Reiki Blog Hop: Master List – January 2018

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Welcome, it’s the start of a brand-new year and things in the world of energy work are becoming more relevant these days. Reiki perhaps even more so as the healer’s world is constantly changing; new ways of working and new Reiki methods constantly being discovered.

This month sees The Facebook Reiki Blog Hop Group starting up again after a rest period; and I volunteered to come up with this month’s topic. If you haven’t blog hopped before, this is the absolute perfect time to start. You can find out all about Blog Hopping Here and you can sign up to the Group Here or through the link at the top of this paragraph.

I’ve changed the format of the Master List slightly to include some information about the time, date and subject for the topic. This is a safety measure that I have adopted so that if Facebook decided to get stroppy and the Sign-up post gets messed about, all the information is here on the Master List for that month.

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BLOG TOPIC: Guided by Reiki?


There are times when I am teaching/facilitating the learning/birthing of Reiki practitioners either into Usui or Angelic Reiki and the topic of Guides comes up from time to time. Usually I let the student decide their own answer to this question, so for this first hop of 2018, I would like to pose this as a topic for discussion.

How do you approach/answer or discuss the topic of Reiki Guides, is it something that you’ve encountered, do you believe that as masters or as students that we are guided when it comes to Reiki?

If you have done a hop with me before, then you’re aware that I am a great believer in if you find yourself being called to discuss something that is on parallel with this topic, you are most welcome to explore it.

Master List – Saturday, 27 – January – 2018


This list, is pretty much our running order. Normally the names are randomised from the sign up list on the Group; but as there are only three folks for this one, the running order is exactly the same.


Master List: Here

1. Jay Cassels | http://metaphysicalangels.co.uk/rbh8
2. Joy Vernon | http://joyvernon.com/Blog/guided-by-reiki/
3. Karen Sealey | https://pureblessedtarot.wordpress.com/2018/01/29/reiki-guides-and-other-asides/


Reiki Blog Hop: Guided By The Light 4

Master List



Welcome, this month sees The Facebook Reiki Blog Hop Group starting up again after a rest period; and I volunteered to come up with this month’s topic. If you haven’t blog hopped before, this is the absolute perfect time to start. You can find out all about Blog Hopping Here and you can sign up to the Group Here or through the link at the top of this paragraph.

The format on my hop posts has changed this year to include information on the topic, which would normally include time, date and topic. However this as this month I am the Wrangler, all the information is here on the Master List.


Welcome, to the first blog hop of a new cycle for The Reiki Blog Hop. It is the first one of 2018 and already there are massive changes going on. It has the feeling that this year the training wheels are off and it is time to bring some cycles into completion as well as really get working with all my skills.


This of course felt like a prompt from those that guide, and so I set this prompt for the blog hop.



How do you approach/answer or discuss the topic of Reiki Guides, is it something that you’ve encountered, do you believe that as masters or as students that we are guided when it comes to Reiki? If you have done a hop with me before, then you’re aware that I am a great believer in if you find yourself being called to discuss something that is on parallel with this topic, you are most welcome to explore it.



Guided By The Light



In many ways it was always meant to be that I would find my way to Reiki and I suppose it wasn’t even meant to end at just Usui Reiki, which is the founding system. I was meant to find my way into Angelic, Kundalini as well as all the other ways in which Reiki and I cross paths.


I have actually lost count of the different schools, methods and modalities that I have studied where Reiki is concerned. I’ve come to see it as my Dharma, meaning that I was always meant to rediscover my roots, rather than it being a Karmic thing, where I decided to find it and then heal something within my reincarnation cycle; which is a topic for another hop I think. Needless to say I have always had a connection to it and to being guided by it. Reiki has always guided my path, even before being awakened to the energies of Reiki, it ensured that I had all the knowledge and insights that I would need in order to make sense of the very deep and sometimes mirky path that Reiki has been tainted with.


The whole idea of guides and Reiki can be a little tempestuous, you just need to look at the symbol that represents Reiki to see just how diverse and tricky it is. After all the first question that raised my brow was why are there two and what is the difference between them? It took me ages to actually discover an answer that actually sits well with me.




There is plenty of history on Reiki, however as we know history is re-written to favour the outcome, and the person who is writing it. I guess this is why I have never really truthfully held with any version of Reiki’s history. 


In many ways I think I would honestly prefer not to know, which would be fine if I didn’t teach. It is a funny thing because when I have students for Usui Reiki, I say that I am what would be called a Sensei as it honours the fact I am one who knows Reiki, but also one who is always learning; plus it is purely honorific, so it sits well with me. However when I have students for Angelic Reiki, I say I am facilitating as it is the student that is doing a lot of the work, however when it comes to the attunement and healing techniques for both I am there to be a channel for the attunements and a guide for helping to learn the techniques.


There is that word again Guide… Perhaps it is time to start looking at this in a bit more detail. Let’s start with the Traditional or Usui Reiki…


There is something unkind and unwelcoming about this version of the Reiki symbol. It denies the idea of guides and simply suggests that it is human energy that is at the root of Reiki, which is fine providing it’s 65+ years ago in a time when we knew nothing of energy work, spirit or reincarnation. However it’s not and we do know these things, so it begs the question, why does the symbol persist? I have manuals and certificates with this on it and I keep thinking, why use it, when you are discussing in your manuals and lessons about spiritual energy and connection to this energy? 


True, each to their own and we all have our own styles, methods and ways of teaching/facilitation based on how we were taught, but surely we are more than just the sum of our teachers? When there is so much information out there and so much still being discovered about Reiki, is it not about time the we moved on and stopped giving energy to something that goes against the very thing Reiki has always stood for?


Forgive my outburst and perhaps my lack of knowledge, depending on how you receive this entry. You see for me I have spent a lot of time looking into this whole subject, as someone that passes along knowledge and understanding; I like to make sure that I can give as much information in my manuals as I can, and from time to time I like to update them, so that my students can learn to make up their own mind. It is after all their journey to take, as for me I am furthering my experiences and learning in order to make the transition into the ways of Reiki, for others easier to understand.


It is a bit like this symbol, which to me embodies Reiki in all its forms and says that it is about working in alignment with those that guide, however we understand them. Many see their guides as figures in the mind’s eye or in visions with their eyes shut, some sense or hear, others might even smell or perhaps taste.


I don’t think I have met anyone who embodies their Reiki guide, or embodies Reiki. It is perhaps a leap that only a few will make in any life cycle. It is perhaps a concept that very few are able to understand or interpret in such a way that would make sense to them.


What I have come to realise is that Reiki and I, found a path that would not only clear the old ancestral cycles, karmic cycles and also give me the understanding of my dharma; that I am now in a position to be actively and consciously free to move forward with my path. Reiki has also given me a gift of a new way in which to work with it, and that is to embody the energy of Usui, Angelic, Kundalini and all the others that I have mentioned, in such away that I no longer feel like I have to make a distinction between them, so where does that leave me as a teacher/sensei/facilitator?




It took me a while to realise that although for the sake of students, organisations, continuity and insurances, there needs to be clear distinctions between these different schools, modalities and methods; it is purely a comfortable blanket or safety bar that keeps everything nice neat and in a box. That can be clearly classified and that is perfect for those systems and people that have a mind, where there is that continuity. I will happily work alongside these and not rattle cages, boxes or cause to much corruption within the system, but from a personal point of view, it makes working with me a very unique, fun and interesting place to be.


It has taken five years for me to be able to happily say I know my stuff when it comes to working with Reiki, or most of what I have been trained to do. It was an old cycle based in partially truth of the time and also fear of competition and experiences that meant I kept on to it. I was taught that if I put myself out there and allowed my ego-self to boast, then bad things would happen and the universe would ‘slap’ me. 


The Universe in its sentience has better things to do than play God, we have religion to do that. The realities of the ‘bad things’ were a combination of foresight, self-fulfilling prophecy and the universal energies ensuring that I broke the self-destructive cycles that were repeating. I just didn’t understand or even see these cycles until much later.


It was through Reiki that I got to grips with the concept of cycles, Usui taught me to recognise them, Kundalini to embrace and work through them and Angelic taught to release and severe the cords, however it also brought to light other cords and severances that needed to happen alongside these and all revolving around teaching/facilitation and honouring Reiki in all its forms.




There is truth in the phrase, you learn through doing; I have learnt to release, let go and use my knowledge and experiences to talk openly about the cycles that I have been through and removed.


It has allowed me to discuss the abuses of power that exist within spiritual movements such as Reiki, and it shows as well as flags up who is good people and who are anything but good people. It is also true to say that; like does attract like but then Reiki and Quantum have a lot in common, which again is a topic for another hop.


Well all that remains for me to say is thank you for stopping by this entry on the blog hop, remember that you can visit the blog before me or the blog after me using the links above and below. The Master List is a fantastic navigation tool if you get lost or looking for a particular entry. If you feel drawn to leave me a comment then that would be most welcomed.



Master List


Reiki Blog Hop – The Journey of Reiki 6



I didn’t half set myself up with this one, the Journey of Reiki is perhaps one of the biggest pieces that I have ever touched upon in my entire time of doing the blog hop, and even though this was originally typed up post January blog hop, it will still be just as relevant by the time March arrives.

However before I get into this, let’s do some of the civil pleasantries; not everyone will have started or even read the Master List page, so let me give you a kind of cliff notes version, and if you are curious, why not go have a read of the Master List, as it sets everything up very nicely for this month.


The theme for this month is the Journey of Reiki, it is my belief that we enter into a consensual relationship with Reiki, for me I believe that it is a form of living energy and that the attunement process is a bit like a marriage ceremony in that we willingly allow that energy to work with us and through us, just as we work with it and through it. The journey then starts to unfold in whatever way it is meant to.


Each person, be they a master, practitioner or a student taking their first steps has this journey and it is my sense of things that Masters have an ongoing journey because they are teaching students to connect and what that means for them, so in essence they are supporting the process of attunement and learning not only for someone but for themselves as well.


The master list is the link in the chain of how each blog writer discusses this theme from the experiences of their own ongoing journey. Where you are at the moment is at the start or end of the chain depending on which way you have come.



As I said at the start, this has been a huge one for me; I came into awareness of it during my own process to do with betrayal of trust concerning the master/student relationship and the respect and honouring of the friendship that developed from that place. The dynamic gave the appearance of being mutual, where I was no longer just a student but I had entered into the teacher/facilitation role.


However this began to shift as soon as I began enquiring about the Masters, it felt like there was some hugely guarded sacred rite of initiation that I needed to pass before it would acceptable for me to even create the manual or teach/hold space for the Masters; now without feeding this or giving it drama, it is possible to assume from all that I have said that this was to do with power, status and control.


What is interesting and I am exploring here is the journey reiki took me; it literally took the shaky foundations of this perceived relationship/friendship and gave them a tap, only for the entire structure down to its foundations to crumble and become debris with no hope of ever rebuilding it, so all it services now is a talking point and instructional lesson aid for future teachers of this particular Reiki practise.


My journey didn’t end there, in fact it triggered a massive shift; and brought to the surface some stuff that while unexpected was welcomed in the sense that it was time for it to go; what I have discovered is that Reiki is taking me down a new and somewhat uncharted road, instead of now just being a practise; it’s a way of life, and in that I am being shown new ways to work.


At first I was like this is not Reiki, this is anything but Reiki and then this weekend I stopped blocking myself. This is what Reiki evolves into when you stop dividing and conquering. Okay so I realise that at this moment, I am most likely starting to loose some of you with this, so let me break this down just a little.


If you haven’t hopped with me before or even if you have it doesn’t do any harm for me to share, as long as you are open to it, a little piece of my Reiki background and journey. I started with Usui Reiki, it was my dad pushing me from the higher side of life; that opened or rather reopened a door that had been firmly shut.


Within about a year give or take, I have completed through to my Masters Certificate, but I didn’t feel as if there had been completion and so I did it again with my Original Master, (in total I have about four or five). It was the right thing to do because it opened a door to learning for both of us (another entry for another hop). I then went on to do my Kundalini Reiki, but included with that were Etheric, Gold and further Boosters to the Kundalini. Then I went through Karuna, Shamballa MDH and finally (until recently) Angelic Reiki, which I took through to Teacher level (I prefer Facilitator but again, another entry for another hop).


Recently I decided to do some Continued Personal Development and did a couple of refresher courses online through Udemy for Reiki. These were good because it was showing me how it is possible to discuss and perhaps do a bit of teaching online, which always seems to get the backup with some but if it works why decry it? May not be for everyone but surely in Reiki anything is possible right?


Okay so my sense and feeling with regards to Reiki has been that there is coming a point now where no matter the name, no matter the master, and no matter how the attunements are entered into, this sentient reiki energy that has entered into a consensual symbiotic relationship with us no longer has titles, designations, it doesn’t require them. It’s like thought, we don’t label our thoughts, or have to address the internal desire that says “It’s time to Pee” so why do we do it with Reiki?


My sense of awareness and as I feel my way through this is suggesting that this need to label and give energy is hierarchal place (meaning Usui Reiki is lower on the scale than Angelic Reiki or Kundalini Reiki doesn’t work or it’s not Reiki) is about human amoris and the need for something to be superior even when it isn’t.


The journey of reiki itself isn’t really shrouded in that much mystery; Usui Reiki in reality really only has second or third hand accounts of how it is remembered; the reality is that Usui was a very private man, he was given the title Sensei only because he was revered and honoured by those around him.


Kundalini, Karuna and Shamballa were all created, inspired processes by humans who were no more godly that the rest of us on our very good days. The fact is they worked and they helped to shift or created a process for healing. Angelic Reiki, based on Shamballa and Usui Reiki, has intuitive and inspired writings that allows us to understand how to develop a personal connection to the Angelic energies (however you understand them); many students, masters and teacher came together and helped the originator of the system to create the now simplistic way of how the attunements are written today and facilitated.


However mythical the system appears, the fundamental realities were that the founder and originator of Angelic Reiki, simply wrote things down on paper, typed up other things and basically handed these out to the students. It was a student of his that finally gathered all of it up and said here use this as your manual and is there anything you need to add to it?


Reiki is the essence of being human, a gift from source to bring us back in true alignment with our own sovereign selves, and that is basically just scratching the surface. This is what Reiki is teaching me, this is uncharted road; it is stripping out all the bull, all the shitty human ego mythos that has gotten in the way.


It is taking back our own power and it is telling those who would try to invade, undermine or anything else just to fuck off! When there is ever doubt as to how far I have come, or if I find myself lost, I look at the journeys I have seen others who have a connection to Reiki take, some its taken them to a place where they’ll move to a new country eventually. For others they are coming into their own, and taking ownership of what that means.


It has opened hearts, minds and souls to their fullest potential, and it has helped others to become bad ass shamanic practitioners. Reiki is truly amazing, its unassuming, living energy that works to bring us into who we are meant to be.


Thanks for stopping by and staying with this, loving you and your journey so far.


Reiki Blog Hop – When Letting Go is Hard to Do… 4




It’s funny how I always seem to adopt a different tone when I do this blog hop compared to the Tarot Blog Hop it’s not that I don’t treat it seriously because believe me I do, I just have a completely different approach to tarot, maybe because I have worked with it so long, we’ve got to a point where I give just as much attitude as I get from the 100+ decks I have in my collection. There again maybe its just with Reiki, I live within the possibilities of endless wonder.


This month our reiki cat herder and resident wrangler Joy, has brought up the topic of letting go and to be fair, I almost let go of the drink in my mouth upon reading the topic. I believe my actual comment was something along the lines of “…gees have you guys been scrying in your coffee and seeing my life this last two weeks??? I have a novel waiting for this one… followed later with something like “…seriously I think I have now reach my fifth volume for this post… in all fairness to this post, we’re looking at a sixth volume at this point.


I chose to let go of some of my weight I had been carrying, I chose to let to of just being engaged and entered into an unconventional but completely legal marriage… twice… I chose to let go of who I believed myself to be and in the process of a full weekend discovered who I actually was, I have been placed into a position where I have had to let go of a pedestal and discover the heart (and to an extent soul) of a person that I had a lot of respect for and I have also chosen to let go of inherited ancestral baggage as well as help other let go of theirs.


WhoisThere is no doubt in my mind though that I still have work to do, the process of letting go, this shedding continues throughout life, it doesn’t just suddenly stop one day. One of the most liberating things you can ever do is to surrender to the natural flow of reiki, its not like science, it’s not a text book method or a one-size fits all; yes! Reiki, is Reiki, is and always will be Reiki, no matter how much window dressing like words, symbols or mystical babble that gets created, at the end of the day it comes back to the fact its Reiki.


When you really look into Reiki, its history, its cultural heritage and even the language and philosophy of it; there is at the core of it, one blissful reality; Reiki is simple. Regardless of which history you read there is a point where the symbols, their meaning, their origins and purpose are discussed. Depending on which history you read will affect how you relate to the symbols and their function, meaning, origin and also purpose both functionally and beyond that function.



The most common one I find difficulty with is the traditional Kanji, there is really odd debate about it not being correct and yet this is the one that actually defines Reiki at its most traditional, because it is the one that Usui-Sensei taught (allegedly just to be safe and not cause that much offense). My main sense about this is that as soon as it was brought over into the Western world, because there is so much mis-information and dis-trust between East and West, those that chose to bring it here (regardless of reasons) they decided to make it palatable for us so took out any spiritual or mystic reference and created what is mostly out there today.


However, as tourism and curiosity about other cultures took hold, we started to become more inquisitive and now we have more information than we really know what to do with, so where do you let go and just forge your own path? This is exactly the point that I am at; 2016 has been a phenomenal year of transformation for me. It has also been an almost full circle too; recently I charted my progress in terms of my certificated knowledge, meaning the colleges, universities and also masters and courses that I have done throughout my life. I am tempted to forego the laborious process of writing them all out, but no! At least not this time, this is about letting go and that can be seen in two ways, the release of the bad but also the releasing of knowledge, and information and let’s face it; how much do you really know about me?


WhoisNot that much I would imagine; Since 1998 I have studied: Media Skills, Hairdressing, Communications, Computing, Crystal Therapy, Character Analysis, Parapsychology, Numerology, Journal Therapy, Psychology of Self, Dream Analysis, Meditation Teacher, Tarot Card & Cartomancy, Counselling Skills, Spiritual Healing, Creative Writing, Wicca, Usui Reiki Level I, II and Masters, Angelic Reiki Practitioners, Masters and Teachers, Astrology, Angel Healing, Kundalini Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Gold Reiki, Shamballa MDH Reiki and I’m also studying Massage Diploma, Advance Crystal Healing and Chinese Massage & Accupressure.


The interesting thing about this year is while I am happy to have typed all of that out, I also release it; I have an entire alphabet after my name these days, but they aren’t me, they are what shaped me. I build my own computers, design a lot of my own logo/graphics – although admittedly these ones I am using are a gift from a friend good friend of mine – this year I have also learnt about de-armouring work, ancestral healing and I have also learnt a very valuable lesson about hero-worship and pedestals.


Throughout my reiki journey, I have heard the same message over and over again, ‘there is enough room for reiki practitioners, we’re all one big family, there is no competition, we all help each other…’ Let that one go! It’s said by those who are in a position where they have a stable client base and been in business for a while. They’ve got nothing to be concerned about and further they really don’t see anyone they are teaching as a threat, they also have another part to their business and Reiki is just apart of it. Since branching off into different areas of Reiki, I truly didn’t see there was any dark side to it, until I stopped looking at things from the higher side perspective.


You see when you take it into the physical, factor in living, money and running a business; it is highly competitive and there is no big Reiki family, in the past month alone I have been called uncaring, I have been told that the only reason I am even contemplating some of my business ideas is because I am coming from a place of ego, money or stealing students. It’s not in my nature to be any of those things, so it says more about the person saying this than me.


While I care about what is said about me, I also know that I am not that person being described; it is a view point coming from where that person is in their life. However it makes me realise that I have that skill set and I know that I am able to do that work, facilitate and bring new practitioners of Reiki, any Reiki into awakening and maybe its time to just stop trying to living within this world, where people and reiki are meant to be at a higher vibration, to be awakened in their own way; its clear to me that many are only coming from their own place, and at some point they have stopped being present and in their bodies to hear the message that is being broadcast within the silence.


“Reiki is Simple” “Reiki is Light!” “Reiki is Perfect Love!” This energy is a mirror, its a guide and it is a gift. Every person that has ever done Reiki, has been given an amazing gift, its set them on their pathway, from Shaman, Witch, Master, Practitioner, Facilitator, Devi/Deva and all the inbetweens. Reiki holds up a mirror, and says look at where you are, where you need to be and where you want to go… Reiki is Reiki is Reiki… and sometimes you just really need to let go of who you think you are, where you think you are and what you believe you are and simply be…


Thanks for stopping by this months entry on the Reiki blog hop. Please feel free to leave me a comment on here or on Facebook if you have trouble with my comments page




Reiki Blog Hop – Riding the Mercurian Mania… 6




Normally I have everything under control, I know where these blog articles are headed in advance and it’s a matter of plonking this butt of mine down and letting the fingers do the work… Normally… There is nothing normal about this Blog Hop, nothing has gone to plan and you know what, it’s actually perfect… and in accordance with divine will…


This is my fourth hop and each one I have done has been different to the one before it. I am going to dispense with the typical and usual welcomes, and just say this; a hop is awesome, its wild and honestly you never know what is going to appear on them, so buckle up baby, you are in for one hellva wild ride with this one… Massive Kudos to our Wranger, Cat Hearder and Awesome Overlorde Karen for this one…


Let me back track a little, to the end of July; I had been on a de-armouring weekend that completely stripped me of explanation, story and fears as well. I had this new found confidence and I wasn’t afraid to challenge the normalcy and also live my truth not everyone elses, and put it this way it didn’t go down all too well, but then in all honesty I didn’t expect it to.


The funny thing about the whole experience is that I learnt about being in-service and about holding space not just for clients but also for myself as well. This then led me to wanting to learn about the whole thing in more detail from learning about acupressure to Chinese massage, to the Munay-Ki not to mention exploring past lives, trance and Qigong as well.


Right about now though I can image the question fluttering to the surface “What has this got to do with Reiki or this month’s topic?” – Everything and also nothing at the same time. Everything because it’s that whole Mercury Retrograde, which has a science and astronomy aspect as well as the astrology aspect as well, it also has nothing to do with it at the same time but here is the thing, Reiki for me is in everything, it is everything.


Reiki is a contentious topic, in religion it causes havoc; spiritualist churches disavow it and will not permit anyone that has been attuned to actively promote or make use of it because they consider Reiki not to be from the source, and yet spiritual healing as they define it comes from the exact same place as Reiki flows from it is just a completely different approach, needless to say I have very little to do with the SNU (Spiritualist National Union), I have more than a few times even before waking up to my potential gone head to head over various things with a president or two…


Over here in Scotland, my mum welcomed practitioners of Reiki and other natural and holistic therapies on to her wards more so during her time as a cancer care ward sister (not a manager… That in itself is another post), they had a special room set up on the wards for the therapists and if the patient wasn’t able it was done in their private room or behind a curtian for privacy. Unconventional runs in our family…


Science in the conventional sense I don’t think understands the fact it is sentient bio-energy that merges into symbiosis with a master/practitioner; to be honest I don’t even think many master/practitioners have realised this or even considered the possibility because they’re not ready to take that next evolutionary step in their thinking but I believe in time they will.


As for my GP, hell there is so much about me that she does know and so much more she doesn’t but I will say one thing, she is really open to my way ways of thinking, but then I know that she is not like other Doctors or GP’s and that is why I am with her. There has been a great change in attitude and it continues to change because even the medicine man or woman wakes up to the possibility there is more to life than a diagnosis. In fact there are times when we have taught each other something, which is rare in any profession.


There are instances when Reiki can cause an issue to wellbeing, but it is not what you might think; more and more now Reiki is evolving, sometimes this is for the betterment and then other times it can become a detriment, certain Reiki’s like Kundalini have evolved because there is a need but its evolved in the wrong way, almost like it is a fad or a jumping on the bandwagon, there are few who really understand this primordial energy. I can really only think of one or two people, Bonnie Greenwell has the only sensible approach to this energy awakening. Don’t get me wrong used in the correct fashion and approached with reverence and allowing Shiva and Shakti to be the guides you can at least understand your primordial nature and work in a limited way with that energy awakening.


Tantra and Kundalini often become confused, but they are not really the same thing at their core and I do not as yet know enough about Tantra to speak with any authority on the matter and I can barely speak about the Kundalini outside of my own awakening and research into it. However I know that I can help those who are ready to take that step along their awakening through Kundalini Reiki.


Coming back into the title now “Riding the Mercurian Wave” This whole week has been blurry, lots of transient shifts and a ton of realisations about, well about my own journey. Learning to hold space, learning to embrace and be fully present in myself opened my eyes to just how much spiritual ignorance exists. So many assume they know, assume they are experienced and awakened, but then when you pierce that bubble you suddenly discover that they aren’t experienced.


Riding this Mercury Retrograde Wave has been flagging up that I can actually walk my talk and quite literally am very prepared to shit where I sit, (which is not a nice experience) but it evokes the truth in having vulnerability, and the truth of having the feeling of weakness but in that weakness having the strength and the knowing, I have strength to push beyond my IBS limitations and overcome that boundary and do what I set out to do is liberating and shows just how much I am able to endure.


I have witness my darkness and I embrace and live in my light now, within this freedom I am able to see those who are embracing their truth and those who are textbook, literally lifting and spouting their training or lack thereof. These days when I am working or training I actively hold space and I may not de-armour using physical pressures and meridian lines but instead the Reiki heals and opens the student to their truth and fundamentally prepares them for their practitioner and master journeys respectively.


As for the spiritually blind, I have found myself shining a very bright light into their darkness and asking… “Why?”



Thanks for stopping by my Reiki Blog Hop, please feel free to leave me a few words or thoughts.




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Over the last 5 years I have been doing Tai Chi/Qigong, if you are unfamiliar with these then I would suggest looking them up on the net to get a fuller picture, however I can give you a brief idea here within this post. Tai Chi is both a martial art form and a restorative Chinese medicine practice that helps to build agility, strength, better circulation, better posture as well as mindfulness. Qigong is a Chinese medicine discipline that focuses on restoring the balance of Chi [Qi] within the body, as well as strengthening other aspects like better posture, restoration of the biological Chi [Qi] that resides within the body. The common thread between Qigong and Tai Chi is that they work with energy.

For the last 3 years I have devoted my entire being to Reiki, not just the one aspect but all of them. Karuna, Kundalini, Shamballa, Angelic as well as Eastern Traditional and Western Usui Reiki forms. Now I admit I am quite outspoken about Reiki and I have developed an affinity to Reiki; it was this year I found out why this affinity is hard coded into my being, through my Past Life Regression, so for me it really explains why I have such a passion for Teaching it and offering it as a therapy.
Reiki Traditional Kanji The most significant change to both the way I teach and do my therapies has come in the last 12 months, I have stopped getting in my own way and simply embraced the flow and the way. Thing is if you are a Practitioner or Master of any Reiki method, discussion of ‘The Way’ or ‘The Flow’ may still be lost on you a little because from what I have read so far, no one has really connected the dots so to speak. I think that might be because the approach to Reiki when you are of the Western World comes from Power, Profit and People; sometime the order is different but it still is very much about profit and power.
Not that these are bad things but really in order to appreciate the finer points and also to improve your own practice of Reiki, shifting the focus away from the principles of power, profit and people to inward reflection, self completion and healing or awakening the soul does help. This is where Tao [also referred to as Daoism] helps; as from the philosophical as well as at metaphysical level you stop ‘naval gazing’ and actually embrace the energy of the tan t’ien [can also be the dan tien]. This space below the belly button has a lot of associations in different cultures, it gets confusing the more you spend time looking into it.
The problem for most will be translating it into something tangible; it’s why for the most part many an author or instructor will stick to what they have been taught, or stick to the one source whether it is right or wrong. There is the personal interpretation of the information as well, depending on how it is understood will depend on how it is presented for others to read. If you come from a place of power, then its the powerful aspects that are focused on first, so if your audience is predominantly from the Western Hemisphere, there is a strong chance that power, dominance over that power and strength over compassion are the elements that will be put across first.
The same applies if you have been apart of subjugation such as being female, gay, different skin colour, different religion or refugee. If you author a book then the part that holds resentment can shine through in the words. What has affected that author will be more apparent than the content. That energy is the first thing picked up from that book by the readers senses, some ignore that sense of energy and read it regardless, whereas others don’t.
By 百楽兎 - My Own Work. Modified from Image:Pakua with name.svg (Original author: Benoît Stella alias BenduKiwi), CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2662641It was really today (hence this post) that I finally put my jigsaw pieces together and began to make sense of how I see Reiki, and why my approach to Reiki is changing and constantly evolving or maybe de-evolving would be a better way to describe it. Tao teaches to embrace ‘The Way’ and describes this ‘Way’ as formless energy that flows through everything including our own self. This formless energy is alive and as we open the tan t’ien through Tai Chi and Qigong, that energy works with us in our daily lives, so where stoic upright marching gives way to relaxed flowing walking with purpose and mindfulness.
This is the exact same for Reiki, embracing it and making it part of daily life, allows the tan t’ien to fill up and expand all the other centres as well. After all the tan t’ien is part of the Sacral Chakra, which deals with the physical world and how we interact with it, our root chakra is how we connect to our physical being, not our connection to the planet but our connection to our own physical self. The Ba Gua, which is the symbol to the right represents Reality. The Broken/Unbroken represent what we know as Yin/Yang. Yin is the Broken and Yang is the Unbroken but one can not be without the other. In Reiki we are repairing Chi within the body, restoring the Balance and therefore returning the person/client to their place within Tao and ‘The Way’ or their place within it.
Although most Reiki teachings in the Western Hemisphere focus on the placement of the hands on to the Seven main chakra points, it really is only the tip of the iceberg in many ways. Working on those areas is fine when you are really just getting started but what if you learnt it from a different perspective? What if instead of focusing the attention on the safety net of the Seven Western Chakra points, you learnt what it felt like to work with energy first, so sensing it through the hands, the air, the ground and also from the elements like water or above a candle for fire?
I, the copyright holder of this work, release this work into the public domain. This applies worldwide. In some countries this may not be legally possible; if so: I grant anyone the right to use this work for any purpose, without any conditions, unless such conditions are required by law.Imagine then building on that knowledge as you work on yourself, your family and your friends as is the way during traditional Level I in the west. It takes the principals of Tai Chi/Qigong philosophy but means that unless you’re inclined to do so you do not need to start going to Tai Chi or Qigong classes. It also introduces the Tao in a simple way that does not confuse or put anyone off, in many ways it is taking Reiki back to its basic roots, as it was in the very beginning. It had nothing to do with Chakra’s and nothing to do with Power, Profit and everything to do with the self and by extension people.

Much like building a house, once you have the foundations it is then time to start building; therefore introduction to movement and mindful awareness of energy and its flow would be the next logical step. The Reiju when performed, watched or read appears to be very akin to Tai Chi/Qigong, remember Usui had been taught many of the Chinese and Japanese forms as he grew up and during his time as a Buddhist Monk. Therefore Tai Chi/Qigong as I explained at the top is about working with energy, flow and movement, so looking at the Reiju movements you can see they are not dissimilar. Again it doesn’t mean that you need to take up Tai Chi or Qigong in order to perform the Reiju, as most of Tai Chi/Qigong at the very start is mimicry and repetition so therefore all you would really need to do is emulate the postures and over time when emulating them begin to understand what they are doing at the energetic level.
It would also change how you would approach the healing of others in a therapeutic scenario, rather than just laying the hands on the body they would start to move of their own accord, over and on to the places and centres that required healing energy from Reiki. Instead of seven positions for a count of however long, you would scan the body, you would then not only work at the physical but also at the auric level as well. The hands would flow over the biological chi and energetic chi to restore both, it would be a continuous learning experience.

reiki-original-symbol.jpgThere would be a significant change in understanding and also responsibility where the Master Level would be concerned as well. A great deal of the stress and in a sense the fear of becoming a Master is taken away. There is an assumption or worry that to become a Master is to become a Teacher, to be honest you don’t become a teacher right away, the Master level is about Self Mastery, knowing yourself at the soul level or waking up the tan t’ien where the soul is seated, to allow that Chi energy to be formless and free within you. Then there is the knowledge of self, or the soul knowledge and then there is understanding what Reiki means to you. It’s not by any means easy but it is also not by any means hard either. The journey of Master to Sensei is not one everyone takes, as Sensei is the way of the teacher, to pass on the knowledge to others by means attunement and lessons.
Tai Chi/Qigong awakened my understanding of just how simple Reiki is, and how much it is apart of Tao, Tai Chi and Qigong, but also it awakened me to the concept that while the benefits of mastering Tai Chi and Qigong would be amazing, the main focus for me is bringing back Reiki to its origins, rather than its perceived origins. There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of the systems already out there, after all every master is a master for a reason. However the more Masters that are birthed with the knowledge of Reiki in its straightforward, simple approach the better.