Tarot Blog Hop – Questioning Time 11

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As Time Goes By…


Okay let’s do the customary introductions first… Joy Vernon of Completely Joyous inspired this month, which in a nutshell is the relationship between Magic (or Magik) and Tarot. This is a challenge for me but instead of running or opting out of from the challenge I have decided to take it onboard and feel my way through it from my own unique vantage point.


If you haven’t ‘hopped’ with me before, then welcome; let me briefly explain about this: A hop is a group of unique and experienced people who write, blog or work with tarot as part of their every day lives. We come together at a set time and the wrangler, cat herder and juggler of unusually pointy objects that keep exploding, sets the topic, which the rest of us end up insanely writing about at the last second. This time (and probably wisely done) I am the last, so you’ll end up at the start again when you use the Next Blog at the top or bottom of this post…


This topic presents a rather interesting challenge, one that I am not even sure I can fully explore; I really don’t see the Tarot as most do, I rarely pay attention to the conventions, the wyrd or even the astrological, mythological or alchemical elements to the tarot; those are only useful if you have a connection or relationship to them already, through study or background. They can bog you down in the minutiae details, just as much as they can enhance the reading. What is the point in knowing you have an aires in the spread if the other person hasn’t a clue about astrology, or where would be the point in telling someone don’t get involved with a situation where you have someone that is very much a hero with a weakness like Achilles, when they’ve never read or studied mythology?


It’s not that these things aren’t relevant because they are, for the one giving the reading; using these references it allows us to explain that someone who has a very powerful but focused attention may not be the best person to be around, if you aren’t able to keep up with them and they’re not willing to see they’re own flaws. Just as its better to be careful when dealing with people in power or people that are only interested in stepping on others, because to show them your weakness, your soft point only makes you their next target.


My ability to ‘step into death’ was a phrase coined by for want of a better word, a mentor. When it was first used I realised that this is what happens when a medium like myself transcends the confines of fear. It’s okay to step into death and communicate with those that are on the other side of the this veil, I have been here before countless times in other lives and also a few times in this; so to stand in this place and welcome the love from the other side is a bit like magic, it gives those that I work with peace and proof. The tarot factors into this as well, because like stepping into death, I am able to become a mirror, able to sense who this person is and see it reflected within the card dealt by them.


The solutions then begin to present and unveil themselves, the more my client shows up. As the mirror I already know that this is what is happening because I feel it and reflect it. Again this is my magic and several moons ago now, I let go of lables. I let go of attempting to make sense of what this is. I have given it many names and none fit; Witch, Mage, Wiccan, Pagan and Celt, none of these fit. Mystic, Oracle, Medium, Clairvoyant; again none of them fit…


I wonder sometimes if I am maybe a Shaman, even though I have had no formal Shaman training; and this feels wrong because it is older than Shamanism, perhaps I should reconsider and consider this way of being Delphi’s Gift, a Celt/Pagan Oracle Wiseman; you see none of these fit, they are either too tight or too loose. Thing is maybe it doesn’t have a name or a title because where this comes from it didn’t need one, there wasn’t a need to give this a lable.


All I do know is that it extends beyond Tarot, gave birth to the concept of Medium, who it turn helped to nurture the Wytch, who then extended the family and adopted the odd Clairvoyant. It allows me to help, heal and bring home those that need to come home, but most of all it means that I get to show up every day and its never dull…

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Tarot Blog Hop – A Wrong Turn at Delphi… 18

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… That’s when you know it’s time surrender to the flow …


I keep thinking to myself, it’s fine; in fact it is perfect, everything will work out and here I am on the day of the blog hop and I am running late. Not intentionally though, its a technological thing (yet again)… I have this love/hate relationship with technology, when it works, it works amazingly and when it doesn’t… Well you’ve heard what happened to the dinosaurs.


Whether you are familiar with blog hopping, blogging or if you are just joining in for the first time, then welcome to the chaos that is my contribution to this month. A hop if you are not familiar with this; it is a group of writers and bloggers coming together on a singular subject and exploring it from their point of view; we then link to one anothers blog (albeit earlier than originally planned) and thus the hop is birthed (prematurely and late birth for this one… wyrd huh?).


This was meant to be about the Aces, but I swear the Oh Gods of Technology and the Delphi Oracles, have other plans for this one, and yet even as I sit here and allow the flow to just take over, I get the sense of the Aces playing their part. However they’re not playing an active role in this, they’re on the side lines so to speak, sheltered by everything else. The rest of the suits and the major cards as well are forefront again playing the part of the protector.


When you have the Aces present, what do they make you think about, for me the directions and the quarters. Now here is where it all goes chaotic, which one belongs where? For me Wood burns, therefore The Ace of Clubs would be Fire, A Sword cuts Air, therefore for the Ace of Swords would be Air, Pentacles, are metalic and made of earthly materials and so the Ace of Pentacles (Coins in some decks) would be Earth, leaving the Cups, holding water so therefore the Ace of Cups would be Water.


I would argue that this makes absolute perfect sense, I would say that my understanding is right; but then I would. It can be argued that Swords represent Fire, Batons/Clubs represent Air and the other two would be fine as they are, but then this argument would be right, I would be wrong and so would my understanding, but then it would be right… and so would I. It depends on how you came into Tarot, it depends on where you learnt those skills; neither one is wrong, just as neither one is absolutely right.


Recently there has been a spate of click-bate, misinformation, fake-news and ‘alternative facts’ it’s about seperation and fear; it’s about who controls who, and it’s about placing us where others feel we need to be placed and ultimately it comes down to power. I have tried several times to ride the currents of the collective and get a sense of where things are going but I swear I keep taking a wrong turn at Delphi, I keep sensing the Ten’s of each Suit, doing a Wheel of Fortuna and sending me back to the start again.


That’s when I started to realise that I just need to stop, it’s when you start ending up back at where you started that you know its time to surrender to the flow. Simply let the eddies and the current take you where is needed, not where is wanted. It’s the only way to be…


So yeah this has been my blog hop experience, don’t forget to leave me a comment (even if it does say about time or better later than never)…


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Movement of Light & Shadow – Tarot Blog Hop 8

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Welcome to the Tarot Blog Hop for December, this month is a little different for me; as I am having to work at the time it has gone live. Therefore I have done a Vblog or a Video Blog. It is a little unconventional I grant you, and it was ‘fun’ trying to put together, which believe me is a post all of its own on the peril and pearls that come from outdated technology.
Firstly huge shout out to each of the Wranglers for this year, Joanne Sprott, Louise Underhill, Arwen Lynch Poe, Aisling the Bard, Morgan Drake Eckstein, Karen Sealey, Ania Marczyk, Joy Vernon, and not forgetting myself in this as well. Now as you know the blog hop is a bit like a round robin or a wytches circle, in that there is no end and no real start either, simply a group of dedicated bloggers, writers and also Vbloggers, discussing tarot, oracle or runes cards as you’ll find in the video. There is a theme to the month and this one was thought up by Joanne Sprott.

Going back to the Dark Side, the Hidden Realm beneath the autumn leaves and the snow. It’s time to dig…


Well I hope that my entry has been of interest and you’ve managed to watch through it all, have a great hop and please feel free to leave me a comment in the positive, negative or neutral as every bit of feedback helps me and the likes of me to do more of the same (and different).


Walking with the Ancestors 16

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Welcome to the Samhain Tarot Blog Hop;


Hello, welcome, don’t stand there on ceremony or give me that critical eye thing; you should be familiar with my ways by now. Ah so your new to this that’s okay; honesty just put your deck down over there for a few, hang up your broom over there by the door and grab some left overs from last months Blog hop, they’re fresh out the time portal. Tonight is about honouring the ancestors after all its Samhain, All Hallows or Día de Muertos, if you happen to speak Spanish or come from Mexico.


This is my time of the year (except maybe for driving in the dark), there is a chill to the air, you know the snow or at the very least the frost and ice is about to start forming and let’s face it, the spooks and ghouls (oh and freaky fools) start to wake up. This time around I don’t have any plans that can go awry but I know that it’s important to follow this one through, because not only will it be relevant to the Blog Hop but I also sense that its going to be honest, revealing and mildly sentimental. So if its not you thing or you feel that you may end up doing a disservice to your ancestors and mine with you comments, then maybe best to just skip ahead.

WhoisMeet my family, this is dad, mum and me; hubby is the one taking the photo. Dad’s been with the ancestors now for going on five years. He was terminally ill with a progressively degenerative condition known as MSA (Multiple System Atrophy) and it was just all to do with when he was ready to let go and return home. My family was and still is awesome, a bit crazed at times, disjointed and touched or tainted (really depends on how you look at it). Dad in his own way was empathic and the other side (meaning mum’s), well I am convinced that my grandma coming from fishing folk (so I’m told) was a seer, she would do the tea leaf readings and the palms for folks but stopped when she witnessed/foresaw my aunt in an accident.

Thing is all that had to end up somewhere, so it chose me or rather I believe I chose it. All through my life cycle this time around it’s been in the background and then one day it decided to get acquainted with me and well since then it’s been nonstop. I will get to that, there is something that I need to deal with first…

I think what brought home this year to me was getting married, it changed and yet expanded my life in ways I really didn’t think was possible. Two words within a sentence and suddenly I have a whole new set of ancestors that I didn’t even know in my life, which is massively wyrd when you have a great uncle and a ancestral king from a family you’ve known a little bit about and now suddenly they want to tell you their story in dream-o-vision, complete with bloody murder and up close and personal madness.

WhoisHowever I have learnt to deal with death; both the card and the moment of death. You see I have felt the passing and witnessed the passing of more than one member of the family line, it’s odd because the sense of peace and beauty that comes from it, the understanding and complete knowledge that you obtain from being the witness is, well it has no words. The picture here is of my father-in-law, husband, myself and my mum; I felt my father-in-law pass to the higher side of life, it began the day he made peace with his son.

It is a personally held belief of mine that some moments are sacred and only meant to be witnessed by the family themselves. Without needing to be in that room, I knew that everything they needed to say, all the moments that needed to be, happened in that room and then when it was done, my father-in-law had decided there was no more needing done and chose to meet his wife, my dad and all the others that wait beyond the veil for us. I do think there is a beauty in that; we may not get to decide how we are going to exit, but at least once its happened, there is some solace in the knowledge we’ll be made welcome…

tarotThis weekend I went on an ancestral healing workshop, a lot happened on the workshop and I was able to witness a great deal, work with the tools that we learnt but I also connected with all four of the family lines; my dad’s, mum’s, hubby’s and also my past lives; the part I am glad about is none of the lines needed to have it out with me or me with them. I seem to have a healthy respect for all of them and know I can call on them when I need to as well.

This started me thinking in terms of Tarot, maybe it is possible to help clear the past using the representations presented in the cards, we have plenty of archetypes to work with from Hierophant as the grandfather to the Emperor as the father, but is there a Grandmother figure within the traditional deck? The mother is represented as the Empress, the daughter as the High Priestess, with the Star as the virginal sister. The fool the son and the Magician the brother, but where do you find the Grandmother? Originally I thought it may have been The World, but thinking about it this can have too many representations. I know that a lot of it depends on the deck but I am just thinking of the general rule for the major deck as it was in the like of rider-waite or the IJJ Swiss.

I have a varied family tree and my past lives are certainly very interesting and there is a wealth of understanding and knowledge within them that they allow me to access when it’s needed. Having learnt from my Grandma on Mums side how to read not only cards but also tea as well as the Crystal Ball, mainly from the spirit side than here on the physical, plus learning to come into alignment with the empathy and sense of things as I have, I have come to realise that being a seer or oracle is not to be taken lightly. The more I write (and yes edit) this I am not sure that I would use a Tarot deck to help heal wounds of the past, mainly because one set of grumpy ancestors is enough but an entire spirit world of them, no thanks! 


A huge thanks and shout to our Cat Herder and Blog Wrangler Louise for this idea, do leave me a thought, a comment or a WTF if you feel like it and enjoy the rest of the tour, don’t forget your deck, your broom and great uncle bulgaria’s map of the internet in binary for the blind on your way out… 

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Tarot Blog Hop Master List 2

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Welcome to the Mabon Tarot Blog Hop;


My name is Jay Cassels and I am your Chef and Cat Herder Extraordinaire for the hop. This is the Master List or Recipe Book, it is the “Don’t Panic” of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Tarot Blog… In other words it’s a good place to come back to if you end up getting lost when you’re reading the blogs; the order has been created from the sign up list on the Facebook Group (if that is how you arrived here).


If you are new to the Blog Hop Scene and are a member of the group there is an amazing FAQ guide on the group that explains the whole concept so it is worthwhile finding that post/document and having a read. Okay so below this passage of text you will find the shuffled list and both above as below (a nod to all the witches, pagans and heathens out there) you will find the links to the blogs.


As this is the master list, the next blog link will start you at the first blog and as you may have guessed the Previous link takes you to the last blog on the shuffled list, which is my own.


If you spot any issues with this master list, I would ask you to highlight them in the Facebook Group, as you flick through and read each of the fantastic treats and delights on offer this month, don’t forget to tip the chef with your comments, and if you like what you see then why not spread the word so that others can sample what you have.


May your ingredients be fresh and your seasoning spicy

Jay Cassels


Mabon 2016 Tarot Hop Blog List

7. Meniscus Tarot (by Ania M) | http://meniscustarot.co.uk/for-the-love-of/
16. Benebell Wen | http://wp.me/p32or0-1Ui

Can I Show You to Your Table? – Mabon Tarot Blog Hop 16

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Welcome to the Mabon Tarot Blog Hop;


My name is Jay Cassels and I am your Head Chef Extraordinaire for this month. It kind of blows me away a little to think that this is the fourth hop I have done, it’s also going to be a bit tamer than my last outing but I don’t think by much, so a little caution my lovely readers, I might make you jangle with my approach, but then if we were all the same, blog hops like life would be a bit on the dull side. If you aren’t that familiar with these things, it’s okay because we all start somewhere; I am not as eloquent as some of the other hoppers when it comes to explaining what it is, but the nuts and bolts of it is this, a hop is like a writing circle, we all work with the same theme but each of us has a different perspective or idea about what the theme means.


the-dishonoured-deckThe theme for this month is Foodies Guide to the Tarot… In the planning stages, I had this almost absolute certainty that I knew what I wanted to write, there was this plan in my head and here we are on the day (well okay for me this is a week early in writing it) and I haven’t stuck to the plan at all, even while I am editing it the plan is changing…


However that for me is a sign of experience and I think all Chef’s like Readers get to a point where they can take a good recipe, and once they know it inside and out, start to play about and try to use different mixtures and ingredients to add a little flavour and it occurred to me today during the editing that this how I work; I have taken my readings, the decks and the spreads, looked at them as they have been and then changed them, given them a new flavour but at the same time tried to stay as true as possible to the original.

I began to play about with spreads, decks and even my readings when I came to own The Dishonoured Tarot Deck, which was from the Console game of the same name. I had been aware that the deck was part of an in-game plot device, after reading up on the Console game. The release of the ‘tarot deck’ was so that player of the game could also play Card game in the same was as it was in-game. This reminded me of Edinburgh and talking (yes I did flirt as well) with some French blokes about the old language for a card game being Tarot once upon a time; I remembered from what the guys told me, it was a French word that made its way over here, much like the game of Trumps that I used to play with one of the cute (but alas straight) French (read as twenty something) boys.

As they taught me the basics of the Trumps game, I noticed that some of the Tarot cards were in the deck, when I asked them about it they explained that in France they have decks that were similar to the Tarot but used to play card games instead of ‘Fortunes’ which was their word not mine.


Much like my time in Edinburgh; I wasn’t very keen on the mix of ingredients from Dishonoured and so I began to mix a new batch, this time I threwthe-table-2013 in some extras such as a Crystal Ball, and Oracle Deck alongside a new ingredient, which was the Wildwood Tarot Deck, but I still kept my options open and held onto the Legacy deck as well just in case. The trouble I found with this mix was the balance felt a bit like my life at that time, in many ways, the more I tried to change things the more they stayed the same. So needless to say before long I threw out that mix as it really wasn’t working. It was as if each spread was thick and like a cake from the Bake Off thing, too flashy and had very little taste (as well as a soggy bottom).


At some point during my time with the Tarot I started to realise that when people try to be flashy and showy, like some kind of carnival act, or attempt to be all puppy dogs, love, light and sparkles (yes I have a thing about this at the moment, yes I am aware there is absolutely no need for it… however, read on) all that happens is people end up with groupies and an elevated sense of self importance because everyone sings their praises and says how oooh and ahhh this so called amazeballs person is when in fact, the only thing that is good about them is the flim-flam, wham-bam thank you for your money mam and they are off routine. Each time I have met one of the showy types they haven’t told me anything I didn’t already know, in fact they rarely tell me anything, other than its all going to work out, you have an incredible gift and ooh look time’s up that’ll be your life savings please…


the-current-tableYeah! I am a little jaded and like the occasional icing on a cake, perhaps a little bitter, but it comes from doing this for so long, (currently at a guess 25 years); so my style like my cooking has changed considerably, although I prefer basic foods these days, I also prefer simply readings, that are uncomplicated and easy to follow; there isn’t really any need to tart things up and make them look flashy or showy, a victoria sponge will taste as nice with some strawberry jam and no icing, rather than slathering it with 78 different toppings, three layers of icing and a candle the size of everest with lettering that says oooh look at me, I am the worlds best …


Don’t get me wrong, there are people that like that kind of thing, in fact I would go as far as to say that the need that kind of thing, to be told that everything is going to be fine, that they have no mistakes and prince charming will jump out that big seven foot cake, with nothing but a smile and lots of big endowments. He’ll then sweep them off their feet and they’ll have more cream than they’ll know what to do with for the rest of their natural days. However they’re not going to want to hear about the reality, the cold water in the face the next morning, or the fact they have to deal with their own shit! because no one else is going to clean up their mess. Simply because most people need someone else to blame and since we do the cards, we are the ones who didn’t make their dream life happen…


the-hiddenI’ll admit to a few things here, I have been that person who has been force fed the blame; I have been that person to point the finger of blame too; these days I tend to leave my apron in the kitchen and dawn the dinner jacket, the swept to the side hair and take the customer to their seat. Its a far, far better approach, because instead of serving them up what they don’t always want or are going to like, I simply show them to the table, hand them their menu and say the choice is yours, you can see what is there and sure the soups of the day is the ten of swords, but its okay because our desert is the lovers; would you like a two of cups with you wait? Can I offer you some strength on the side to go with that?



The Tao of Tarot… 13

Tarot Blog Hop




Yin-YangIt’s that time again! Herding cats, broken links, education and all in all a good time; I have the accompaniment of Tori Amos as I get started on my third blog hop post. If you haven’t heard of a Blog Hop, it’s okay you may know it as a Writers Circle or similar, the word hop in some places meant a dance or gathering. Either way it is a place where like minds join and write about a topic of choice. We have a shepherd or herder of cats, who keeps a master list of everyone involved.
The topic of this month’s was a choice of two…
A) Find a card that represents, to you, more than one of the four elemental energies, specifically two which might be thought of as “opposites”. I think, when I say this, of the way that we have such varied interpretations of wands and swords, depending on which is fire and which is air….but, is there a case that could be made for a single card being both? Such a concept of a card being “two things at once” is usable in any of the suits, depending on one’s understanding of the connection with elemental energies. It isn’t necessary for the two elements to directly be sourced opposite one another in any concept of directional alignments, but as you discuss the card, make sure you are evaluating its connection to two opposite characteristics of the tool or being represented on the card.

B) Find a pair of cards which work as a unit but represent two opposite views of the same situation. They both may be in the same suit or in two different suits, one may be major and one minor arcana, but if one were to receive both these cards in a reading, how would one represent the opposing energies thereof as they apply to the same situation?

… Never known me to do what I was told …


The Tao of Tarot

The-MagicianSince this was announced as the topic I have struggled to find the words that fit, well it is a bit more than that it got me thinking about the whole world of Tarot and how its become a convoluted mess, you have the traditional decks and then these psudeo-decks as well; now don’t misunderstand me, I have nothing against them, I just wouldn’t call some of them Tarot, the reason being is they are actually more Oracle based than Tarot, so right away I can see there is scope for expansion in what we’ve been asked. As I said I don’t have anything against them, I just don’t feel they are tarot.
It’s true I have never really known me to do what I was told, I always seem to head off on paths uncharted, not unlike the Magician, he’s old enough to take care but young enough to go off on an adventure to see where it takes him and it is the very same with me and my thought trains. You would think that I would have a male and female comparative since I am following the contrast of Yin and Yang, but at the moment I don’t think there is a Yin (female) card off the top of my head asides from the Queen, but believe me when I say there are times when I can outmatch all four queens in the deck and today is one of them, so I think the closest match for this Yin and Yang balance is The Hermit.

… Wisdom teaches tolerance but …

The-HermitToday while I was prepping for writing this up, I realised that one of the major battles I have been having since really coming into my own sense of self is that Tarot has become fluffy. Not the art of it but the decks, authors just seem to push out these really fluffy decks as if we’re going to become offended by some of them, I can name three major cards and several minor cards that could instantly evoke offense but the thing is that they are apart of Tarot History. They were developed during a major upheaval in world history, the word arcane means record of ancient knowledge, so not only do the Tarot depict events through history but they are a record of the changes our world has been through.
Wisdom teaches tolerance but today, my wisdom is teaching me to take a very large kipper, dip it in water and then attach the words “Stop It” … This is where my Hermit card comes out, wise enough to know when to say nothing, but old enough not to care and say it anyway. I find that there is no balance of late, well not where I am from anyway, many of the decks I have seen are fluffy, let me hold you hand and tell you everything is going to be fine… Whereas the true tarot decks tend to be more, You’ve frelled up, it’s one big messy pile of poo-doo and you’re gonna have to clear it up, but here are the things you are going to need to make sure it’s cleaned up properly.
StrengthThe way I see things at the moment are a bit less fluffy and more realistic, Tarot is an amazing tool, tells you exactly what you need to hear at the right time and in the most direct way in other words it’s the Yang balance. These pseudo-tarot decks or more akin to Oracle decks are more Yin balance. They have the gentle and soft approach to things, where they cushion the blow, it’s as if they are saying, oops look you made a mess of things, but hey that’s okay, in fact its fine. Here is a cookie, and some milk, and don’t worry petal, let’s look at the lovely clouds all pink and fluffy. Now while you are looking at them, forgive yourself and the mess. There isn’t that lovely? Fix the mess? Oh no dearest, I don’t fix your mess, I just tell you how lovely things are…
Well okay maybe slightly overkill there but you kind of get the point; I just really need to stress this point here, I do not have anything against them… In fact as a collector I have many, MANY variants of these decks, and they have a purpose, most of them are doorstops but it’s a purpose… Tao is very much about the balance and these stark contrasts are the balance of Tarot, you can’t really have one without the other and they actually service a purpose for the user because some don’t want to face the realities of the Tarot Decks of old, they prefer the fluffy bunny approach where angels are going to give you sonnets, and words of comfort, it’s not as if Angels have ever had to smite, topple towers or evict one of their own now it is… Oh wait… My bad, yeah they have…

Cards of Balance…


… Balance within All things is Important …

LoversWithin the Tarot it’s important to have balance, true it can be said for all aspects of life but in Tarot there really does need to be a balanced approach and I can’t think of two cards that are more apt and to do with the balance than in the Major Arcana, minor cards have their balances as well but my approach with the minor suits is they re-enforce what the Major cards have already told you. In terms of writing, the minor deck are the character and the major deck is the narrative or the plot. Balance is never more so noticed than within the lovers, you have the union of opposites within this card. The beauty of it is although it’s represented as male/female and most of the time they are man/woman it isn’t defining relationships unless that is the question stated.
It’s polarities the male/female, white/black, light/dark or positive/negative of any given situation, in other words it’s the yin and yang of a problem or situation. There is always one inside the other, which is the nature of the union. To understand and also resolve any situation you must be able to see both sides or at least be able to understand perspectives in order to reach a conclusion and resolution that is best suited to any given situation. That is why Tarot has to have a balanced approach to it and the questions asked.

Move along home…


… Direct can be uncomfortable …

Wheel of FortuneThe Wheel is the counter-balance or the nature of things. I tend to see it as the completed union of opposites and in that the wheel turns to like nature it doesn’t stay static and much like this post has been The Wheel can be direct and direct can be uncomfortable, at times I am quite blunt and forward its part a change within me where I have stopped with the ‘story’ or ‘explanations’ when they are not needed and it is also a dyslexia thing too, I hope this hasn’t been too hard to read.
Still you have made it to the end of the post and now its time to as they say move along home, below as above are links to the next blog in the hop. Thank you for stopping in on me 🙂
Jay x


Tarot Blog Hop – You Have Mail… 13

Tarot Blog Hop




Welcome to the Musings of an Angel Blog; if you are a regular surfer of Blog Hops then you’ll notice that a few things have actually changed on the site. The Menu position for the Blog itself has changed, as has the front page. If you follow or have me on your Facebook under my proper name rather than my pages (Jays & The Reiki Box) then its possible that you know the reasons behind the changes, however in many ways its all cosmetic (or should that be cosmic?) changes. None the less welcome to the site and to this month’s Tarot Blog Hop…

What is a Blog Hop?

If this is your first jaunt into hopping, let me explain a little bit about it from my understanding (for those who already are familiar, feel free to skip ahead or go make some coffee/tea)… So a Blog Hop is a new name for something that has been around for as long as I have written journals, it is basically like a writer’s circle or in this case a group of like minded people coming together to give their take on a set subject. You get all kinds of Hops, such as a Reiki Blog Hop, which is another one that I participate in.

A Little Bit about Me…

My name is Jay, I have been working with Tarot for 25 years and for those of you good with figures, yes, yes that’s right since I was 16. These days when I reflect back to that time I believe it was always going to be my path to end up working with the Tarot, back then I would never have thought that I would become a Collector, Historian, Rescue Home for Wayward Decks and Cartomancer. Believe it or not I actually still have my very first deck kept in safely in a box…

You Have Mail…

Morgan, our blog shepard and cat wrangler extraordinaire came up with a really curious idea for this month; create a tarot card using junk mail from the spam filter and junk email box. Now this would have been easy if it wasn’t for the fact I have strict filters that stop all but a few junk emails coming through and none of them usually have pictures. So for a while this really presented me with a problem until this week really.

The interesting thing is that I have been working on a deck of Consciousness Cards for about 9 months, although they were originally just meant to be a prototype Angel Oracle for the purposes of the Angel Healing Certificate that I was working towards. However nothing it seems happens without a reason these days, or maybe I am just actively paying attention to what is actually going on around me. The idea behind this deck was simple, select 27 different words, phrases or pictures and then place them on to card.

Well my word/phrases became pictures and something that is across between a haiku or a fiat. Naturally I decided to do a test run with the deck and it worked well but then time as well as life got in the way and for about 9 months I put them away and sort of forgot. It was last week when I was taking a development group locally that I was prompted to take the cards, a meditation, the medicine drum and singing bowl. I honestly had no proper idea (as is the way of things these days) until I arrived and it was Enoch (Metatron’s human incarnation) that was working with the group.

As it turned out the Consciousness Cards resonated with everyone and they related to both the images and text. Since then I have been test driving them on line now as well. As part of the hop I have asked the deck for a card that will be relevant for this time and this space, which I will use as the first part of my hop post. The second part of it is the Tarot aspect, which will be one of the Major Arcana; what I will do is drawn a single card, then select an image from my esoteric collection and basically do a one card reading and then explain why I selected that image etc.

Part One: The Consciousness Card


Angel 3Archangel Metatron

The Card: Archangel Metatron – “Learn to Listen to Your Higher Voice; Be Guided by the Wisdom and Love from Within

The Card Meaning: Archangel Metatron works with the higher vibrations, he opens us up to our higher voice and energy centres, this means that we are in essence being guided to work from the highest vibration, which is unconditional positive regard and love for all. Therefore we drop a lot of baggage and preconceived ideas, it doesn’t mean that we suddenly forgive and love everyone regardless (wouldn’t that be lovely), but rather learn to see both the positive and negative qualities of a person, so that it is possible to have respect without the need for being their BFF.

How the Consciousness Card Work: The original deck that I have worked with when on Workshops inspired me and I fell in love with them. The sad thing is the author no longer in produces and the website has long since gone so I had no way of getting them, the idea of how they work is that you shuffle the deck and then select a card at random. The four workshop that the original deck was used at, each time the card I drew was relevant to where I was on that day and at that time.

This prompted me first to try and locate them, and then to change the original Angel Oracle into an Angelic Consciousness Cards instead. So far as I have said above each of the trail runs I have done with them seem to have worked out really well, and so I am planning on laminating this deck I have created so that I can use them in my own workshops.

Part Two: The Tarot Aspect – The Moon


mehachm_editThe Moon

The Single Card Reading: To begin have the 22 physical major arcana in front of you, discard the first card as the fool and then pick a number between 1 & 21. The number I chose was 9.

The Card: The Moon

The Interpretation: We all have our own method of understanding and diving the cards, we all know that there is no right or wrong method. I selected this image to represent the moon for a few reasons, partially because the moon is actually in the image, but this image represents the deeper aspects of the moon itself. Mainly the connection to emotions, sensitivity and also honouring the divine aspect in all of us.

The one thing about this moon card is that it talks about the soul, the connection to the soul and honouring that connection. Look to the card and notice the ghost outline resting upon her shoulder, consider what that soul aspect is saying not just to her, but to you, because at this moment, the female figure is representing your inner voice and soul aspect regardless of gender.

The Gravestones are representative of regret and all the words, actions and thoughts that either have never been, could have been, should have been or would have been; in other words they represent the past and it is time to release that past and let go. There is no point in holding on to something because eventually it becomes a weight. There is also little point in becoming too self-reflective because your mistakes and errors are something to be learnt from not to be measured by.

Finally progression is always going to be slow and steady, notice how she is considering the placement of her fingers, as a musician, a performer and a professional she must both learn and then become completely at one with her instrument. This translates to have knowledge of you and your talents, then forget and allow nature as well as your natural instincts to take over. Above all else listen to the higher voice and the soul’s song.

Attention to Details…

This wasn’t the image that I had in mind originally but as I looked through my collection I found that I was actually drawn to use this one. There is a lot happening in it and if you are a visual person like myself then a dry image with only a static image or a few elements is not really going to be that inspirational or effective. However this particular image has the right balance of activity but without being hyperactive or dry. I felt the connection to the image and just knew that if I were to create a Tarot deck then this image would be my choice for representing The Moon. It is haunting but also calm at the same time; which is really something that a moonlit night can be.


If I am honest I really hadn’t too much of a clue how this blog post was going to turn out, if anything I thought I would possibly manage a few paragraphs at best, I never expected to discuss my consciousness cards in ny great detail let alone place up a reading. Likewise I never intended to explore the idea of creating a Tarot Deck or even select a card and then decide on replacing the image with one I felt drawn to and then do a reading based on that image.

So this for me has really been quite an exploration of my own depths and abilities as well as writing for a blog hop; it is my hope that you got something out of this part of the blog hop. Remember there are links below, above and to the side on the menu that will take you to the next post in the chain.

Thanks for stopping by


♥ Jay ♥



Self Reflective Tarot

Scan - Tarot 41

XI – The Hermit (Röhrig Tarot)


One of the first lessons that I did when I started looking into the Magikal/Esoteric side of the Tarot was to find myself. It’s not quite a shamanic journey into the soul and discover yourself but its locating the path of energy and karma that connects you to the moment and the world/universe at this time. As self study goes it can be quite profound and for the most part the card never actually changes, true other cards connecting you to your karma and pathway of the moment may get added but the core card remains the same.

Osho Zen TarotI tried the same thing in different decks the same thing happened, the same type of card and meaning seemed to follow me; The Osho it was ‘The Master’ and in the Röhrig Tarot it was ‘The Hermit’ and in The Witches Tarot its ‘The Seeker’ interestingly the only time it was numerlogically a ‘9’ was Osho, but the more I learn about the Eastern aspects, the more I start to see why it wouldn’t be that number.

The Hermit’s meaning when you look it up in the books says ” The traditional hermit is a crusty, bearded character who has withdrawn from the company of men to live a life of seclusion and hardship. Card 9 supports this understanding. The Hermit represents the desire to turn away from the getting and spending of society to focus on the inner world. He seeks answers within and knows that they will come only with quiet and solitude.

There comes a point in life when we begin to question the obvious. We sense that there is a deeper reality and begin to search for it. This is mainly a solitary quest because answers do not lie in the external world, but in ourselves. The hermit on Card 9 reminds us of Diogenes, the Greek ascetic who is said to have gone out with a lantern in hand to search for an honest man. Diogenes is a symbol of the search for truth that the Hermit hopes to uncover by stripping away all diversions.

In readings, the Hermit often suggests a need for time alone – a period of reflection when distractions are limited. In times of action and high energy, he stands for the still center that must be created for balance. He can also indicate that withdrawal or retreat is advised for the moment. In addition, the Hermit can represent seeking of all kinds, especially for deeper understanding or the truth of a situation. “Seek, and ye shall find,” we have been told, and so the Hermit stands for guidance as well. We can receive help from wise teachers, and, in turn, help others as we progress.

Witches Tarot - The SeekerThis card is Destiny, there is no question in my mind that is what this card represents and to embrace exactly what Destiny offers is to take ownership of your own energy and be able to say that you dictate what is going to happen to you. True we are influenced by our stars, other people and the cosmic order of things but at the end of the day, it is our own choice to set whatever ball is on top of our hill into motion. It is not fair to put the blame on to someone else or say it is circumstances, but track it back it is always you, you are involved in the situation, you are involved when sometime bad begins and its you that can make the choice to end that cycle of bad by walking away or taking action to change it.

That is not to say that someone else isn’t at fault, they can be and in some of the more serious circumstances they are and should be held accountable as well as punished when the situation calls for that to be the case. However it still comes back to you/us to end that cycle. Destiny is fickle and it never pans out the way we assume its going to; however taking ownership of that karma and that energy puts you in control and you can change the intention and outcome for the better, well that is my take on it anyway.