Past Life Regression Experience – Part 2


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As I mentioned in the Introduction; I decided that I wanted to experience a past life regression, however for this one I chose to visit someone instead of doing it myself or contacting my friend to try and organise it, the outcome from the regression has changed my outlook and perceptions on a great many things…
Mikao UsuiThe journey took me back to the turn of the twentieth century at least to begin with, I could see the outline and colours of walls and I knew that I was speaking fluent Japanese but translating it into English, which told me and the hypnosis person that at some point I would have learnt it. My father from that lifetime was an instructor/Sensei at what turned out to be his Dojo, as the son and heir it was my job to learn through doing, and yes that meant the menial tasks as well.
I knew right away that my name was Mikao but at that point I did not know the significance, in fact neither did the person doing the hypnosis; as we progressed through this lifetime; Mikao spent many years practising and learning as well as eventually teaching at the Dojo, but he finally left and continued his learning at a Buddhist temple four days walk from Mt. Kurama, a place of spiritual significance for most monks of that time.
Mt KuramaAt this point I was a young man in his very early twenties, the temple was made of stone that had been carved as well as covered with wood and other materials to create warmth. I knew that even though I was in my 20’s I had been there for a few years and progressed up the ranks so to speak. My robes were a darker orange but I had not earned the right to wear red as yet, so as well as orange I had yellow as well.
I had gone forward from being the child and was now in the middle stages of life, so it made sense to settle within the 20’s at least to start with but as I progressed in this period I was able to realise that I was closer to 25/29 and setting out to climb Mt. Kurama. I could smell the sweetness of what must have been rice or something similar; being a monk I was treated with respect from the people that were in the fields.
the-crown-chakraUpon climbing half way up the mountain there was a natural shelter, at I guess it looks as if it had been carved out at some point in the past, there was water close and edible vegetation. I remember at this point going into a transcendental meditative state, where as Mikao I saw the Reiki symbols upon a background of white, gold and many other colours that do not even have earthly names.
I also remember becoming aware of a higher spiritual realm, a sense of peace but also just being in what Buddhists call Nirvana, a place where there is no-thing; where it said that everything is balanced and quite literally perfect, there is no ego, no ID and no Super-ego all that is there is oneness or The Soul. Although he did not realise it Mikao hadn’t been away for four days, he had in fact been away longer.
ReikiIt was after climbing to the top of the mountain, mainly so that he could say he had done it. Mikao Usui began his journey home to the temple and along the way a Japanese woman, no older that 20/25 stopped him and asked for a healing prayer for her hands. I remember feeling just as he had a warm wave of energy and a complete sense of peace and being at one with everything and within that he took her hands into his own and passed this feeling along to her. I remember seeing these raw inflamed joints return to an almost normal size within moments.
The Japanese woman was thankful for the ‘prayer’ and gave him rice and water for his return journey to the temple, it took him about three days from that point and upon his arrival, the monks were startled in their own way to see him, he had noticed that there were more there than before, and it was only after they showed him the calendar.
By Jakub Hałun - Own work, GFDL, closest concept to the calendar of the time is this one to the left, I can clearly recall feeling a bit confused because instead of it showing four days passing it showed several weeks. The addition of the other monks also confirmed a feeling that war was brewing, we know from historical records that there were many civil/border wars before any of the World Wars, so seeing these other monks confirmed that another was indeed brewing.
The monks explained that templar knowledge had been salvaged by the fleeing brothers and brought to the safety of their temple where it had been added to their own knowledge. They also took time to explain that the ‘Old Master’ or the Sensei of the temple seemed to be ailing and had little time left. However Mikao/I knew what may help him, so after a night of rest, I was taken to see him the following day.
Temple Library Example
I remember entering into this small room within the temple and the ailing master seemed to be propping himself up using chairs and so on, attending to him I ask his permission to show him what had happened on the mountain and the same warmth, peace and centeredness followed through me and through him. I remember noticing that as we were both smaller men, the Sensei suddenly was standing at my chest height unaided. We spoke at length about what had happened and he asked me to follow him.
The Sensei and I went into the library within the body of the temple and it was interesting because the entire place was laid out like a calendar of sorts everything in a sequential as well as chronological format, high shelves that stretched for what could have easily felt like miles. It was interesting because I can remember thinking that it had been smaller with more space before, so it gave the impression that a great deal of teaching had been added in months while on the mountain.
example of ancient Japanese ScrollWhen we arrived at the very back of the archive, the Sensei drew out several scrolls and laid them out for us to look at. The writing was familiar and I told him that the symbols from within the transcendental state were exactly the same as the ones on these scrolls. I spent time every day within those scrolls, the parchment and dust potent in my nostrils.
Although I was taken forward after recounting reading the scrolls, I do know that I eventually moved on from the temple and returned to the Dojo, I did so with the blessing of my Sensei, In that during the time before leaving I attained Sensei status for the work I had achieved while living at the temple. Returning to the Dojo I am aware that I began working on combining the teachings from the scrolls with the martial artistry that I had gained and had continued to practise.
KanjiI believe that as Usui I combined what could be considered Tai Chi Chuan and Reiki to create what we understand as Reiju or the Japanese empowerments. However they weren’t designed to be attunements as such but rather a hands off way of freeing the meridians, likewise when as Usui I did hands on treatments my hands were not motionless, or focused purely on seven points they were tracing lines of energy and unblocking them similar to Shiatsu and acupuncture, which I am aware from studying these recently were taught originally in temples, so it would make every sense that Mikao would know this.
What Mikao Usui created was a lifelong dedicated practise, not something that was taught over a weekend. The trouble is that we are equipped to dedicate ourselves to anything that is longer than an episode of EastEnders (UK/Europe) or Days of Our Lives (USA/Canada). It is about the discipline of the mind as well as of the form, now it doesn’t mean that you spend hours and hours in meditation or have to know Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong or Shiatsu and Acupuncture, because let’s face it these days in the culture of legality you would need to.
Tai Chi ChuanHowever as Jay, I recognise that times have moved on and while I am learning Tai Chi/Qi Gong and intend on learning Shiatsu/Acupuncture once I am fully qualified as a massage therapist, I know that not everyone who comes to learn Reiki will want to know that as well, so while my Reiki teachings will still have a similar western format, in that it will be a day training for Level I & II with a further day of training in Level III, I know that some of my approaches need to change as well.
I’ve always known that I have a deeper rooted connection to Reiki, not just Usui but also the Angelic Reiki as well, I have resolved the learning as to why I have a deeper connection to Reiki and perform things differently to other Masters and also practitioners. I know need to resolved the connection between myself and Angelic Reiki, because while I know the history of how it came back this time, I know it has been here before and used before so my next regression I hope to answer that question.