Deep Night of the Sojourn – July’s Reiki Blog Hop 5




“…An endless circle or chain …”

Welcome Friend; regardless if this is your first visit or you have clocked up frequent blogger miles; welcome! My name is Jay, and it is a pleasure to meet you. To the seasoned blogger this bit will be familiar to you, so feel free to skip ahead; however if you have never encountered a Blog Hop before then let me give you a kind of potted history. The blog Hop is a new name for a tradition that has been around for as long as I have been able to write HTML Code and string a paragraph together and call it Creative Writing.
Think of it like an endless circle or chain, where a group of like minded writers and bloggers collaborate on the same subject but give you their unique view or opinion, each one leading to the next one and back the way. To stop anyone getting lost there is a Master List, which is like the index. That index is hosted by The Wrangler (look out for the Tarot one I am co-hosting in September) they have the job of herding the other writers and keeping them on time and track… I make their job sound easy but think of it along the line of herding cats, in the dark through a maze with a mine field underfoot…

“… Many, not all, have a what you could call a spiritual experience…”

This month the topic for this Reiki Blog Hop is Spirituality and Reiki; A topic that has in its time amongst practitioners and masters alike caused a great deal of divide. On the one side of it you have those that don’t believe there is a spirituality to Reiki, it is a healing modality that provides comfort, relief and whatever else the client needs. Thing is there is nothing wrong with that view point because that is what Reiki is for that practitioner and the master who birthed them. As a master I tell my adepts (students) what you experience during that time is personal and private to you and you do not need to share it unless you wish to. Whether I have been a student or the master; from my experience many, not all, have what you could call a spiritual experience.
Unless you have read through my entire site or know me through Facebook and the associated pages I run on there or follow the Reiki Box Blog, then you may not be aware of how deep my connection with Reiki stems. I coined the term Sensei a number of certificates and courses ago, the reason why I did that wasn’t ego, amouris or to be different but it was because I realised that I have become master in many different disciplines Usui Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Karuna Reiki as well as Shamballah MDH Reiki and Angelic Reiki.
The first thing I say is Reiki, is Reiki, is Reiki; meaning it doesn’t matter what name you give it the frequency and light source still comes back to the same place, which in this case is The Universal Reiki Light Source. Now as you can start to see I am actually of the belief that Reiki has at least a spiritual element, should you choose to embrace it! The word Reiki is actually two separate words that were put together when the Kanji was translated into English.
ReikiRei: Universal/Unlimited Ki: Light, Living Force, Chi; whether you follow the path of non-spiritual or have a belief that it is spiritual for me, for my sojourn I understand it as something much deeper than spiritual and something more tangible than just a healing system. However that is perhaps because my soul’s path has led me to explore through past-life recall my connection to Reiki and my time as Sensei Usui-san; don’t misunderstand me, I am not stating anything here as a fact, mainly because within Past Life regression it is all unique to that person. Yes! many of the facts that come from within that state can be further backed up in historical texts, but you can still argue (as so many still do), Usui-san life is documented widely across the internet and books so yeah it could have come from that (if you ignore the fact I am dyslexic and have severe retention issues).

“… Maybe it’s because I am awakened to my Sojourn through Angelic Reiki…”

AngelicAs a practitioner and also master I allow Reiki to simply be and I follow in accord with its wishes. Mainly because I am of the belief that Reiki is a sentient living energy that lives in symbiosis with us; it helps to heal not only other lives but our own as well, it doesn’t actually matter if you believe that to be the case or not. I recall one my earliest experiences of the differences in how Reiki is taught, I was under the impression (innocently at that time) that everyone was taught the same way as I had been and at that time I was still understanding my own connection and I made a point that maybe there was a lesson happening or something along those lines and the answer I was given back was sharp to the point. It gave me a pang of oh my maybe the lesson is mine to learn…
Looking back on that moment in my memory now, I realise that not everyone has been awakened to the spiritual aspects of reiki, and maybe not everyone will. I think it’s maybe because I am awakened to my Sojourn through learning and working with Angelic Reiki that my perceptions have changed. I personally don’t understand the distinction between Usui & Angelic or any of the others but there is a subtle divide there…
Reiki for me is my life, it is in everything that I do; from my Tai Chi practise, to the words I speak and type, it is even in the food I eat and the drinks that I have. Recently I have been exploring this deep rooted knowing that I have a strong connection to Ancient Shinto practises; through reading up on Taoism and also Shinto in today’s Japan and also going back through Imperialism and Feudal Japanese customs I have realised that Reiki (while not given that name) is there, it is throughout the belief system you just need to know where to look.
I work alot with Archangel Metatron and for long enough I would always separate when I was working with the Angelic Kingdom, the quarters in my Wiccan/Pagan work and also when I am speaking to the Kami I would make a distinction there as well, however in the last week or so during my Tai Chi practise, I come to see there is no need to separate them! In Ancient Shinto Practises when someone passes into the Spirit, their essence or soul is greeted by the Great Kami, who then transmutes (for want of a better way to say it) into the ways of being Kami. In Western Spiritual beliefs, it is similar the soul is greeted and welcomed into the spiritual worlds, just as in Wiccan/Pagan belief system they are welcomed into the Summerlands. The interesting thing here is that when Pagan/Wiccan are forming the circle they call to the Quarters. These Quarters were once known as The Archangels of The North, South, East, West and also Spirit as well.
Now I realise that you may think I am off topic, however not really. When I am working or getting ready to work I will use Reiki symbols such as Sei-Hei-Ki for cleansing and clearing but I will also call to the Kami and Watchtowers as well while doing so; as I said Reiki is in everything that I do… I come to learn that while it is a deeply simplistic way of being it is also one of the most profound methods of healing known, if you are open to those aspects.

“… Reiki’s roots stem into Shinto, Tao and Buddhism …”

I think a lot of how we approachthe Spirituality and Reiki connection comes down to how we are birthed into Reiki; I never used to think or even allow that concept enter into my consciousness and unless I am actually organising workshops or Usui Reiki Days. I also think that when the topic comes up, much like the spirituality connection to Reiki, there is this almost territorial or wounded lion attitude as if I am insulting someone or saying I am better (which I am not and never have) so I avoid having the conversation, when all I am really trying to do is understand the differences, as there maybe something within it I can learn from or maybe there is something that mutually we can benefit from…
When I say birthed that is exactly what it is – at least for me – I take the practise of Reiki teaching, quite seriously but I am not a task master when I am doing it. I make the day easy, simple and light but also make it a learning environment and professional one as well, just like when I do my Reiki Sessions. I take the same approach to Angelic Reiki facilitating but the difference is I allow myself to be guided in what needs to happen at the right time. In both instances I believe that a form of spiritual rebirth takes place, a person goes through something profound and personal. In many ways they are birthed.
Just go with me while you are reading this, try not to attach any thoughts or judgements because what I am about to lay out here is my own perceptions from within the Past Life state… When I went for the Past life recall it was a present and also something that I was called to do (as I am being called again to go through another one). I went through to a life time that I understand now to be Usui-san; it was a simple up brining, working in the Dojo until I was old enough to go and become a monk within the Buddhist ways.
I spent many years training and upon my 21st year I was required to do a spiritual pilgrimage to one of the most sacred mountains in most of the older faiths from Japan and China. I walked for some days up the mountain and eventually reached the meditation shrine and temple. It was during the meditation I was taken to the place that Buddhists call Nirvana; in this space the Kami/Buddha showed me a way to heal, this method was ancient and had been forgotten but needed to return to earth.
Upon my return I left and began the journey home, I met a young woman who had blistered hands from farming and so I healed them, this was a hands on healing and when I was finished the blisters were all but gone. I learned upon returning to the temple that I had been away almost three months rather than the few weeks I had thought. The Sensei of the temple was very ill and I also healed his ailments. The Sensei then took me to the oldest part of the library and showed me records that detailed this old healing system. Hence the birth of Reiki as it became known.
Granted much of this is known and some could be discerned as my own meditations but there is now documented evidence that does show that Sensei Usui-san was trained as a Buddhist monk and further to that historical records in Japan also show that Shinto, Tao and Buddhism all have a common ancestry, so even though it may have through time lost its spiritual roots (along with Shinto as well) it is there and in manys ways ready to be awakened again.

“Spirituality is perceptive and unique…”

Although Reiki as taught in the Western world has removed a lot of the spirituality from it, we are beginning to understand that this was mainly because in the era that it was brought to the West spirituality was only thought to be religious doctrine dished out on a Sunday from a pulpit, ‘where the devil made her do it’ and ‘he is a good and holy man’ covered every sin conceivable (and others that we only read about with the lights off…), we are realising now in this era of awareness and awakening that spirituality is perceptive and unique to the person, so not everyone is going to see Reiki as a spiritual philosophy or have an awakening from it, but that said I am running an Angelic Reiki workshop and new practitioners will be birthed who might well have profound spiritual experiences from this weekend, but that is the nature of this frequency of Reiki…

Thank you for stopping by my blog and reading my entry for the Reiki blog hop; I welcome your comments, feedback on a post is appreciated by writers like as myself as it encourages to reply, write more and be more engaging and creative.



Angelic Consciousness Cards – My 3 Year Project 1





On several posts that I have to both The Reiki Box and Jays I have mentioned and sometimes briefly explained the background to the Angelic Consciousness Cards. I decided that I would actually spend a little time both here on my blog as well as on The Reiki Box and Jays giving a bit of background to how the concept of the cards was arrived at. On the pages there is not really enough space to explain it in detail, however it does give you a little bit of a background to the concept but not really the creation.

Base ChakraAlthough not part of the Angelic Consciousness Deck that I have build, this is an example of how the orginal deck would have looked; however in place of the base chakra it would have had the name, symbol, description and traits of an Ascended Master or Archangel. I was introduced to The Consciousness Cards through Angelic Reiki 3 years ago and then several times since during my journey of Angelic Reiki. The idea behind the original deck was that you would shuffle and select a card, read what is said and then that card would represent the guiding influence throughout the entire workshop. The absolute beauty of this deck was it actually reflected where you were at the time and in many ways embodied who you became by the end (in an energetic sense).

I became that enamoured with the cards that I began a quest to find a set of my own, I began with an online search of retail outlets (amazon, waterstones, and ebay… etc) however this was to no avail. I then expanded my search to just online but by the time I began that search I had started to forget details about the cards and so eventually abandoned the search. That was until I redid my Angelic Reiki Practitioners and was reintroduced to the cards again, however at the time I did not think to explore looking for them but I kept it mind. Later that year I did the Masters certificate and really became fascinated by them and decided to start really investigating Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters.


Further Investigation

I started by doing an Angel Healing Diploma, which introduced me to several archangels as well as my own healing guide (who is an Archangel) and as part of the diploma we were asked to create a set of Angel Cards. This brought back into my mind the Consciousness Cards and set me off on a quest, however circumstances changed and I did not return to the course until this Brow Chakrais month.

However before I had got ‘side-tracked’ by life I had created the Angel Cards but not quite as the instructions had set out. In my head I kept seeing the original consciousness cards deck, and I decided that I would attempt to replicate it in some way.

As you can image after such a long time, the design and even the name of the author had become a hazy memory so this deck that I had started to create, needed some inspiration and I decided to look not only to the Angel Healing Coursework but also Reiki, Ascended Masters and the Kingdom of Light, what I ended up with was 27 amazing connections and then I was hit with more inspiration, to find pictures that resonated at the same frequency as the meanings and names that I had selected. This took me a while because some of them it was an instant connection and for others it took time to find the right image as there were several variations on the theme.


It is true that most images that are in circulation belong or have been created by someone either known or unknown and at the time the image search that Google has was very much in its trial period (I also was not aware of it at this time). I had also printed off cards and was testing them out very casually online on my own page, so I was not really too bothered about ownership or documenting where an image had come from because they were for my personal use and really to answer a question on a paper as well.

However now that is starting to change because the more I am testing out the cards and the more they are resonating with people, I am now starting to wonder if I should begin to take the project further and using the images as a template, maybe look into creating an actual deck. The interesting thing is that I received an email the other day that told me about a deck of cards that had been created by another Angelic Reiki Master, who also does publishing. However this deck is more in-line with some of the authors already out there and they do not have the same feel or vibe as the ones that I have created.

What Next?

Heart Chakra

For the moment I am continuing to ‘field test’ the cards online and possibly within my Angelic Reiki as well as other workshops that I plan to do in the coming months. This will allow me to get a feel for what I need to change, tighten up or failing that find an artist, funding and a publisher and move into the next phase, which will be making my own cards a reality. You can follow my progress, check out the card readings and find out more about me and all my work here through this site or on facebook.

Conversations with An Angel 4

Archangel Metatron

Archangel Metatron


“I’d like you share our conversation” I heard in my head. I knew pretty much without even needing to think about it that Metatron was paying me a visit. As it happens I had been working with Angelic Reiki since the night before my wedding. I find it stimulating, and relaxing at the same time. Since the end of last year I have been tasked by the Angelic Kingdom to do the Angelic Attunement for the planet every few months.

“Why would you ask me to share it?” I asked, I thought it was unusual for the scribe of ‘God’ asking me to share a conversation with everyone, no one actually ‘reads’ this blog anyway unless it’s a Hop Post. However I did as he suggested and sat down to do just that share our conversation as it happens. I don’t actually know what I am meant to share, but my guess would be as the words come in I type them and then I guess ask questions if they are needed…
Metatron: “Sharing the conversation allows others to glimpse into what it is like to share your consciousness with an Archangel energy; too often notions and ideas created by those who write drama or conscript reality do not convey the actuality of what it means to be alive and how wonderful it is too live. From a higher perspective it seems as if your heads are buried in a sand of your own making.
Me:”Is that how humans appear to you? Lost or buried in sand?”
Metatron: “Yes! From the higher perspective the Mortal Race, seems lost in a sandstorm of its own making, you hide behind screens, doors, physical trivialities such as status, money, politics and spiritual ambiguity. There is an arrogance within the Human race especially in that it claims to be the superior species because it kills another species without respect for the chains and cycles of life that have had precedence over Gaia long before Human-kind had the ability to string more than a few words together.”
Furthermore, human-kind separates itself with a basis steeped in blood-history and factional wars from bygone eras because as a species and a race you are not able to see passed the end of your own evolution. You argue about your origins and yet you have not evolved past the ability to kill, however you contradict this by claiming to be peaceful, and yet you are all part of the same cycle and species so you are equally held into account for your actions… There are no separations.
Me:”From the higher perspective you do not see colours of skin, religious choice, political allegiance or the name of God?”
MetratonMetatron: “יהוה has many translations but only one name and that is ‘Love’ just as you split an atom, you split יהוה name and in both instances you created something far worse, the only Devil is the one Human-Kind created, the only evil is the one that Human-Kind birthed, the only Hel is the one Human-Kind named and imagined. The gift of life is squandered and mistreated but that is your choice.”
As scribe to יהוה it is my purpose to keep a record a book for every human that has ever been born, I wrote my own book just as I wrote my brothers, fathers, mothers and those who came before and after. יהוה explained that it was always my function to write these books, I understand Human-Kind as did my brother, this is why we were tasked to plant the tree of life, cultivate it and allow it blossom and grow.
Me:”When you say Tree of Life, do you mean as in the Tree from the Biblical Garden of Eden?”
Metatron: “The Biblical Eden for many is as real as the apples that you eat, the water that you drink and the animals that human-kind slaughter. However Eden is a fable in truth what you understand as the Tree of Life is a metaphysical structure not unlike the building blocks used to create Life on Earth. It is a representation of the journey that all life on the planet takes. The Tree is perhaps better thought of as a Web, a Golden Web that extends to the limits of the imagination and each strand represents a life, and as a life is relinquished whether by choice or through natural selection, part of that web withers and falls away but just as one strand falls another grows and thus it keeps going. As a tree, a branch falls away as a life ends but another grows as life continues.”
Me: “I understand what you mean and I think some of the people will as well, but they’ll also look at this with a skeptic’s eye and just assume that I wrote this off the top of my head and I am not talking to an Angel because I am not a pastor, priest or saint, nor am I a Wiccan High Priest or anything other than…”
Metatron: “I am going to stop your hands before you complete that sentence and correct you on all of it… Yes! It is a conversation inside your mind and Yes! It was an inspired request that you received in your head but that does not make it any less valid. Angels select their messengers from all walks of Human-life; some of the best people to do the work of Angels are born of the Angels themselves. We are a living energetic consciousness that has never been bound by Human-Kind’s words or interpretations of our origins and actions.”
Before Human-Kind chose technology to replace rather than complement their own natural abilities, we chose Humans to be our messengers, you gave them titles such as Messiah, Prophet, Witch, Whore and many others. You chose when to listen and when to stop listening and so the Angelic Kingdom chose a different way to communicate, we chose to work with those who were ready to listen rather than those who would claim to speak on our behalf.
MetratonThe many that claim to be the voice of יהוה do not hear the word or feel the energy of יהוה instead they speak from a place of human perception of יהוה and lay claim to the name God as if this was the only translation and while this works for many it is not the true interpretation of the words from יהוה as they are not words as Human-Kind understands them but they are feelings, energy and vibrational frequencies that change the perception and raise it.
Right now יהוה is pulsing his word to those that care to listen, care to hear the word and you do not need to have religion, you do not need to be anything other than open to the word of יהוה that vibrational energy raises and awakens you to who you are at the deepest core, your soul. יהוה says listen to the soul, listen and follow that truth reject all that does not resonate, even this message if that is what you wish, however יהוה says to reject this message and this conversation shows that you have not reached the higher frequencies that are contained within the truth that is contained here.
Me: “When you say Higher Frequencies, what do you mean?”
Metatron: “Everything vibrates and resonates, your science has proven this as a fact; the lowest density frequency would be understood as 1D, increase the frequency and the resonance changes therefore 2D, 3D and 4D are all possible, the frequency and resonance of love comes from source, for human-kind this source is יהוה there is no literal translation for יהוה and so Human-Kind has given it as many translations as possible, you have given יהוה a female companion in some older ways but ultimately יהוה just is, but it is how human-kind has felt the vibration of love that has given rise to the many literal and non-literal translations that have been created.
Angelic energy has always been present amongst human-kind, you evolved once before but you were not ready to rise above your ego and so when you began again, it was decided that you would make of the world what you would but for every accomplishment or achievement there have been as many fallbacks and backwards slide. Therefore יהוה tasked the Angelic Kingdom and The Spiritual Hosts to help and aid Human-Kind as much as possible thus we do what we can in small, quiet and simple ways.

So there you have it, a conversation with an angel. It’s raw and unedited, I don’t expect that it will be read that often or go down that well but hey I had fun writing and working with them as always, for me that is really all that matters 🙂