazing. I find that family is my home, my strength but also doesn’t define or limit me, they inspire me to be better and do more because they support me, just as much as the land and the universe support me.

What do these cards; The Seven of Coins, The Tower and Queen of Cups show me collectively? Well interestingly enough they show the pathway of this year, from success and introspection, to tough choices and the wisdom that has come from them and into the support and compassion to know that everything is as it should be at this moment. A true blessing of the cards in many ways and now to see what the unknown element or ‘X’ has to show me.

TBHAh what is not to love about The Empress, she is speaking volumes about the future, the birthing of my next phase at the coming spring of 2018, reaching my peaking and being able to know myself, what I am able to do and also support myself and others through the knowledge, her crown speaks of knowledge and trusting in the source. The vulnerability of the small babe in her arms, the innocence and sometimes nakedness of the souls I will be in service to as just as vulnerable as a babe. It is embracing without fear the perfectly imperfect nature of my work and acceptance of where this leads.


T.N.T for the Brain…

TBHAs I conclude I am looking to the Kuan Yin Oracle, the downside in some ways to this deck is that the writing and wisdom is in a book rather than on the card itself, which I would have liked but it makes using them delightful as well because, it requires listening to the inner sage and its wisdom, so lets see what they have to say… How I am working with these is to just simply fan spread them with just a brief shuffle since they are brand new and in order. I am interested to see where my eye is drawn to.

TBHShining Lotus, is a very rich card just in its beauty alone. However as I look at the card with all my senses its not only rich in its beauty but also its elegance. It speaks of my work doing Tai Chi & Qi Gong, not only for myself but also with others as well. It tells me not to worry and to just be in acceptance of the gifts I am learning and will share as well through this, both spiritual and also physical as well. Her face his truly serene and graceful, just like Tai Chi & Qi Gong are. The form in which she sits but also moves, just speaks of simple elegance and being.

Maybe in some wyrd way I have adopted the role of the pale rider, and witnessing my journey of this wheel has only been possible by jumping over the moon. Then again maybe it is only a reference to a song lyric, I will let you be the your own Judgement card on that one. However the one thing that is a definite at this point is you’ve reached the end of this entry for the Tarot Blog Hop. It has been a pleasure to take you on this journey, if you feel like it please leave me a comment. Until the next time, may you enjoy the rest of your journey through the hop.




Tarot Blog Hop – Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi! 6



TBHWelcome to the Tarot Blog Hop! If you have ‘hopped’ before, then let me briefly explain, for those of you that have, feel free to skip this bit: A hop is a group of unique and experienced people who write, blog or work with Tarot. We come together at a set times during the wheel of the year and the cat herder, juggler of strange people that keep imploding aka the Wrangler, will set the topic and those of us who partake end up insane, mostly because we’re composing, writing and posting down to the last second…


TBHThis month I have been let loose as the Cat Juggler and Head wrangler for this months Tarot Blog Hop! For The Samhain Tarot Blog Hop (2017) I gave it the name “Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi! (The King is Dead, Long Live The King): Birth, Death & Rebirth” It is a follow on from last year’s Ancestors Post from the Samhain Blog Hop set by Louise Underhill. Another Year has reached its conclusion and collectively as well as individually we’ve experienced change. Through these changes, we’ve received many gifts from our Lineage. For this year’s Samhain Hop, I am interested to find out where individually and collectively we are at the end of this cycle. My suggestions were to use either a single card or a three card spread from a chosen deck and ask – What do the cards tell you about where this cycle has lead you, Where have you been? and also to look at What they tell about where you are headed, aka Where are you going? but also I posed the question What do you feel has changed for you at the end of this cycle along your journey of life?


TBHI decided to handle each question separately, for looking a head I used an equal house spread, commonly found in astrology and the deck I used for this was The Hermetic Tarot (pictured), which will be interesting for me because I have not actually used them for any readings, I am hopeful that the cards are going to be easy to work with and if so then I may consider taking them with me to any events or work with them when I have clients.


TBHAs for the other questions, I decided that I would like to work with the Tarot De Los Angels; this is another new deck for me and very reminiscent of how I started working with Tarot; the deck is Spanish from what I recognise of the words, my very first deck was French, so I ended up learning how to read cards differently because of the difference in language, so again I am looking forward to finding out how this will work out for me.


TBHOkay so let’s get started shall we; you know I had a completely different opening planned, it was going to a bit dark and filled with mystery. Descriptive scene setting, both textually and also here in real life because of it being Samhain / All Souls Night, however by time I go home, got the Munster booted up and the site logged into, I completely forgot how I was going to set it up for you… In saying that knowing me, I will write this, post it and then remember how it was going to be done… Anyway enough banter (such as it is), let’s take a look shall we… This post will be set out a little differently and is picture intensive, so it might take a moment longer to load on some devices.


TBHThe Equal House is one of the more common ways used in Astrology, many astrological programs and courses use this method. When I utilise this in Tarot, I tend to stick with the meanings that I have come to understand from when I did my Astrology diploma. The clock is not read in the same way as it is for telling time, the first house is where the 9 would be on the clock and then you work anti-clock wise, so where 8 would be becomes the second house, don’t worry if you are starting to feel an Ow that hurts my head coming on, I have an example below that should hopefully make things a bit more clearer…


TBHThe meanings for the houses are as follows…















TBHThe astrological or calendar spread is split, so the first six houses to one picture and the following six into the following picture. This spread is focusing on the question: What they tell about where you are headed, aka Where are you going?


First House (The Ascendant): LIFE, HEALTH, THE MAIN ISSUE. THE PERSON THE READING IS FOR. – The Moon this is the card of emotions both seen and unseen. A great deal happening under the surface, one pillar of the Two towers dealing with the now, and the other dealing with that which has yet to unfold. The wings of the lady-bug have unfolded but there is no flight as yet. Therefore while Life and Health remain in constant change, there is an inner strength there. The Gods of Fate are facing each other which suggests that in terms of divinity, it is time for flight and in terms of me (the person that the reading is for) it suggests that this is the right time to start looking ahead.

Second House: MONEY, PROPERTY, PERSONAL WORTH.The Chariot An interesting place for this card to fall, because it suggests that there is a sense of quick money, if it is needed then intention can sometimes be enough to bring it in. However the stumbling block with this one is that The Chariot, particularly here is trying to encourage self belief and confidence in the area of Self worth and there is a great sense of work in progress with this one. Also a sense of needing a place of stability to work as well.

Third House: BROTHERS, SISTERS, NEWS, SHORT JOURNEYS. The Princess of Cups Now this is curious, lots happening here; there is a sense that in terms of news there is an oppertunity but it requires the self belief and also not to be crude but showing up and stepping up as well, this gives the impression of being still in this year. It requires bravery as well in many respects.

Fourth House: FATHER, LAND, PROPERTY,INHERITANCE, THE GRAVE, THE END OF THE MATTER. The Six of Pentacles This is quite a subdued card, but then given this time of year and in the house of the Father, it is expected. However there is a success in this area to, so where there are cycles coming to their end this is the time for them but it is also a time for limited prosperity and success, so small ventures and small ideas can be beneficial at this time.

Fifth House: CHILDREN, PLEASURE, FEASTS, SPECULATION. Fortitude This is in a strong position, it shows that trusting the instincts and following them through is not a bad thing. There is a need for being strong with this card as well, but also doing and being apart of activities that are fun and enjoyable are needed, these things reminds us we are human beings, not just a human doing.


TBHTh is the second part of the astrological or calendar spread is split, it is the last six houses in this picture. This spread is focusing on the question: What they tell about where you are headed, aka Where are you going?


Sixth House: WORKERS, SICKNESS, UNCLES & AUNTS, PETS, SMALL ANIMALS. THOSE WHO WORK FOR US. Hierophant This card is very much about being the one to pass on his knowledge, and in the sixth house it very much represents the teacher/learner relationship. It is very much a time for considering passing on what is known.

Seventh House: LOVE, MARRIAGE, HUSBAND, WIFE, PARTNERS, ASSOCIATIONS, LAWSUITS, LEGAL MATTERS. Justice This is about the balance in this area, the balance struck in love becoming stronger, the balance and justice being done in terms of legal matters and also dealing with matters that are important legally, this is very much a strong card for getting it right.

Eighth House: DEATHS, WILLS, LEGACIES, PAIN, ANXIETY, DOUBTS. Hanged Man This holding oneself in check and being responsible for every sneeze that is made needs to reach its end, this needs a conclusion otherwise the cycle will just repeat itself. The hanged man in this instance is pretty much saying stop waiting for a sign, you already have it.

Ninth House: LONG JOURNEYS, VOYAGES, SCIENCE, RELIGION, ART, VISIONS, DIVINATIONS, OCCULT AND SPIRITUAL MATTERS AND DEVELOPMENT. The Magician Talk about cycles are synchronicity, this is just the perfect card for this house, bringing it all together, and co-creating the realities that are needed for this coming year. It is quite literally time to pull everything together and own it. The work, the deep stuff is important for 2018 and onwards. This will be the right time and the right avenue.

Tenth House: MOTHER, RANK OR SOCIAL STANDING, HONOUR, TRADE OR PROFESSION, AUTHORITY, EMPLOYMENT, THOSE WE WORK FOR. GENERAL WORLDLY POSITION. The Knight of Wands Oy Vey, talk about putting the stamp on things! In this position really watch how things are said and done,
True knowing your stuff is one thing but to coin a phrase don’t get cocky and watch the mouth, this knight is on a mission and isn’t really taking any prisoners. More can be accomplished by kindness and understanding than championing without thought.

Eleventh House: FRIENDS, HOPES, WISHES. AMBITIONS, TARGETS. Lovers This is the right card for showing the compassion that resonates from this house. It is very much about creation of connections as the year unfolds. There are new friends, professionals and understanding of how people are and can be coming in at this house. There is a love here but it is of a healing kind.

Twelfth House: SORROWS, FEARS, PUNISHMENTS, HIDDEN ENEMIES, OR OBSTRUCTIONS, INSTITUTIONS, ADMINISTRATION, PUBLIC OFFICES OR DEPARTMENTS, RESTRICTIONS, RULES & REGULATIONS. The Sun The Sun is very much bringing light into the things that need cleared in this house, any unresolved issues, anything that needs to be tidied up or sorted out in relation to this house, is coming in to be cleared it is another one where a stamp is being made in the positive.


TBHThis three card spread is focusing on the question: What do the cards tell you about where this cycle has lead you, Where have you been?


Interesting how the male and female cards are the ones that came out as well as the star. These are very much about my embodiment and understanding of sexuality. Recently I have come to see that I am both male and female, in essence somewhere between asexual and androgyny, perhaps both. I also recognised that I am basically a Star being having a human lifetime, so these three cards are echoing the confirmation of this journey and saying that the virtues that I have and the progress I am making and have made really have been amazing.


TBHThis one card spread is focusing on the question:What do you feel has changed for you at the end of this cycle along your journey of life?


Funny how it is The Moon that concludes this hop, this is the card that described my emotions and the insights that I have been in receivership of and what a gift this has been, this cycle reflected by the card is saying that emotionally I have expanded and that now I am both a deeper person, stronger in what I see as my gifts and also expanded in the recognition of my own divinity and female side as well as male side. I am more the person I have long wanted to be, and I am so looking forward to this next cycle.


All that is left is to say thank you for taking the time to read this, I don’t know if I will take these decks on the road with me, they are intense and different but it has been awesome working with them on this hop. I would love to hear back from you, so please leave me a comment before you move on to the next person.



Tarot Blog Hop – Samhain 2017 Master List

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Welcome to the Tarot Blog Hop;


My name is Jay Cassels and I am your Wrangler and Cat Herder Extraordinaire for the hop. This is the Master List or the “Don’t Panic” of The Tarot Reader’s Guide to the Blog Hop… In other words it’s a good place to come back to if you end up getting lost when you’re reading the blogs; the order has been created from the sign up list on the Facebook Group (if that is how you arrived here).


If you are new to the Blog Hop Scene and are a member of the group there is an amazing FAQ guide on the group that explains the whole concept so it is worthwhile finding that post/document and having a read. Okay so below this passage of text you will find the shuffled list and both above as below (a nod to all the witches, pagans and heathens out there) you will find the links to the blogs.


As this is the master list, the next blog link will start you at the first blog and as you may have guessed the Previous link takes you to the last blog on the shuffled list.


If you spot any issues with this master list, I would ask you to highlight them in the Facebook Group, as you ride the wave and take a trip through each of the fantastic bloggers and their insights on offer this month, don’t forget to leave a comment, where possible and if you like what you see then why not spread the word so that others can engage with what you have seen.


May your towel be as fresh as your underwear…

Jay Cassels


Samhain 2017 Tarot Hop Blog List


Just as a reminder, the topic in the Facebook Group; Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi! (The King is Dead, Long Live The King)… Birth, Death and Re-birth; Following on from Last year’s Ancestors Post from the Samhain Blog Hop set by Louise Underhill. Another Year has reached its conclusion and collectively as well as individually we’ve experienced change. Through these changes, we’ve received many gifts from our Lineage.


For this year’s Samhain Hop, I am interested to find out where you are at the end of this cycle. Using either a single card or a three card spread from your chosen deck, what do the cards tell you about where this cycle has lead you, in other words where have you been? what do they tell you about where you are headed, in other words what is next for you? – What do you feel has changed for you at the end of this cycle along your journey of life?


Shuffled List

1. Morgan Drake Eckstein | Death so Much Death, Where Can I Order

2. Joy Vernon | http://joyvernon.com/Blog/le-roi-est-xiii/

3. Hannah Berg | Tarot Blog Hop: Midfallsamhain

4. Alison Coals | Samhuinn 2017: Birth

5. Lore M | Birth Death and Rebirth

6. Arwen Lynch | Handbaskets

7. Jay Cassels | Tarot Blog Hop – Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!

8. Boglarka Kiss | Tarot Blog Hop: Samhainmidfall 2017

9. Benebell Wen | https://wp.me/p32or0-2J1

10. Katalin Patnaik | https://katalinpatnaik.wordpress.com/?p=1958

11.. Joanne Sprott | life cycle retrospective samhain tarot-blog-hop

12. Melissa Halstead |http://www.writersoracle.com/2017/10/in-the-shadows-of-samhain/

13. Jenn Waltner | http://phoenix-lotus.com/2017-samhain-tbh/


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Tarot Blog Hop – A Different Kind of Journey… 13



TBHWelcome to the Tarot Blog Hop! If you have ‘hopped’ before, then let me briefly explain, for those of you that have, feel free to skip this bit: A hop is a group of unique and experienced people who write, blog or work with Tarot. We come together at a set times during the wheel of the year and the cat herder, juggler of strange people that keep imploding aka the Wrangler, will set the topic and those of us who partake end up insane, mostly because we’re  composing, writing and posting down to the last second…


TBHKiss Boglárka, came up with a different theme for this month; TAROT Characters and Sacred Cooking OR TAROT Characters and Mabon Beauty Products, now this for me is not a strong point, yes I cook and yes I do have an admiration for beauty but I have never really taken too much of an active interest to be able to blog or discuss either of them at length,
so rather than attempt to do it, I came up with an alternative way into this topic.


TBHWhen learning anything new, we look at the book, so in cookery we’re following a pre-planned instruction set, until we get used to it and then improvise. Likewise is beauty, we follow the guide of the person who sold us the product or watch online videos; and it is the same when we learn to work with an unfamiliar deck author. True most cards end up meaning the same anyway regardless of the name, but its the language of the deck and its energy when we work with it that we kind of need to understand.


TBHThis notion of energy and learning the language of the deck, occurred this week while during a reading, I came up against XX – Karma, which is in The Witches Tarot, this takes the place of XX – Judgement from decks like the Rider-Waite. After the reading was completed, I sat with this idea for a bit, was this like a pre-planned instruction, was it the same as someone giving you the guide on how to apply the ideology of Judgement but giving it another name, or was this more like an improvisation, where someone has improved on the original design? It certain felt curious the more I sat with this.


TBHRecently I picked up a cross-genre deck, by that I mean it services two purposes; the first is a tie-in to a table top war game and the second as a stand alone Tarot deck. It is called the Tarot of Loka, by Riverhorse Games and by all accounts it is fascinating to learn the language from a Cartomancy point of view. It speaks in such a complex but simple language, about different aspects but as yet I am not sure whether there is a functional use, much like the Dishonoured deck, pretty, interesting but very insular and unfriendly for reading with.


TBHOddly it makes me think of the I-Ching, one of the most complex but yet accurate divintation tool around, like Runes, it is a system unto itself, and learning that system can be slow going and sometimes just when you are ready to quit, it makes itself known, almost like it is testing you. In many ways again a bit like trial and error with cookery and beauty, only by working, trying and testing do you know what is good and what is not.


Thank you for the company as I have taken you through a somewhat different avenue for this months Tarot Blog Hop, next month is the Samhain Hop, which will mean that I am taking the wrangling reins, so plenty of time to start thinking (or fleeing).




Tarot Blog Hop – Dekas, Decadence & Respect… 16

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Welcome to the Lughnasadh Tarot Blog Hop! If you haven’t ‘hopped’ with me before, then welcome and if you have then welcome back… Let me briefly explain how I view a Blog Hop: It is a meeting of the minds, where a talented group of unique and experienced people, write/blog and typically work with tarot as part of their everyday lives. We come together at a set time and the wrangler, cat herder and juggler of unusual objects that keep exploding, sets the topic, which the rest of us end up insanely writing about at the last second…



This is quite a huge one for me, as I begin the Dekas worth of blog posts with the Tarot Blog Hop, which for me is a huge deal. 10 postsTen freakin’ posts under my belt… I don’t even want to consider just how many words that is in total. Believe it or not I have actually written this intro on the eve of my ninth post for the hop. I find the last half hour no matter where in the day it falls, to be the worst, it’s like time/Kronos deliberately decides to slow things right down around me out of spite.


This blog hop is between Midsummer and Lughnasadh; which is the start if the Harvest season, and also a time to start connecting with our Ancestral Roots and indeed the Routes that our Ancestors would have taken when it came to divination, since they would not have been able to spend money on buying decks like we can…


Our Cat Herder extraordinaire Morgan Drake Eckstein, posed us this tickler for the hop: “How do you show respect to the Tarot and what things have you learned not to do… We all have stories about this subject.


I think the part that stood out the most wasn’t so much the ritual or the cleansing, but the respect. It might seem like a side-step but humour me for a moment; I am just back two days from an amazing escape from daily life holiday with hubby. We didn’t go that far, but it was far enough from the door for us to just breathe, relax and have an amazing time. During the holiday I encountered quite a few interesting things, first was how it took a little while to make friends with the land; I have often found it strange crossing borders from one district into another, but to cross from Scotland into England, well it was a challenge to begin with, as the land kept wanting to know who I was and why I was ‘invading’ it, which I wasn’t but I could see from its perspective how I might be.


However after a few miles I became friends with the land, and it was a great help later on. A couple of really interesting things happened on this holiday, I discovered and caught on film a few ghostly encounters and I had a fascinating conversation in the Jacuzzi on a similar line to the theme of this hop, Respect – I did ask you to humour me for a moment


For me respect is in everything, from divination to discussions and making friends with the land. It is why I find the whole art form awkward, when it comes to working with it professionally; over time I have always wondered why I get so nervous or reticent about working with the cards and this year I finally started to put the whole thing together… – Again humour me here as I take a little side step for a moment – This may have been mentioned before in one of the ten posts that I have written on the hops, but I am a collector of Tarot, I find the unusual, rare, neglected, new or old cards and give them a home. To date I have over 100 decks. It is considerable more once you allow for the Oracle or other divination systems like Runes, Ogham and Geomancy decks. I always seem to find a place for a deck in my room, as if the room just adjusts itself to accommodate a new resident. Each new arrival is made welcome and made to feel apart of the family, in other words I give it Respect. – These side steps always end up going somewhere


Over this year I have started to get a sense about why I like the tarot so much but why I find working with it, and also with people very awkward. It is because I have what I have come to realise is prescient vision, which is to say that a person’s life-story or their dharma unfolds before me as we sit across from each other. It can be hard as I what I see may not exactly marry up with how they perceive their life to be, however both versions end up being the same; now I am fairly certain that for some, reaching this point in the entry you’re reaching that, where is this going? and What has this to do with the topic for this month’s hop?


If you have then it really is your first time as most that read my entries know to just go with it, as these loose ends are all tied up eventually. The main reason that I have cards in front of me is to stop clients feeling under the microscope, they act as a mirror but also a tool to stop folks from feeling nervous as they’re worlds, lives and choices become known to me, as that is what prescience really is the knowledge and knowing others choices before they make them and yes to help them at times decide to make better ones, but it is always personal choice and the freedom to make that choice. Otherwise its no choice and they are following my path for them and not their own.


That is after all what respect means, right? To allow others the freedom to make their own choices. I find that showing a client the alternatives, the different choices and how these could affect their dharma or their life-story is better than the idea of a set in stone prediction. Yes! I am aware of how magnanimous/egotistical and self-serving this all sounds, it’s not actually meant to come across that way at all. It’s just not easy to put into words how I view the art of divination, because it’s more than art, it is my way of life, to simply be and realise that every outcome is the perfect outcome good or bad, and that either outcome is both a blessing and a lesson is not something that has the right words.


I think because it is my life and it runs in at least one side of the family that I have come to give not only the cards but the spirits, the essence of Tarot itself and the ancestral history that flows through the youngest and oldest decks that I own but also are out there in the world itself the respect that it is truly deserved. However it is also a lost art form because as this world progresses the nuances and finer subtleties such as the Major Arcana story, or the meaning behind “The Path of Excess, leads to the Tower of Wisdom” are becoming lost to time itself.


I also find myself pondering on what will become of the Tarot as time progresses? Will others continue on the legacy or will it stop or fade out because the internet and mobile phone craze will continue to explode exponentially, will it be that cards on paper/card will be replaced with cards on things the size of a mobile phone and the image will be generated randomly as these things are placed flat on a surface, should the concept of a flat surface still be around… Since respect is going the way of Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 and Millennium (not to mention 98, 95, 3.11 and 3) that being non existent, will respect for something that has roots as far back as Babylon and before go the same way? If being 30 is now seen as ‘the old days’ for teenagers of today, then what does that say for a system that is older?


Naturally it can’t all be bad, can it? There is a chance for the Tarot, which can be considered a historical archive that charts the history of mankind’s travel across the globe as well as the sociological and cultural changes that have shaped the story of the Tarot itself before consumerism and profit turned them into something for purchase in bookshops and alike, instead of in occultist and magical shops where they belong. What of the other systems like the Ogam that saved lives during the Witch trials or Runes that are and were a language over and above a divination system, what of them?


It is bizarre, everytime I try to find a positive or good place to end this entry, it is tinged with this overhanging or impending sense of uncertainty, it is possibly a tell on where the world is at the moment, with so many threads just hanging loose, and we don’t ever seem to get a definite answer or conclusion to events unfolding in our countries because mostly everything seems or has the allusion of being so immediate. Again it comes back round to this idea of respect, if we aren’t given respect then how can we appreciate it?


I guess that is the whole idea that has been so baffling of late, I act with respect in everything that I do, and more so with the Tarot, I give the cards, their legacy, history and the collective ancestry that gave them being to start with, nothing but respect. Each deck has its own unique and individual personality, they are not just a set of 78 cards printed on paper or soft-card, they’ve got an essence of their own that awakens as soon as they are in the possession of the person buying them. Whether they are in that owners possession a short time or not, they asked that person to rescue them from the shop shelf, and if they aren’t given the respect, those cards will move on or simply vanish (speaking from personal experience here). That it the important thing to remember, the cards select their owner, not the other way about… Well look at that, a good place to end this.


Well thanks for taking time to read through this, and who knows maybe I will see you on the next round…

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Tarot Blog Hop – Dance of Erdgeist 8

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Welcome to the Litha Tarot Blog Hop! If you haven’t ‘hopped’ with me before, then welcome and if you have then welcome back… Let me briefly explain how I view a Blog Hop: It is a meeting of the minds, where a talented group of unique and experienced people, write/blog and typically work with tarot as part of their everyday lives. We come together at a set time and the wrangler, cat herder and juggler of unusual objects that keep exploding, sets the topic, which the rest of us end up insanely writing about at the last second…



Aisling (Our Wrangler) suggested:  “… the Oak King and the Holly King are two aspects of the same being, so we will use our Tarot cards to explore and explain the duality of our own natures. Who, indeed, is your “other Self”, your “Tanist”? How is it that you are, actually, of “two minds”?”




I love the union of opposites and it was an odd sensation when it dawned on me that I could not find this within the Tarot, but as I pondered on this and considered the many reasons why this would be, I discovered that really the card that I have a connection to within any deck, doesn’t really have a unity… 

When looking at the deck, really any deck since they follow the same Rider-Waite principles; there are many dualities within it, High Priest and High Priestess, Emperor and Empress, Magician and Star (since both have their innocence to some degree). However The Hermit nor Death really have their dualities, well not that I can see.




However as soon as I took myself outside of the scope and looked into the I Ching and Tao, there it was; my Yin/Yang and my non-duality, which is really how I view The Hermit, he is my Green Man or Oak & Holly Kings. Yes there is duality there but it is non-conformist. I mean come off it, I’m just about ever a-whatever you can name; asexual, apolitical, thankfully not amoral, or atheist (okay last one was a bit of a non a-ism).


The point being, The Hermit represents non-duality; a bit like Death; which I will get to in a second. The Hermit creates himself and then re-creates his self as needed; he’s both Master or Sensei, Master Magician or Healer; Shinto Priest and Taoist, the unity of Perfect and Non-Perfect. He is also an aspect of Nature, in that there is a constant flux and yet steadfast predictability as well.



D Link

If you managed to stay with this then, brilliant it is my hope that you are still remaining open to what is being said, after all I get that when I am doing these blog hops, I am not exactly conventional in my approach to Tarot, but then I had to develop my own ways of understanding, as did we all I guess. It’s very much in-line with how we view Death, which it my other duality / non-duality card although not one that I go looking for.


It if anything normally comes and finds me; my relationship with the Tarot in a way self created my connection to the Spirit & Angelic Realms. If I hadn’t become interested in Tarot, I would not have developed my connections but likewise without my connections guiding me I would never have found my way to the Tarot, so therefore I find that my connection to Spirit as well as now the Land, I find that any major shifts I will sense and further to that I am aware of them on the other-side as they transition to the next stages in life. Hence my saying I don’t need to look for it, as it normally finds me, because in order to do the work I do, I need to ‘Step into Death’ or ‘Step into Love’ when I am working with the Angelic side.




All through this I have been looking at both sides, duality and non-duality, the yin/yang union of opposites. Tarot in itself as a deck and a divination method does have its own duality, each card has a upside and a reverse, should we decide to recognise it or not. I don’t, for me, I find that the cards can have the same meaning either way depending on what is around it but I will pay recognition to the reverse and tell my client so, as it is a challenge they are either facing or have faced.



I guess it depends on you whether you take stock in the reverse meaning or not, we’re all individuals in that sense, which is why no two readings are ever the same, which is duality and non-duality at work again. There can be similar things appearing, same narratives and driving forces but how each reader sees, understands and conveys them, well that is where Taoist see perfection, Shinto sees Divinity and where Duality and Non-Duality meet within the Union of Opposites.


Thank you for stopping by, please do leave me some feedback, even if it is just hello. Do visit the other blogs in this hop, via the links and I may see you in the next hop.



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Tarot Blog Hop – Keeping it Simple… 10

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Welcome to the Beltane Tarot Blog Hop! If you haven’t ‘hopped’ with me before, then hello and if you have then you can skip this bit and head on down to the next paragraph… Okay let me briefly explain: A hop is a group of unique and experienced people who write, blog or work with tarot as part of their everyday lives. We come together at a set time and the wrangler, cat herder and juggler of unusual objects that keep exploding, sets the topic, which the rest of us end up insanely writing about at the last second…


Arwen Lynch Poe (Wrangler):  Since Beltane is a holiday of coming together, I thought it would be fun to answer this question: “Do you combine Tarot with any other divination system? Why or why not?”


It is a day for really keeping it simple. hot off the heels of my anniversary where we birthed a Stag and Horse drum with Hubby. I was lucky to be granted the chance of travelling to the otherworlds, had some of the most intense processes and then add to that the mad ways of how amazingly hard it was to get there and then amazingly simple it was to get home… Its taught me a great deal. Taught me about divination in the most straightforward of ways imaginable, nature knows!


Not just outside nature but also inside nature, human nature; one of the most complex structures ever known to exist is the nature of our own self. Yet feeling my way through this was really interesting because I was not only feeling my way but full fledged five natural senses and then the five psychic senses on top sensing my way through this. Now by this point you’ll be trying to work out what the hell all this has to do with Tarot and this hop…


Simples really, no matter how you wrap it up in words and place a bow on it, your working with all the senses; even the ones you haven’t figured out yet. You don’t just a read a person by their cards, you read that person the cards are an extension of that person, you are apart of that reading as well, because they are your cards. You see the mirrors and the reflections, you see what they don’t because you are the reader after all.


To extend out and use another divination tool on top is just another layer, another chapter of that client’s story; be it oracle, runes, be it a star chart or their hand, be it a crystal ball or someone from the the higher side walking forward it is another chapter, another layer peeled away to show you their core. Tarot is simple, its 78 pieces of a jigsaw, 78 depictions of life, 78 single pages but when put together, when weaved and shuffled, those 78 simple, jigsaw, pages and depictions, they’re no longer simple.


They are the weave of life, the clients life and answering their questions, finding their answers and reading their soul and giving them the truths they’re sometimes not ready for… well that is anything but simple….


Thanks for stopping by xx


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Tarot Blog Hop – Questioning Time 11

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As Time Goes By…


Okay let’s do the customary introductions first… Joy Vernon of Completely Joyous inspired this month, which in a nutshell is the relationship between Magic (or Magik) and Tarot. This is a challenge for me but instead of running or opting out of from the challenge I have decided to take it onboard and feel my way through it from my own unique vantage point.


If you haven’t ‘hopped’ with me before, then welcome; let me briefly explain about this: A hop is a group of unique and experienced people who write, blog or work with tarot as part of their every day lives. We come together at a set time and the wrangler, cat herder and juggler of unusually pointy objects that keep exploding, sets the topic, which the rest of us end up insanely writing about at the last second. This time (and probably wisely done) I am the last, so you’ll end up at the start again when you use the Next Blog at the top or bottom of this post…


This topic presents a rather interesting challenge, one that I am not even sure I can fully explore; I really don’t see the Tarot as most do, I rarely pay attention to the conventions, the wyrd or even the astrological, mythological or alchemical elements to the tarot; those are only useful if you have a connection or relationship to them already, through study or background. They can bog you down in the minutiae details, just as much as they can enhance the reading. What is the point in knowing you have an aires in the spread if the other person hasn’t a clue about astrology, or where would be the point in telling someone don’t get involved with a situation where you have someone that is very much a hero with a weakness like Achilles, when they’ve never read or studied mythology?


It’s not that these things aren’t relevant because they are, for the one giving the reading; using these references it allows us to explain that someone who has a very powerful but focused attention may not be the best person to be around, if you aren’t able to keep up with them and they’re not willing to see they’re own flaws. Just as its better to be careful when dealing with people in power or people that are only interested in stepping on others, because to show them your weakness, your soft point only makes you their next target.


My ability to ‘step into death’ was a phrase coined by for want of a better word, a mentor. When it was first used I realised that this is what happens when a medium like myself transcends the confines of fear. It’s okay to step into death and communicate with those that are on the other side of the this veil, I have been here before countless times in other lives and also a few times in this; so to stand in this place and welcome the love from the other side is a bit like magic, it gives those that I work with peace and proof. The tarot factors into this as well, because like stepping into death, I am able to become a mirror, able to sense who this person is and see it reflected within the card dealt by them.


The solutions then begin to present and unveil themselves, the more my client shows up. As the mirror I already know that this is what is happening because I feel it and reflect it. Again this is my magic and several moons ago now, I let go of lables. I let go of attempting to make sense of what this is. I have given it many names and none fit; Witch, Mage, Wiccan, Pagan and Celt, none of these fit. Mystic, Oracle, Medium, Clairvoyant; again none of them fit…


I wonder sometimes if I am maybe a Shaman, even though I have had no formal Shaman training; and this feels wrong because it is older than Shamanism, perhaps I should reconsider and consider this way of being Delphi’s Gift, a Celt/Pagan Oracle Wiseman; you see none of these fit, they are either too tight or too loose. Thing is maybe it doesn’t have a name or a title because where this comes from it didn’t need one, there wasn’t a need to give this a lable.


All I do know is that it extends beyond Tarot, gave birth to the concept of Medium, who it turn helped to nurture the Wytch, who then extended the family and adopted the odd Clairvoyant. It allows me to help, heal and bring home those that need to come home, but most of all it means that I get to show up every day and its never dull…

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Tarot Blog Hop – A Wrong Turn at Delphi… 18

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… That’s when you know it’s time surrender to the flow …


I keep thinking to myself, it’s fine; in fact it is perfect, everything will work out and here I am on the day of the blog hop and I am running late. Not intentionally though, its a technological thing (yet again)… I have this love/hate relationship with technology, when it works, it works amazingly and when it doesn’t… Well you’ve heard what happened to the dinosaurs.


Whether you are familiar with blog hopping, blogging or if you are just joining in for the first time, then welcome to the chaos that is my contribution to this month. A hop if you are not familiar with this; it is a group of writers and bloggers coming together on a singular subject and exploring it from their point of view; we then link to one anothers blog (albeit earlier than originally planned) and thus the hop is birthed (prematurely and late birth for this one… wyrd huh?).


This was meant to be about the Aces, but I swear the Oh Gods of Technology and the Delphi Oracles, have other plans for this one, and yet even as I sit here and allow the flow to just take over, I get the sense of the Aces playing their part. However they’re not playing an active role in this, they’re on the side lines so to speak, sheltered by everything else. The rest of the suits and the major cards as well are forefront again playing the part of the protector.


When you have the Aces present, what do they make you think about, for me the directions and the quarters. Now here is where it all goes chaotic, which one belongs where? For me Wood burns, therefore The Ace of Clubs would be Fire, A Sword cuts Air, therefore for the Ace of Swords would be Air, Pentacles, are metallic and made of earthly materials and so the Ace of Pentacles (Coins in some decks) would be Earth, leaving the Cups, holding water so therefore the Ace of Cups would be Water.


I would argue that this makes absolute perfect sense, I would say that my understanding is right; but then I would. It can be argued that Swords represent Fire, Batons/Clubs represent Air and the other two would be fine as they are, but then this argument would be right, I would be wrong and so would my understanding, but then it would be right… and so would I. It depends on how you came into Tarot, it depends on where you learnt those skills; neither one is wrong, just as neither one is absolutely right.


Recently there has been a spate of click-bate, misinformation, fake-news and ‘alternative facts’ it’s about separation and fear; it’s about who controls who, and it’s about placing us where others feel we need to be placed and ultimately it comes down to power. I have tried several times to ride the currents of the collective and get a sense of where things are going but I swear I keep taking a wrong turn at Delphi, I keep sensing the Ten’s of each Suit, doing a Wheel of Fortuna and sending me back to the start again.


That’s when I started to realise that I just need to stop, it’s when you start ending up back at where you started that you know its time to surrender to the flow. Simply let the eddies and the current take you where is needed, not where is wanted. It’s the only way to be…


So yeah this has been my blog hop experience, don’t forget to leave me a comment (even if it does say about time or better later than never)…


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