Oneurope Although originally a test post, I decided to assert my admin powers and turn Phil’s test post into a Credit/Thanks post to him and about what his friendship actually means to me. If it hadn’t been for Phil this site would still have been a bit of a mess if I am bluntly honest. However Phil has managed to turn it around and make it into something brilliant. He managed to capture the essence of what I was trying to achieve with my words and reflect it across the entire site. While I know this sounds like a Eurovision/BRIT/BAFTA/OSCARS, acceptance speach it is important that we give credit, thanks and show value to the people that matter to our lives, as they too are very much like our family as well.

Best Friends

It’s true Phil is one of my true best friends and that is something only two others share, and one of them is my hubby and the other, well the other is my mate Jack (hello to you both when you read this). Phil may correct me on this but I think we have known one another for something like 20+ years, perhaps more than that now. I can tell you now I knew this guy was going to be a lifelong friend the day we had a massive heart to heart while I had a toothbrush stuck in my mouth and I was standing at the basin in bathroom. My instant thought was, if we are sharing our deepest moments of truth over teethcleaning in the bathroom, then we are always going to be friends.

When the Going Got Tough…

I Heart M2I admire Phil for who he is, this amazing blogger/journalist; who travels around the Euro-sphere, bringing all fans of eurovision song contest all the current news, his predicitions for winners, is to be honest astounding and he has a way with words that I hope one day will turn him into the commentator that Eurovision needs rather than what we have. Yes, he inspires me.

Anyway Phil’s work can be found on his site (Look at the Links list at the side of the blog to visit him). Once again thank you Phil for rescuing Metaphysical Angels from the brink and now you know why I needed that photo and yes, yes Phil you can shout at me now if you need too.

Jay x