Session Work

Sessional Work



What is holding you back from reaching your potential? Many of us carry around the burdens placed on us by family, friends, work, and even society. We are also brilliant at telling ourselves what we are not and carrying around the opinions and expectations to failure that our own culture has historically given us to be responsible for and we are not even aware that this is what we are carrying around.



The body is a fantastic biological marvel and we’ve never really been taught what or how to fully embrace and be at home in it. This is the work that I do, I help you ‘come home’ to remove the psychic (mental), the emotional, physical and also the spiritual blockages that prevent you from living your life to it full capacity. To have space to breathe inside your own body possibly for the first time since you chose to incarnate in the physical world.



In the session, I work with crystal energies to help support your process, I also use breathwork and shamanic based techniques to help  you work through what is it you feel is holding you back from really coming home to your body and really living this life that you have chosen to have.



Sessional Work is my name for the therapeutic process, as a trained practitioner in Crystal Healing and various Reiki modalities, as well as having worked with some of the finest practitioners of De-armouring, Ancestral Healing and Tantra in its truest form, I hold sacred space and transformational light from the soul in order to help you achieve life to the fullest.



My sessions are held at my home, I hold a minimum initial session of 1h 15min, further sessions can be longer depending on what you want to work through. These session can involved de-armouring, ancestral healing, sound therapy or a Reiki session if that is what is needed.