To Boldly Go… My Journey So Far…

My Journey So Far…

WhoisI have this sense that this year is a huge year of change for me, and part of the change has already started. It’s chosen to start here at my website, you see this is the time of year where everything gets renewed, it is Imboloc, the start of spring and the stirring of new life. This is my time for renewal of everything as well, at this point its the site; so I decided that it was time to renew some of the pages and update my information.
It is around this time that I often look back at the journey I have taken so far; if you have come to the site before then you might be familiar with the background. Originally my business was born out of a promise that I made to my dad as I walked him to the threshold between this life and the higher side or spirit world. I began with Tarot Readings and Clairvoyant demonstrations, renting a room in a salon near by to home. This opened a door to platform demonstrations at Spirituality Churches, something that I had always wanted to do but never thought it would be possible.
RayofLightTowards the end of that year, I kept receiving flashback memories to do with a conversation that had happened four years previously. The conversation had revolved around a system of healing called Reiki, now at that point four years ago, I stored that information away as “something to look into at a later date” and this seemed to be the later date. It is funny to think how I wasn’t able to see my boyfriend (now husband) due to the weather being really bad, which led me to caving in and asking about the importance of the memories that kept replaying that evening. It was dad that came through and said to me that I needed to spend the evening looking into Reiki rather than spending it wishing everyone a happy new year online.
book_glassesI remember spending a majority of that evening doing that very thing, I kept finding out that it was a system of hands on healing, gentle and very kind. The conflicting information seemed to be around the cost and where you learnt it. I reached an impasse and could not venture any further forward with my investigation at that time. However on the eve of 2013, as I kept having this feeling and accompanying set of memories from four years earlier; these specific memories to do with a system of healing known as Reiki, were leading me somewhere. I did not know what form it was going to take or how I was going to achieve it. After spending most of 2012 in a very strange place, grieving at the physical loss of my dad but at peace in the knowledge that he was in a better place. I had focused on my studies with the Open University and also with BSY.
Now here I was at the very start of 2013 and I encountered (although I did not know it) my first Angelic presence, the voice directly me to look up a lady that I had worked with and had a great deal of time and respect for. On her site was a name, the name of my Usui Reiki Master Teacher. In earnest I began to look over and learn about Reiki from the different sites that I had booked marked and I decided to follow what Dad and the presence of the Angel had suggested and got in touch. It was four years ago this month that I gained my Usui Reiki Level I and by the April of that same year, I would be trained as a Practitioner in Usui Reiki.
angels-announcing2014, which was the following year, was a very interesting year. I became a fully trained Usui Reiki Master Teacher, not once but twice and I was introduced to Angelic Reiki. Going on the Angelic Reiki Practitioners Workshop, opened my eyes but confused the hell out of me at the exact same time. I had gone from hosting an Evening of Clairvoyance at my place of work, to being invited by the chair of a local spiritualist church to do the platform of her church. This soon developed into taking the services in many of the other churches within the area, a service that I very much enjoy and continue to do.
It took me a year but I returned to the Angelic Reiki journey; I started off by redoing my Practitioners and once again it opened my eyes and I began to see that this journey of Reiki is ongoing and that you are led by the Reiki energy to follow the flow no matter where it takes you. In the gap between the first time and the second time, I had gone mobile and branched out into doing House Parties and Public Demonstrations of Clairvoyance, something that is very different to doing Church services. I was taught valuable lessons, about the differences and it was also a year where I was in the position to teach groups about Spiritual Development and taking on Reiki students as well.
feng-shui-astrologyHowever it was not until 2015 that I realised exactly what this would mean for me. By the end of 2014, I felt that it was time to make some needed changes to both my way of life and also to my business life and so I decided that it was time to change my business name and adopt a less stressful business ethos and practice. I realised that if I was getting stressed and strung out then I was not living the same teachings I was passing on to others. It was at the same time I knew that I had to return to Angelic Reiki, and so during 2015 I went back to the practitioners workshop again and received an awakening at the core of my being. It woke me to my purpose and the reality of being me, something that profoundly changed not only the way I work but also my understanding as well.
Angelic Reiki raised my vibration and helped me to realise that I had a very deep and rich history with Angelic energies and also the Angels themselves. I decided that I wanted to further my journey and completed my Masters followed soon after by completing the Teachers as well. In everything that I do I follow the Reiki way, it is not just a therapy treatment for me it is a way of life, I very much adhere to the ancient Shinto practises, in that I honour the ancestors, as I honour the universe, spirit (not limited to just loved ones) as well as honouring every human life whether I actually like the person or not, I honour the fact they have that spark of life and light.
feng-shui-astrologyThroughout 2016, I found that once again my life and outlook began to go through changes; I had started to learn massage therapies as I felt that they had important role to play with Reiki, I also went through a great awakening as the more I connected to my Sojourn and to the divinity of the universe both inside and outside; I found and discovered that I really needed to become true to myself both personally and professionally. Last year was a year of massive shifts and changes, it began after my first time teaching Angelic Reiki; one of the important realisations that I have come to with any teaching is that I facilitate learning; I open the door and the students take themselves through that door and learn very quickly what it means to experience Angelic Reiki, or Usui Reiki. They come to understand (eventually) that it is more about being than it is about doing, sometimes you need to experience and follow the natural flow and that also applies to myself.
connectedI became aware that I had to shift some major past life karma, and that I also needed to fully awaken the Kundalini energy that is apart of who I am. These both play vital roles in my journey and also it required me to let go and also come home to myself as well, in order to progress and move forward with my work. So I signed myself up to doing a sacred de-armouring workshop, it is not for the faint of heart but it makes a difference and really does bring home the idea of being in a physical body as well as having an energy form as well. This also led me to doing ancestral work, which made such a difference and allowed me to experience release at the same time. This also opened up to the very unpleasant side of the work that I do and can be involved with.
I have always found myself in the presence of the best teachers, the best facilitators and I have over time realised why this is. As a person that has various learning and biological complications, I find that I am placed in situations with the best people that work with these rather than against them. They have either helped me to recognise these thing for what they are, or they have helped me to overcome or turn them into strengths. However the flip side of this is that it has shown me beyond the veil of pretence and hyperbole; as for every great facilitator or teacher there is one who is not that great.
meRecently I have discovered that much of what I had believed or been led into believing belonged to others, I have been through a lot in order to come home and start to embody my sojourn, my beliefs and also take what I have been taught and put it across in away that makes sense to others. It’s not sitting well with people, in fact it has caused me a great deal of problems for the better part of nine months. I will also be upfront and honest by saying that it has caused a lot of damage on the personal and professional level and I am over being told who I am and who I am not by the spectators of my life in the peanut gallery of hearsay and rumour.
I take my work very seriously and I honour what I have been taught but I will also honour what I am feeling and how I am being led by the flow of Reiki and also the calling of Source and Divine Will. This means that it is time to allow natural evolution and the ebb and flow of source to guide. I follow that flow and allow it to show me what needs to be on any given workshop or with any given client because at that moment it is perfect, and the student or the client gets what they need not what is being prescribed by some formula, there are standards and I will always adhere and work within those standards.
meI’d love to say that this has been the easy part, giving you the reader information about who I am but believe me when I say it’s really the hardest part of it. I have read so many about pages, as I would image you have as well and they all have the customary ‘selfie’ and then go into this huge textual glorification about how they have been this and then one day had an epiphany and were suddenly encouraged by their great grandmother, mother or some other person to go out into the world and share their gift and so on… Well like so many children up to around the age of 4 or 5 I was gifted, the difference with me I never had it bred out of me by school, my peers or even my family. If anything because I was bullied throughout the latter years of primary (elementary for those of you outside the UK) and all through Secondary education it made the connection to spirit stronger and allowed me the chance to hone the psychic skills as well.
Throughout my further education I was always interested in the esoteric and supernatural. It became a hobby of mine and it led me into developing a very deep passion for not only the Tarot Cards but Spiritual communication as well, something that as you have read I continue working with today, however as well as platform I also do Trance work (channelling) as well as transfiguration work (spiritually my features change). I love all aspects of my work, they have been my life since I was born really. As I said above Reiki is not just a therapy or a method of healing for me, Reiki is who I am, I live and work with it each and every day of my life.

Conversations with An Angel 4

Archangel Metatron

Archangel Metatron


“I’d like you share our conversation” I heard in my head. I knew pretty much without even needing to think about it that Metatron was paying me a visit. As it happens I had been working with Angelic Reiki since the night before my wedding. I find it stimulating, and relaxing at the same time. Since the end of last year I have been tasked by the Angelic Kingdom to do the Angelic Attunement for the planet every few months.

“Why would you ask me to share it?” I asked, I thought it was unusual for the scribe of ‘God’ asking me to share a conversation with everyone, no one actually ‘reads’ this blog anyway unless it’s a Hop Post. However I did as he suggested and sat down to do just that share our conversation as it happens. I don’t actually know what I am meant to share, but my guess would be as the words come in I type them and then I guess ask questions if they are needed…
Metatron: “Sharing the conversation allows others to glimpse into what it is like to share your consciousness with an Archangel energy; too often notions and ideas created by those who write drama or conscript reality do not convey the actuality of what it means to be alive and how wonderful it is too live. From a higher perspective it seems as if your heads are buried in a sand of your own making.
Me:”Is that how humans appear to you? Lost or buried in sand?”
Metatron: “Yes! From the higher perspective the Mortal Race, seems lost in a sandstorm of its own making, you hide behind screens, doors, physical trivialities such as status, money, politics and spiritual ambiguity. There is an arrogance within the Human race especially in that it claims to be the superior species because it kills another species without respect for the chains and cycles of life that have had precedence over Gaia long before Human-kind had the ability to string more than a few words together.”
Furthermore, human-kind separates itself with a basis steeped in blood-history and factional wars from bygone eras because as a species and a race you are not able to see passed the end of your own evolution. You argue about your origins and yet you have not evolved past the ability to kill, however you contradict this by claiming to be peaceful, and yet you are all part of the same cycle and species so you are equally held into account for your actions… There are no separations.
Me:”From the higher perspective you do not see colours of skin, religious choice, political allegiance or the name of God?”
MetratonMetatron: “יהוה has many translations but only one name and that is ‘Love’ just as you split an atom, you split יהוה name and in both instances you created something far worse, the only Devil is the one Human-Kind created, the only evil is the one that Human-Kind birthed, the only Hel is the one Human-Kind named and imagined. The gift of life is squandered and mistreated but that is your choice.”
As scribe to יהוה it is my purpose to keep a record a book for every human that has ever been born, I wrote my own book just as I wrote my brothers, fathers, mothers and those who came before and after. יהוה explained that it was always my function to write these books, I understand Human-Kind as did my brother, this is why we were tasked to plant the tree of life, cultivate it and allow it blossom and grow.
Me:”When you say Tree of Life, do you mean as in the Tree from the Biblical Garden of Eden?”
Metatron: “The Biblical Eden for many is as real as the apples that you eat, the water that you drink and the animals that human-kind slaughter. However Eden is a fable in truth what you understand as the Tree of Life is a metaphysical structure not unlike the building blocks used to create Life on Earth. It is a representation of the journey that all life on the planet takes. The Tree is perhaps better thought of as a Web, a Golden Web that extends to the limits of the imagination and each strand represents a life, and as a life is relinquished whether by choice or through natural selection, part of that web withers and falls away but just as one strand falls another grows and thus it keeps going. As a tree, a branch falls away as a life ends but another grows as life continues.”
Me: “I understand what you mean and I think some of the people will as well, but they’ll also look at this with a skeptic’s eye and just assume that I wrote this off the top of my head and I am not talking to an Angel because I am not a pastor, priest or saint, nor am I a Wiccan High Priest or anything other than…”
Metatron: “I am going to stop your hands before you complete that sentence and correct you on all of it… Yes! It is a conversation inside your mind and Yes! It was an inspired request that you received in your head but that does not make it any less valid. Angels select their messengers from all walks of Human-life; some of the best people to do the work of Angels are born of the Angels themselves. We are a living energetic consciousness that has never been bound by Human-Kind’s words or interpretations of our origins and actions.”
Before Human-Kind chose technology to replace rather than complement their own natural abilities, we chose Humans to be our messengers, you gave them titles such as Messiah, Prophet, Witch, Whore and many others. You chose when to listen and when to stop listening and so the Angelic Kingdom chose a different way to communicate, we chose to work with those who were ready to listen rather than those who would claim to speak on our behalf.
MetratonThe many that claim to be the voice of יהוה do not hear the word or feel the energy of יהוה instead they speak from a place of human perception of יהוה and lay claim to the name God as if this was the only translation and while this works for many it is not the true interpretation of the words from יהוה as they are not words as Human-Kind understands them but they are feelings, energy and vibrational frequencies that change the perception and raise it.
Right now יהוה is pulsing his word to those that care to listen, care to hear the word and you do not need to have religion, you do not need to be anything other than open to the word of יהוה that vibrational energy raises and awakens you to who you are at the deepest core, your soul. יהוה says listen to the soul, listen and follow that truth reject all that does not resonate, even this message if that is what you wish, however יהוה says to reject this message and this conversation shows that you have not reached the higher frequencies that are contained within the truth that is contained here.
Me: “When you say Higher Frequencies, what do you mean?”
Metatron: “Everything vibrates and resonates, your science has proven this as a fact; the lowest density frequency would be understood as 1D, increase the frequency and the resonance changes therefore 2D, 3D and 4D are all possible, the frequency and resonance of love comes from source, for human-kind this source is יהוה there is no literal translation for יהוה and so Human-Kind has given it as many translations as possible, you have given יהוה a female companion in some older ways but ultimately יהוה just is, but it is how human-kind has felt the vibration of love that has given rise to the many literal and non-literal translations that have been created.
Angelic energy has always been present amongst human-kind, you evolved once before but you were not ready to rise above your ego and so when you began again, it was decided that you would make of the world what you would but for every accomplishment or achievement there have been as many fallbacks and backwards slide. Therefore יהוה tasked the Angelic Kingdom and The Spiritual Hosts to help and aid Human-Kind as much as possible thus we do what we can in small, quiet and simple ways.

So there you have it, a conversation with an angel. It’s raw and unedited, I don’t expect that it will be read that often or go down that well but hey I had fun writing and working with them as always, for me that is really all that matters 🙂