Tarot Blog Hop – Movement of Light & Shadow 8

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Welcome to the Tarot Blog Hop for December, this month is a little different for me; as I am having to work at the time it has gone live. Therefore I have done a Vblog or a Video Blog. It is a little unconventional I grant you, and it was ‘fun’ trying to put together, which believe me is a post all of its own on the peril and pearls that come from outdated technology.
Firstly huge shout out to each of the Wranglers for this year, Joanne Sprott, Louise Underhill, Arwen Lynch Poe, Aisling the Bard, Morgan Drake Eckstein, Karen Sealey, Ania Marczyk, Joy Vernon, and not forgetting myself in this as well. Now as you know the blog hop is a bit like a round robin or a wytches circle, in that there is no end and no real start either, simply a group of dedicated bloggers, writers and also Vbloggers, discussing tarot, oracle or runes cards as you’ll find in the video. There is a theme to the month and this one was thought up by Joanne Sprott.

Going back to the Dark Side, the Hidden Realm beneath the autumn leaves and the snow. It’s time to dig…


Well I hope that my entry has been of interest and you’ve managed to watch through it all, have a great hop and please feel free to leave me a comment in the positive, negative or neutral as every bit of feedback helps me and the likes of me to do more of the same (and different).


8 thoughts on “Tarot Blog Hop – Movement of Light & Shadow

    • Jay Post author

      It’s not the only time that I have heard someone say to me that they couldn’t hear me properly, Arwen; I attempted, failed and then resorted to an improvised variation to do it with a proper mic and cam, but the laptop *glares in its general direction* decided otherwise. The desktop just doesn’t speak to the USB Camera or Mic so I gave up trying to get them to be friends. Hope you’re able to see/hear it at some point 🙂

  • Boglarka Kiss

    Thank you so much for your thoughts and this video message, Jay! You are fully authentic to me – and you look very experienced, having lived everything you talk about and knowing it from your own experience. I like your symbols in the background, too! 🙂 Thank you again.

    • Jay Post author

      Hi Boglarka, what a lovely comment thank you, really humbled me and then said to myself ‘Job Done’ it’s been a very interesting year for me, and this comment shows me that the road has been worth travelling, thank you <3

    • Jay Post author

      I swear the oh gods of technology were out to get me yesterday, I tried several different methods of recording the Vblog and the first two failed so I went Live with Facebook, and that then ended up becoming my Vblog for the Hop, I managed to drop a couple of plugs for both the hops in case I have people who are blog writers with a Tarot/Reiki interest and may want to come on board 🙂

      Yesterday was so powerful I connected with the Giger deck right away, I just knew that it was what was needed for the hop. I also connected with Edward Cortney’s Spiritual Mandala Cards while I was working, first time I have ever used them and they were awesome. I really need to do a Vblog featuring them to show what I mean.

      Thanks so much for the reply Joy, with the new laptop now finally alive and working, although still not convinced about Win10 yet, I am going to have a read through.

    • Jay Post author

      Namaste <3 lovely to meet you too Ania x welcome and thank you for visiting my Tarot Blog Hop Entry 🙂

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